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Konoha Hypocrite – Chapter 70: Killing White Fang, New Inheritance Bahasa Indonesia


Tsunade Senju is the fifth Hokage in the Naruto world, one of the three legendary Sannin, known for her Healing Transformation Jutsu among other skills


The blade light slashed heavily into the ground, opening up a long and narrow crack that raised a cloud of dust and smoke everywhere.

“Tonan, I could’ve never imagined your strength would’ve reached this level.” Hatake Sakumo walked out of the haze with a look of admiration. Tonan hadn’t aimed that attack at Sakumo. Just in case Sakumo didn’t dodge it, he would be cut into two halves.

If that happened, even if Tsunade herself returned to the village, she wouldn’t be able to save Sakumo, let alone Tonan’s little life-saving pills and bandages. Tonan retracted the blade light without batting an eyelid and said, “It’s all thanks to your lessons, White Fang-sama.”

Sakumo’s expression changed as if he noticed something. He look up at the roof that now had several figures on it. He took a deep breath and said, “Alright, Tonan, it’s getting late. I hope you can respect my choice. Make a move… the Hatake Style has lost today.”

Tonan nodded hearing his words. Chakra fluctuation burst out from his body and his figure became illusory for a moment.

“Profound Meaning-Flicker Body Technique.”

In the next moment, three figures appeared and they together released the Sanbo Gale Slash at Sakumo, who was standing at the center with his eyes closed.

However, just when those sword lights were about to pierce him, Tonan withdrew the blade light.


The three chakra tanto stabbed Sakumo’s abdomen, thigh, and waist respectively, all of them barely missing the vital organs.


The clones disappeared, leaving behind just the one Tonan in the front. Sakumo opened his eyes, coughed out a mouthful of blood, and said, “Sure enough, you’re too kind, you pulled back at the critical moment.”

Tonan pursed his lips, shook his head, and said, “No, I just lost control of my hands.”

Sakumo smiled a little, and some amount of relief flashed through his eyes as he said, “But you won.”

Tonan looked dejected. “You let me win, White Fang-sama.”

“Hereafter, I leave Kakashi to you. I hope you’ll take good care of him for me,” Sakumo sighed and added, “It seems I made a mistake leading to a huge loss this time.”

Tonan used Byakugan to observe the degree of Sakumo’s blood loss while resolutely saying, “No, you weren’t wrong. It’s just that in something like this, there will be losses regardless of right or wrong. You’ve not only made the right choice, but you took responsibility for your decision with your life. You’re a true samurai.”

“Is that so…” Sakumo’s eyes lit up. He felt the burden weighing on his heart for several days become lighter. Tonan’s left hand slowly entered his ninja bag as he said in a determined tone, “If there was ever a situation like this in which Kakashi encountered danger, I’ll also give up the mission.”

‘Ding! Gained Hatake Sakumo’s acknowledgment.’

The prompt’s alert in his mind was a source of extreme joy for Tonan.

“Sure enough, the one you love the most is your son. And you want to leave all your inheritance to him. Just because I made a promise to you, you regard me as his guardian.”

Immediately afterward, he pulled out the chakra tanto without hesitation.


Blood poured out, and Sakumo heavily fell to the ground. After a while, the blood gushing out from the wound became lesser and Sakumo’s eyelids gradually began to close. Before his death, he didn’t forget to express his gratitude, “Thank you, Tonan.”

A small smile appeared on Tonan’s face as he faintly said, “Don’t mention it.”

“Captain, what just happened?”

“You all fell into White Fang’s genjutsu.”

“Why did he… how did he die?”

“White Fang wanted to commit suicide, and he intentionally died in Tonan’s hands.”

“So, are we going to arrest Tonan?”

“Let’s go for now. We’ve to report this to the Hokage. This doesn’t have anything to do with Tonan, it’s White Fang’s will.”

The guards on the roof left one after another.


At that moment, Kakashi, who heard the news as well, came to the backyard with Namikaze Minato. Minato frowned looking at the leaving members of the Konoha Guard Unit and had some realization of what may have happened.

As for Kakashi, he looked at Sakumo who was lying on the ground in shock, then rushed over. “Father…” Kakashi held his father’s corpse and hoarsely yelled again, “Father!”

Tonan silently stood in his place as if mourning for Sakumo. Kakashi cried for a while. He then turned to look at Tonan, who was expressionless. His gaze slowly moved and stayed on the chakra tanto that was still tainted with blood.

“Why… why you!” Kakashi’s eyes flashed with killing intent, and he quickly made hand signs. A lightning ball appeared on his palm. At this moment, his expression was terrifying. Immediately afterward, Raikiri was thrust towards Tonan.


Tonan, whose strength had skyrocketed, lightly kicked Kakashi away. He slowly put away the chakra tanto, turned around indifferently, and said, “White Fang-sama is a great samurai. If you want to avenge him, double your efforts. I’m someone who can kill Konoha’s White Fang. The present you…,” Tonan shook his head looking at Kakashi, and completed his sentence, “…is pitifully weak.”

Tonan turned around and left the Hatake household. The moment he walked out of the gate, he took a deep breath and looked towards the Hokage Rock. The power emerging from his body was so potent it was driving him crazy with joy.

The sudden increase in strength gave him the urge to laugh loudly. But he forcibly suppressed it. If he truly laughed here, it would ruin his character.

Not long after, all Konoha senior officials were informed of White Fang’s demise.

At the Root headquarter, Shimura Danzo was shocked when he heard the news. “How’s this possible? How could White Fang let that Uchiha brat kill him?”

“According to the villagers, at the Hatake household gate, Tonan said he was challenging Hatake Style against his Sanbo Style.”

“White Fang should’ve committed suicide. After all, that fellow still has the stupid belief of the so-called samurai spirit.”

Meanwhile, at the Hokage Residence, Sarutobi Hiruzen slammed the smoke pipe heavily on his desk and stood up in shock. “White Fang died? How can Tonan kill him? Even if Tonan wanted to, how could he be White Fang’s opponent?”

A Konoha Guard member replied, “White Fang-sama had been emotionally unstable the past few days. At the time, he even used genjutsu to stop us. Moreover, from what we saw, White Fang-sama did not resist. Even when he was dying, he even thanked Tonan.”

Hearing this, Hiruzen slumped back on his seat and narrowed his eyes slightly, “Is that so… is this the so-called samurai spirit…”

“Hokage-sama, should we issue Uchiha Tonan’s arrest warrant?”

“No need, just bring him to me. I’ll ask him myself what exactly happened.”


“Alas! this is a big loss for Konoha.”


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