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Konoha Hypocrite – Chapter 74: Setting Out, The Fire Capital Bahasa Indonesia

Early morning, the next day, Uchiha Tonan got up and packed for travel. Before leaving, he walked over to the altar with wooden sculptures and lit three incense sticks.

“I’m leaving. There’s a lot I must do this time, so I’m afraid I won’t be back for a while. If you all miss me, remember to appear in my dream.”

He bowed thrice to the lifelike statues, and stuck the incense sticks for these relatives, friends, and loved ones.

Three hours later, he was still standing under a big tree at the village entrance, quietly waiting. At the street’s intersection, Sarutobi Shinnosuke and Sarutobi Asuma appeared. They were late.

Shinnosuke said while rubbing Asuma’s hair, “Asuma, if you laze around in bed in the future again, I won’t take you anywhere.”

Asuma impatiently hit Shinnosuke’s hand away and said, “Alright, alright, I got it. Yesterday, I was so excited, I was unable to sleep for most of the night.”

When the two arrived at the entrance, Shinnosuke apologetically said to Tonan, “Sorry for making you wait so long.”

Tonan adjusted his glasses, and shook his head, “It’s alright. I just reached myself.”

Shinnosuke smiled a little and tugged at Asuma’s clothes, “Asuma, Tonan is your classmate, why don’t you greet him?”


Although Asuma was Tonan’s classmate, for some reason, he didn’t even look at him, as if he held some grudge. Tonan narrowed his eyes and smiled at this. He was not angry. He had already guessed the reason.

However, Tonan hadn’t expected Asuma to also go to the Fire Capital. If things went smoothly, he might be able to sort out two people in one fell swoop.

Shinnosuke scratched his head and interrupted, “Let’s go, if you’ve any problem, you can ask me along the way.”

They completed the village’s departure procedure at the Registration Office, and then left Konoha, setting off for the Capital.

Just after stepping out of the barrier, Tonan slowed down a little and looked back. At the end of the street, a figure disappeared in a flash. He quietly turned his head back, waved his hand, and continued to walk forward.


A few days later, the three finally arrived at the Fire Capital. The Capital was located in the plains region. There were large and small villages scattered outside the city.

At one time, these villages didn’t exist. The Capital’s land was so expensive that the people living inside the city were either ninjas or high-ranking officials. As a result, many chose to live in the villages outside the city, and only entered the city to work or for business.

The three people came to the Capital’s southern gate, where a guard asked them to show their entry pass. Shinnosuke took out his proof of identity and handed it to the guard. The guard immediately bowed and said, “Welcome back Shinnosuke-sama, please enter.”

Shinnosuke turned to Tonan and said, “Let’s first go to the Five Guard Residence so you that can take up your duty.”

Soon afterward, he led the two into the Fire Capital. They walked down the street lined up with stalls and vendors were shouting, soliciting business from customers with smiling faces.

Asuma had stayed in Konoha since he was a child. Such a bustling scene was a novelty for him. He muttered in awe, “Wow, the Fire Capital is huge.”

Shinnosuke glanced at the unaffected Tonan and then at Asuma, who looked overwhelmed. He wondered why there was such a big difference in their bearings despite being of the same age.

“The Fire Capital is the largest and most prosperous city in the Ninja World. You won’t be so surprised after getting accustomed to living here.”

At this moment, Tonan asked, “Shinnosuke-senpai, I heard you’re among the legendary Twelve Guardian Ninja.”

Shinnosuke nodded, “Yes, the Twelve Guardian Ninja is responsible for guarding the Daimyo. Of course, so many are not needed usually. Generally speaking, we work in two shifts. Four people guard the Daimyo at all times, one guards the First Highness, and one guards the Second Highness.”

Tonan asked curiously, “First Highness and Second Highness?”

Shinnosuke smiled, “Yes, I am relatively weak among the Twelve Guardian Ninja. So, I’m responsible for guarding the safety of the First Highness at night.”

When Asuma heard this, he immediately muttered, “Why does it sound like you are useless?”

Shinnosuke hadn’t expected his own younger brother would pull him down in front of outsiders. His face turned red, and he explained, “What would you know? The Daimyo will be abdicating in a few years, and First Highness will inherit the position. The current First Highness represents the future of the Land of Fire. Do you think anyone can do this?”

Tonan’s eyes flickered slightly, and he asked, “Why wouldn’t the Second Highness inherit the position?”

Shinnosuke thought for a moment before he explained, “Generally speaking, the eldest son would inherit the position and there are several signs indicating that the Daimyo wants to do that.”

Tonan nodded and no longer pursued the subject. Asuma, however, seemed to have become a chatterbox and asked Shinnosuke, “Who is higher, the Daimyo or Hokage?”

“The Daimyo, of course, but the difference in their status is not too much. The Ninja World implements a system of one country, one hidden village. If there’s a hidden village, there must be a country. But if there’s a country, a hidden village is not absolutely necessary. The hidden village can’t do without the country’s economic help, but the country also needs the hidden village’s military support.”

“Then, why can’t the Hokage become the Daimyo?”

Shinnosuke hastily covered Asuma’s mouth and seriously warned, “Be quiet! Don’t say such things in the future. You’ll land yourself in trouble.”


Half an hour later, the three arrived at the Five Guard Residence’s work hall. The personnel here recognized Shinnosuke at a glance. He immediately stood up and bowed, “Shinnosuke-sama.”

Shinnosuke nodded and pointed to Tonan next to him, “He’s your newly appointed captain, Konoha’s chunin, Uchiha Tonan. This is his mission sheet.”

He handed the mission sheet to that person for checking. Once the person confirmed there was no error, he registered Tonan’s information. He then bowed towards him and said, “Welcome, Tonan-sama.”

Tonan smiled warmly and replied, “I’m looking forward to working with you all.”

“Tonan, I’ll take Asuma out for a stroll. I live in the east of Daimyo Residence. If you have any problem, you can…”

Before Shinnosuke could finish speaking, he was pulled away by Asuma, who was impatient to go out and play. Tonan watched the two leave. The smile on his face gradually faded, and an inexplicable meaning flashed through his eyes.

The staff member saw Tonan standing there without speaking and cautiously asked, “Tonan-sama, should I take you to your residence now?”

Tonan turned his head. He had already recovered his usual gentle expression. “That would be great, thank you.”


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