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Konoha Hypocrite – Chapter 61: Gauging Strength, Genjutsu Backlash Bahasa Indonesia


Raikiri, an S-ranked jutsu also known as Lightning Blade, is Hatake Kakashi’s signature technique

After Team Nine left the Hokage Residence, Sarutobi Shinnosuke walked into the office. “Old man, why didn’t you let me take this mission? Even if you didn’t want me to go to the hostage rescue, why didn’t you let me take charge of this mission that’s not dangerous?”

Sarutobi Hiruzen blew out a mouthful of smoke and said in a low voice, “With White Fang in the lead, this mission is essentially not an issue. You’re aware Konoha is not receiving enough missions lately. This reinforcement mission’s rank is high, but there’s almost no danger, so all forces want to take it.”

“Among the five available slots, Danzo asked for two. As for the remaining three, after careful consideration, I decided it’d be more appropriate to assign them to Minato’s team. After all, I intend for Tonan to accompany you to the Land of Fire soon.”

“Judging from his talent, he’ll become a powerhouse sooner or later, which can help you tremendously. This mission is just to make his ninja career record look better. Don’t compete with your future subordinates and just take a good break.”


Ten minutes later, Uchiha Tonan’s party arrived at the village gate. They saw two Konoha ninjas there, both wearing green flak jackets and forehead protectors, each carrying a tachi on their back.

“Are you Konoha’s Team Nine? Let’s introduce ourselves briefly, I’m Kamiya Kazuki.”

“Yoshida Taro.” The other jonin said coldly.

Both of them had deadpan, near paralyzed faces. They introduced themselves expressionlessly. Tonan adjusted his glasses. He was seventy percent certain these two were from the Root.

Minato nodded and said, “Namikaze Minato.”

Kakashi said indifferently, “Hatake Kakashi.”

And Tonan placed his hands on his knees, bowed very politely, and said, “Uchiha Tonan, please take care of me.”

“Is he the mission target Danzo-sama mentioned?” Kazuki showed a stiff smile and said, “Let’s first complete the formalities to leave the village, then I’ll arrange the garrison sites according to your strengths.”

The five of them headed to the registration office at the village gate and then passed through Konoha’s barricade. After walking out of the village, Kazuki took out several maps from his ninja bag.

“There are five towns with garrisons stationed in them, and each has a different probability of reinforcing the two lords. You three, show the ninjutsu you excel at. I need to get a general understanding of your strength.”

Minato scratched his head and said, “I’m proficient in the Flying Thunder God…”

“Stop talking nonsense, and just show it.” Taro impassively berated, being completely discourteous to Minato. The interruption stifled Minato but he was easygoing by nature. He didn’t get offended and instead sincerely demonstrated.

He threw a special kunai, and in the blink of an eye, he appeared in another spot.

Kazuki’s stiff smile was back again. He picked out a map and handed it over to Minato. “Very good, your speed is excellent. This is the map of the town you’ll be stationed in.”

Kazuki turned to Kakashi, who simply raised his hands without saying anything.

Crackle, crackle, crackle

Harsh sounds of birds chirping reverberated. Kakashi crouched slightly as his left hand held his right wrist. His right hand was curved like a tiger’s claw, ball-shaped lightning flashing violently in it.

The scattering electric current looked terrifying and everyone’s pupils shrank. Even Tonan wondered, “Has he already developed the Raikiri? Kakashi’s talent is simply absurd.”

Kakashi suddenly rushed towards the big tree beside him.


A big hole appeared in the tree’s trunk and Kakashi retracted his hand. His body trembled slightly as he panted.

Tonan raised his eyebrows slightly. “False alarm, that’s just a half-done product. It flexibly transforms the chakra’s shape and nature but it didn’t use the lightning element to stimulate the body’s potential and enhance the speed. Without incredible speed, this Raikiri’s destructive power is mediocre. Not to mention, it causes high damage to the user.”

The other three also saw through these flaws but they didn’t undermine Kakashi even for a moment due to this. For a chunin, this move could be a clincher. It was evident that the present immature technique was self-created and no-seal ninjutsu. There was immense potential for development.

Kazuki nodded, and handed over a map to Kakashi. “It’s a promising ninjutsu. This is your map.”

Kazuki and Taro next turned to Tonan at the same time. Tonan adjusted his glasses and said with an embarrassed look, “Senpai, I’m good at the Sharingan genjutsu and it can only be used against human targets. It seems I cannot show it here.”

Taro squinted his eyes and coldly said, “Use it against us, and use your full power.”

Tonan nodded and said, “Alright.” He closed his eyes and opened again as the three tomoe slowly spun in it.

Taro and Kazuki were both expressionless, not giving any inkling into their thoughts. Tonan finished making hand signs and asked politely, “Senpai, may I begin?”

Kazuki nodded.

“Senpai, please look at my eyes. If you don’t do that, it’ll not work.”

Without any hesitation, the two stared straight at Tonan’s eyes.

In the next moment. “Genjutsu – Hell Viewing Technique.”

The surrounding vicinity underwent subtle changes, which unless closely observed, wouldn’t be discernable at all. Kazuki and Taro noticed that Minato and his team disappeared.

Kazuki looked around and said lightly, “Is this the Sharingan’s genjutsu?”

Taro stood there without any change in expression.


Suddenly, a ninja wearing an animal-style mask appeared in front of them, and said in a loud voice, “You two, the mission has changed, Dan…”

Before the other party finished speaking, Taro made a hand sign.

The illusion was shattered.


Tonan screamed in pain. They saw Tonan hunched over with his hands on his knees, blood and tears overflowing from his eyes. He was experiencing the genjutsu backlash.

Taro said indifferently, “Your genjutsu is rubbish.”

His team member hurt and rebuked seemed to rattle Minato and he retorted on Tonan’s behalf, “Genjutsu is not suitable for facing the enemy head-on. Tonan’s genjutsu is very powerful. It’s just that you were warned and prepared, so the effect was not as strong.”

Kazuki smiled apologetically and handed a map to Tonan. “Sorry Tonan, Taro is always like this. Alright, this is your map. Let’s head to the border together.”

Had Taro not forcefully broken the illusion, Kazuki himself would’ve done it. The genjutsu caster could see what’s occurring in the illusion. It was very likely that the information would be leaked. And regardless of whether it exposed Danzo’s information or about their mission, both were not feasible for Kazuki and Taro.


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