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Konoha Hypocrite – Chapter 231: Great Fire Annihilation, Being Arrogant & Despotic Bahasa Indonesia

In the distance, Sandaime Kazekage didn’t have much reaction seeing that Nara Shikaku’s military tactics were effective. Even though Shikaku’s tactics were successful, in fact, the Iwa and Suna allied forces had lost only a few hundred ninjas that were under the Shadow Imitation Technique’s control.

Moreover, most of them were genin. They were war expendables anyway. As for the chunin and jonin, the few who did not have the time or space to dodge or resist were injured. The others had long escaped. Sandaime Kazekage said with disdain, “No matter how good the tactics are, the melee combat will begin soon.”

As long as the melee combat began, Suna’s puppets would be able to play a role. A Sand ninja with several, even dozens of, puppets could fight against several Leaf ninjas at once. This didn’t include the Hyuga ninjas as they were good at melee combat. Coupled with the Byakugan that could see chakra lines, they were simply puppet ninja’s natural enemies.

Meanwhile, Uchiha Tonan leisurely stretched out his hand and took off his gold-rimmed glasses. He handed it over to Shikaku who was beside him and said, “Hold it for me.”

Shikaku subconsciously took the glasses and asked with a puzzled look, “What are you going to do?” The corners of Tonan’s mouth rose slightly. He unbuttoned his shirt and lightly said, “It’s time to start dancing.”

Immediately afterward, he squatted down a little. Shikaku frowned and loudly explained. “Tonan, we still have a follow-up battle plan, it’s not time for you to take action!”

Tonan’s expression instantly condensed and a strong chakra fluctuation burst out from his body. His momentum swept across hundreds of meters. The ground beneath his feet cracked and the cracks spread further along. His eyes changed from three-tomoe to Mangekyo and he exerted power on his legs.

Bang! A big circular crater suddenly appeared on the spot. Tonan turned into a black shadow and charged straight into the sky. Onoki narrowed his eyes in the distance and asked, “Who’s that?”

Sandaime Kazekage narrowed his eyes as well and replied, “He’s too fast to see clearly. Most likely a taijutsu expert.”

Tonan was getting higher and higher and in the blink of an eye, he had already surpassed Onoki’s altitude. In his eyes, the people on the battlefield gradually became as tiny as ants. A sneer appeared on his face as he made hand seals and shouted, “Senjutsu – Great Fire Annihilation.”

Boom… The flame shrouded the sky and fell towards the allied forces of the two countries with great momentum, attracting everyone’s attention.

“Retreat!” “Retreat!” “Retreat!” Onoki, Sandaime Kazekage, and Shikaku yelled at once, commanding their ninjas to take cover. But the flame came down quickly. In the eyes of the Sand and Stone ninjas, it was simply an existence that shrouded the clouds and the sun.

At this critical moment, the Earth Style Squad’s leader said with an unsightly look, “All of you retreat. Earth Style Squad block this together with me!”

Over a hundred members of the Earth Style Squad circulated the chakra and shouted in unison, “Earth Style – Great Mud Wall.” They desperately released chakra in an attempt to block the terrifying flame pouring down from the sky. The mud wall formed instantly and blocked Tonan’s Great Fire Annihilation.

Just as it came into contact with the Great Fire Annihilation, the mud wall burned to the point of emitting white smoke. The scorching temperature seemed to burn the air itself. “So hot!” Many ninjas close to the wall were unable to bear the residual heat.

They all screamed and retreated. “Retreat quickly!” The Sand and Stone ninjas turned around and ran away. Behind the crimson flame curtain, Tonan’s indifferent voice resounded. “Senjutsu – Nine Rock Pillars Technique.”

Rumble… Nine huge stone pillars rose from the ground. Tonan steadily landed on one of them and was lifted to the highest place. He folded his arms in front of his chest, coldly watching as the Sand and Stone ninjas fled in panic.

He had no plan to continue the attack. After all, the main theme of this battle was — acting like a pretentious prick.

Leaf ninjas gulped seeing this show of strength. Everyone looked at the person on the stone pillar and their minds were buzzing and blank. “He has become even stronger. Such terrifying talent…” Shikaku, who had gathered information about Tonan, muttered with a blank gaze.

The Sand and Stone ninjas retreated no less than one mile before they stopped and gasped for breath. Several inexperienced genin and chunin looked shocked and stupidly mumbled, “What kind of monster is that?”

“Could it be that the Hokage has come?”

“He’s completely on a different scale.”

“How much chakra did he use in that one jutsu?”

As the commotion settled, everyone’s eyes were on Tonan. The object of their attention, however, was looking at the mud wall. The wall had solidified after being baked at the high temperature of the Great Fire Annihilation and its surface had become somewhat smooth.

It was a little too high so Tonan was unable to see the enemies on the opposite side. “It’s an eyesore.” In front of everyone, he spat at the Great Mud Wall. The saliva hit the wall and created a small hole.

Immediately afterward, cobweb-like cracks spread around it. Crash… Accompanied by a shattering sound, the mud wall collapsed like a domino. After being heated, the mud wall had become breakable, similar to ceramic. The visual impact of the scene was too strong. Everyone on the battlefield was shocked.

In the distance, it was unknown whether a particular Stone jonin wanted to brush up on his knowledge or was just too tired of living. He shouted, “Damn it… who are you?”

Tonan raised his eyebrows slightly. He secretly used Wind Communication to transmit his voice to everyone’s ears and domineeringly said, “The weak don’t deserve to know my name.”

A dazzling red light shone from his Mangekyo. Sandaime Kazekage immediately warned everyone, “Don’t look at his eyes.”

But it was a little late for some. Hundreds of ninjas of the allied forces held their heads and screamed, heavily falling to the ground. This included the Stone jonin who had shouted out just now.

Onoki’s expression was very serious. He moved closer to Sandaime Kazekage and lowered his voice, “This must be Konoha’s number one genius who killed Orochimaru and defeated Tsunade, Uchiha Tonan.”

Sandaime Kazekage looked gloomy, “Uchiha clan’s brat? He seems to be a little stronger than the sannin. He should be Konoha’s trump card. It’s our turn to take action.”

The two looked at each other and secretly began to get ready.

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