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Konoha Hypocrite – Chapter 38: Sowing Discord, Obedient & Sensible Bahasa Indonesia

From a distance, Aburame Torune saw the raging fire and didn’t hesitate to activate the Cursed Tongue Eradication Seal. However, he didn’t feel any response from it.

“Is he dead? This fire style is so powerful. Was it Uchiha Fugaku? Or, that old fellow…”

A figure flashed through Torune’s mind, and in the next instant, he disappeared without a trace.

Mission, failed…

The fire burned the house the moment it erupted and spread rapidly under the cold wind. In the room, Uchiha Tonan leisurely took out the money and land deed from the cupboard and threw them into the basement.

Then, he put his diary and the Sarutobi Hiruzen-signed book ‘Will of Fire’ under his arm. He casually stepped to the left, dodging a burning beam, turned around, and walked out.

It was evident that the one who attacked him was from the Aburame clan. Judging from his attire, he was not from Anbu, but from Root.

“It seems Danzo has evil thoughts towards me. Danzo… Orochimaru… I can’t beat them.”

Tonan considered himself broad-minded, and not some who held grudges. If they were willing to accept, he would be very happy to join forces with them.

The Great Elder and Fugaku had arrived outside the courtyard by now.

“This is…” Fugaku frowned, looking at this towering fire.

“It seems we’re too late.” The Great Elder’s expression was ugly. But suddenly, the eyebrows of the two rose, and they were visibly relieved.

A clear sound of footsteps came from the midst of the sea of flames.

Step, step, step

Tonan calmly walked out, and barely a moment after he was outside, the house behind him miserably collapsed.

Boom, boom

The Great Elder asked with concern, “Tonan, are you alright?” The other jonin had also arrived, along with many Uchiha shinobi. Tonan’s figure looked very small in contrast to the monstrous flames behind him. But no one here dared to look down on him.

Tonan quietly exchanged a glance with the Great Elder. He adjusted his glasses apologetically, bowed deeply towards everyone, and said, “I’m truly sorry for causing such chaos and disturbing everyone’s sleep.”

Fugaku hastily asked, “What happened here? Was it another enemy spy?”

Tonan shook his head and said, “I cannot answer that because this needs to be reported to Hokage-sama first.”

His words offended the Uchihas who had rushed over, and they exploded.

“Damn it! We hurried in vain.”

“Great Elder, Patriarch, let’s leave. We don’t need to care about this brat.”

“Yes, he has already betrayed the clan. Whether he lives or dies has nothing to do with us.”

The Great Elder firmly believed that Tonan had created a cover for himself. He narrowed his eyes and said, “Tonan, everyone is worried about your safety. Don’t you trust your own clan members?”

Tonan didn’t answer. He just stood there quietly. The Great Elder observed the fire pillars that had already begun to extinguish and then looked at Tonan. There was fanatical excitement in his eyes.

Strength, wisdom, and this caliber of endurance, he was simply a heaven-sent gift to the Uchiha clan. The Uchihas present were very furious and complained continually. However, without the explicit instruction of the Great Elder or Fugaku, they could only do their best to restrain themselves.

They couldn’t leave, and staying here made them feel embarrassed because their good intentions were wasted on an ingrate. It was difficult to bear.

The Great Elder’s expression changed slightly, and with a kind and warm smile on his face, he said, “Tonan, in fact, the clan members are very concerned about you. They’re just not very good at expressing it. Don’t take it to your heart.”

At that moment, a group of Anbu appeared not far away.

“Tonan, are you alright?” The Anbu made way, and Hiruzen, who was in plain clothes, stepped forward. He looked very anxious and concerned. Tonan’s eyes lit up, a warm smile appeared on his face, and he replied, “Hokage-sama, I’m fine.”

Hiruzen inadvertently looked at the two books Tonan was carrying. Pretending to have a lingering fear, he said, “I rushed over as soon as I heard the news. Fortunately, you are fine. But who attacked you?”

Tonan pursed his lips as if it was something difficult to speak about.

“Tonan, Hokage-sama has already come here. You can say it now. Could it be that we, as your clan members, don’t have the right to know?” The Great Elder began to act and said with a dull look.

Tonan merely glanced at the Great Elder and then turned his attention to Hiruzen again.

Hiruzen nodded and said, “Go ahead, tell us.”

Only after that, Tonan opened his mouth. He informed, “The attacker was a ninja dressed as Anbu, and his ninjutsu used insects. He said he was from Root, and a man named Danzo wanted to see me. But I’ve never heard of anyone called Danzo, so I refused his request. And then he attacked me.”

“Beautifully done!”

The Great Elder was overjoyed in his heart, thinking that Tonan was deliberately provoking the relationship between the higher-ups of Konoha. He feigned to be furious and said to Hiruzen, “Hokage-sama, shouldn’t you give the Uchiha clan an explanation about this? The people of Root attacked the genius of our clan late at night. What’s their intention?”

Hiruzen frowned. He hadn’t expected Root to do this. But after careful consideration, there was a 90 percent chance that this was truly their handiwork. Initially, Hiruzen wanted an Anbu to use water style to put out the fire and examine the corpse. But now, he was hesitant.

“Danzo, you’ve done a great job!”

“The Anbu will investigate it. If the facts are true, of course, I’ll follow the village rules.”

Hiruzen was very upset with Danzo. He reached out, caressed Tonan’s hair, and said with a concerned look, “Tonan, your house is destroyed now. Have you considered moving to another place?”

This time, the Great Elder was truly anxious. He hastily said, “Hokage-sama, Tonan is a member of the Uchiha clan. Since his house is destroyed, the Uchiha will give him another house in the central area. Are you trying to split our clan?”

“Why are you being so serious. Don’t you see I was just asking?” Hiruzen was fully aware that it was practically impossible to get Tonan out of the Uchiha clan. He said that only to deepen his good impression.

Tonan had already shrunk behind Hiruzen, and he looked at him with hope. Hiruzen lowered his head, looked at Tonan’s eyes, and sighed, “I was inconsiderate. Child, just follow your Great Elder’s arrangements.”

Tonan pursed up his lips and nodded obediently.

“Since this matter is settled, Tonan, come with me. I’ll take you to your new residence,” the Great Elder said coldly and then called Tonan.

“Hokage-sama, I’ll leave now.”

“Go ahead.”

Tonan looked at Hiruzen as if reluctant. But he walked out from behind him and left. Looking at Tonan’s back, as he followed the Great Elder to the district’s central area, Hiruzen couldn’t help but sigh inwardly.

“This child is so sensible that it’s distressing.”


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