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Konoha Hypocrite – Chapter 250.2: Surprise Swarm Attack, Coldly Looking On Bahasa Indonesia

Akimichi Choza was already rendered powerless and Yamanaka Inoichi was faring no better. Being surrounded by the massive bee swarms and with no way out, Inoichi felt immense despair. He shouted, “Damn it! These bees are too difficult to deal with. And there are only a few Aburame clan members in this camp. Even if they try their hardest, they can’t stop these things.”

In the distance, the Suna and Iwa ninjas were on standby under Onoki and Ebizo’s command. At this moment, a sensory ninja from Kumo walked over to Onoki’s side and whispered, “Tsuchikage-sama, the Leaf base camp didn’t have too many people, to begin with. Under the bee swarms’ attack, at least two-thirds of the ones that were there have already lost their combat power. The rest are also not looking very good.”

Hearing this, Onoki nodded his head and stroked his beard lightly. He said, “Let’s wait a bit more and see how Uchiha Tonan will respond to this attack. According to the information that was sent back from Konoha, every time that fellow uses his full power to fight, he faces a very serious backlash that can have a lasting impact.”

“We don’t need to risk our lives to get rid of such a person. If he has no way to deal with this situation today, then we’ll attack Kikyo Mountain with all our strength and claim the mountain and break this defense for the Land of Fire. And if he is able to block it, then we’ll deplete Konoha’s strength as much as possible.”

Ebizo, who was walking beside Onoki, frowned slightly after he heard these words. He then said, “A backlash… I never would’ve imagined that Iwa’s intelligence was so well-informed. I have also received a piece of information. I heard that Kumo’s eight-tailed jinchuriki has mastered the perfect jinchuriki form and has already entered the battle as well.”

Hearing this, a smile appeared on Onoki’s face. Evaluating the overall scenario, the grasp of this war increased even more in his heart. He leisurely commented, “That’s perfect. Let Kumo put pressure on Konoha. It would be best if Tonan is transferred away from here. At that time, we’ll launch a full-scale attack again. In any case, Konoha doesn’t have the strength to attack so we can attack them at will. Offense is the best defense.”

Kamizuru clan’s bee swarms had already enveloped the entire Kikyo Mountain. At the highest point of the mountain’s peak, Uchiha Tonan and Sasori watched Leaf ninjas fall one after another with a cold gaze.

By this time, hundreds of bees had discovered Tonan and Sasori’s location and took the initiative to surround them. Sasori lowered his head to look at the tiny bees on his body that were continually stinging him with their poisonous needles. He said with a calm face, “The human body is simply too fragile. If they transform into puppets, they don’t need to be afraid of these little things.”

There was a sense of superiority in his words.

“No, no, no,” a deep, magnetic voice fell on Sasori’s ears. He turned his head to look at Tonan, who was talking like nothing could impact him. “The human body is not as fragile as you think.” Sasori saw that just like him, a group of bees sat on Tonan’s body and kept stinging but they were unable to pierce through his skin.

At this time, one bee flew up and dived down at high speed toward Tonan. The result was that when it stabbed his body, its poisonous needle bent. Tonan raised his hand and caught the dizzy bee. Be brought it in front of his eyes. After sizing it up, he said with admiration, “What a cute little bee. It’s hard working and down-to-earth, and it is tirelessly doing other people’s bidding.”

Tonan then reached out his two fingers and straightened the bee’s bent poisonous needle. But his action did not stop there. He continued to slowly pull the needle out little by little. The needle dragged all the bee’s internal organs out together. “Rigid hothead…” For an unknown reason, seeing this, Sasori felt a chill. He thought that this form of Tonan was a bit too scary.

He wanted to swallow subconsciously but he realized that he had already become a puppet, who basically had no saliva. After collecting himself a little, he asked, “I’m very curious about one thing. How will you clean up this mess later?”

Hearing this, Tonan raised his head and squinted his eyes. Looking at the stars all over the sky, he casually answered, “I will just give them a taste of their own medicine.”

Perhaps, Tonan felt that it was almost time, or perhaps, he deemed that the punishment was enough by now. He raised his hands and made a series of seals, calmly saying, “Nature has evolved over a long period of time. Each species has its own innate natural enemy. Chakra, this extraordinary power can make something impossible, possible.”

“It can let some kinds of creatures quickly break through the limitations of their innate characteristics and stand at the top of the food chain. When that happens, they become a natural enemy of all species…”

“Secret Art – Super Beast Infestation.”

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