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Konoha Hypocrite – Chapter 47: Accepting Completely, A B-ranked Mission Bahasa Indonesia

Uchiha Tonan’s query on how to gain a samurai’s acknowledgment raised a trace of doubt in Sanbo Motoyoshi’s mind. He narrowed his eyes and coldly asked, “You are being so kind to an old person like me. You aren’t an enemy spy, are you?”

Motoyoshi’s words startled Tonan but he collected himself and smiled. He took off his glasses and activated his Sharingan. The three spinning tomoe in his eyes greatly shocked Motoyoshi, not letting him calm down for a long time.

“I was being silly and let my imagination run wild. I’m just an old man with nothing. There is no advantage anyone can take of me. Besides, your Sharingan already has the three tomoe. I guess the Uchiha clan will give you whatever you want.” Motoyoshi smiled, ridiculing himself.

He began explaining to Tonan as he ate the porridge, “It’s not easy to gain a samurai’s acknowledgment. The samurai are stubborn people with rigid beliefs. You need to understand what the samurai spirit is. In fact, to understand it…”

Tonan ate his food, diligently listening to Motoyoshi’s explanation. Tonan had by now given up on using affection to gain Hatake Sakumo’s acknowledgment. After all, Sakumo had Kakashi, and his affection towards his son would always take precedence.

His goal had shifted to gain belief acknowledgment. He did gain the Great Elder’s acknowledgment, which he presumed to be the same. The Great Elder saw him as the Uchiha’s hope and nurtured him as a successor.

As for strength acknowledgment, he estimated it applied only for people who had brute strength.

Motoyoshi spoke very briefly about the samurai spirit. He ended by saying that he would share more in-depth concepts after Tonan comprehended what was discussed today. After the two finished the meal, Tonan washed the dishes.

He then found a thin blanket and covered Motoyoshi. Motoyoshi looked at it in confusion, and asked, “Why are you putting this on me?”

Tonan smiled, stuffed a hot-water bottle under the blanket, and replied, “It’s cold outside, but it’s too boring for you to stay inside the entire day. I thought I’ll take you out to get some fresh air.”

“… alright.”

The two looked like a grandfather and grandson pair leisurely roaming around Konoha’s streets. Motoyoshi couldn’t recall how long it had been since he came out like this. Usually, when he left home, he would at most go to the grocery store to buy daily necessities.

Along the way, the villagers saw Tonan and began talking while pointing at him. Motoyoshi noticed this and couldn’t help but ask, “Are they discussing you?”

Tonan adjusted his glasses and answered lightly, “Yes, people all over the village have been talking about me recently.”

This caught Motoyoshi’s interest, and his tone became a little lively. He said, “I never thought you were so famous. Tell me more about it.”

A stiff smile appeared on Tonan’s face, and he said in a low voice, looking dejected, “Let’s talk about it another time.”

Motoyoshi, who was very experienced, noticed this was a difficult topic for Tonan, so he played along and said, “Actually, I also don’t really like gossip. The air outside feels so different.”

Just like this, Tonan pushed Motoyoshi’s wheelchair along the mountain path and arrived above the Hokage Rock to watch the sunrise. The gentle sunlight covered them in a golden hue. Motoyoshi felt unprecedented satisfaction and felt much more energetic.

He looked around and said, “The village has changed so much over these years.”

Tonan reached out to adjust the blanket that was about to curl up into a ball on Motoyoshi’s body and chimed in, “And there’ll be even more changes in the future.”

There was a hint of warmth on Motoyoshi’s face, and as if he was talking in his sleep, he asked, “Tonan, do you know your chakra attributes?”

Tonan looked at Konoha that was gradually waking up to a new day’s hustle and bustle, below the Hokage Rock, and asked, “Grandpa Motoyoshi, why are you asking me about this?”

“Just like that.”

Tonan nodded and answered, “I haven’t tested it formally, but I seemed to have the fire, lightning, water, and earth-type chakra.”

Motoyoshi frowned and asked, “You don’t have any wind attribute?”

The corners of Tonan’s mouth slightly rose. “There could be.”

“Is that so…” Motoyoshi seemed to be thinking about something.

“Grandpa Motoyoshi, I have to reach the meeting place in half an hour. I’ll take you back home now.”



As the days passed, Motoyoshi had completely accepted Tonan. They behaved exactly like a grandfather and grandson now. Motoyoshi even expressed he would pass down the Sanbo-style – Gale Slash to Tonan.

However, Tonan rejected it sternly on the grounds that he was too young, and his Sharingan hadn’t fully developed yet.

Every morning, Tonan would complete a mission with Namikaze Minato and Kakashi. In the afternoon, he would either go to Kakashi’s house to train or practice the basic curriculum such as walking on water, climbing trees, and how to refine chakra more efficiently with Minato.

During the weekly team dinner, Uzumaki Kushina would also show her face and take care of Tonan in the passing. Every night, Tonan locked himself in a room to study the Flicker Clone Technique.

The training difficulty of this profound meaning was, in fact, too high. Not only the achievement in each nin, tai, and gen technique should have reached a set standard, but one should also have sufficient innate talent and intellect.

Despite being at it for such a long time, Tonan hadn’t even reached the entry point yet.

On this day, his peaceful life was finally disturbed.

In the Hokage Residence, Sarutobi Hiruzen pushed a mission sheet in front of Minato, and said, “Considering your team’s strength, we have decided to assign you this B-ranked mission.”

Minato frowned slightly and asked, “B-ranked mission? Isn’t it be too early for them?”

Hiruzen blew out a mouthful of smoke and explained, “This mission is special. Although it’s B-ranked, it’s just an ordinary protection mission. And there’s a high probability of no ninja attack.”

Minato was puzzled, “If there’s a low chance of ninja attack, shouldn’t this be a C-ranked mission?”

Hiruzen smiled but said nothing. He just pointed at the reward on the mission sheet. This meant that the commission played a vital role.

“The employer is the Fire Temple. The Fire Temple’s Master Chigo is going to the Hot Water Temple for a Buddhadharma debate. You have to ensure his safety. As his security detail, although the mission is not dangerous, we cannot relax our vigilance. Master Chigo’s status is noteworthy, and he is most likely the Fire Temple’s successor. I chose your team because of your Flying Thunder God Technique. If something happens, you can protect him.”

“No problem.”

Minato collected the mission details and his travel pass for leaving the village. He then turned around and said to Kakashi and Tonan who were behind him, “This mission is going to be a long one. You two should return home, get things ready and reconvene at the village gate at one o’clock in the afternoon.”

Tonan nodded and quietly gave Hiruzen an ambiguous look. He then left the Hokage Residence with Minato and Kakashi.


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