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Konoha Hypocrite – Chapter 22: Chiryo’s Appointment, Ruthlessly Killing the Cat Bahasa Indonesia

The next few days, Hyuga Chiryo never came to look for Uchiha Tonan. Every day, she sat on her seat in a daze, quietly watching him with a morbid look. She was as quiet as a corpse, which made Tonan very uneasy.

“Chiryo, aren’t you resting well these days?”

Chiryo lifelessly turned her head and looked at Asuma, who seemed very concerned. She paused for a moment, and with a pale smile, she gestured him to come closer with her finger.

Asuma’s eyes shone and moved his head a bit closer.

“Asuma, do you like me?”

Chiryo’s voice was slightly hoarse, but in Asuma’s ears, it was a heavenly sound.

“I… hehe…” Asuma scratched his head, looking embarrassed. Happiness had come so suddenly that he was unable to speak clearly for a moment.

“Can you help me with something?”

Asuma patted his chest and said, “No problem. With me, nothing is impossible.”

Chiryo’s smile disappeared instantly, and it was replaced with an ice-cold look as she said in a low voice, “Find a chance and help me kill Mina’s cat.”

Asuma nearly choked on his saliva.

“I’m only joking,” Chiryo’s expression suddenly changed, and a smile appeared on her face again. Asuma sighed in relief and said, looking embarrassed, “You frightened me, then…”

Before he completed his words, Chiryo handed him a piece of paper and said, “Will you help me hand this to Tonan-kun? You cannot peek.”

“No problem.”

Asuma took the note without thinking too much. After all, the entire class knew that Tonan and Mina were a couple. He walked over to him, put the note on his desk and said, “Chiryo asked me to give this to you.”

Tonan took the paper, unfolded it, and saw the words written on it:

Tonan-kun, I want to talk to you alone. Tomorrow night, at nine o’clock, I’ll wait for you under the waterfall on the east side of the Hokage Rock. See you there.

After reading it, Tonan turned his head to look at Chiryo and nodded. A hint of a smile appeared on her pale face.

Tonan didn’t want to waste time playing some silly rom-com with these two children. However, to be an accomplished hunter, one must remember to always put on a disguise before baring the fangs.

The next day, October sixth was also a weekly holiday. Hatake Sakumo was resting at home. Tonan would not waste such a big opportunity. Early in the morning, he went to the Hatake household for lessons with Sakumo together with Kakashi.

He didn’t return home until evening, and after dinner, he came to the Uchiha clan’s northern training ground to train Mina. At this moment, outside the clan’s grounds, Chiryo came over with a bag of cat food.

“This is the Uchiha clan’s territory, why did you come here?” The two patrolling guards saw Chiryo and stopped her.

Chiryo was like a startled kitten. She quickly lowered her head, then said weakly with a red face, “I… I came to look for Mina… to feed… feed…”

One of the patrol guards saw the cat food in her hands and impatiently said, “Feed the cat, isn’t it?”

Chiryo nodded weakly. The patrol guards obviously felt that such a young child wouldn’t pose any danger and allowed her in, “Go in.”

She nodded her head, and as if she suddenly thought of something, she looked at the patrol guards nervously and said, “Uncle…, it’s my first time here… I don’t know the way… can…”

“I can’t. I have to patrol and have no time to act as your guide. Mina’s house is over there. There are two cherry blossom trees in front of her house.”

The patrol guard pointed in a direction and walked away.

“Thank you.” Chiryo bowed deeply to the patrol guards who had already left. Following in the direction they pointed, she was soon at Mina’s house.

Mina’s parents had died in the second war, and she was orphaned at a very young age. The clan had assigned a guardian for her earlier but once she was an academy student, the guardian was removed.

At this moment, there was no one in her house except for the white kitten lying on the floor in front of the door.


The courtyard’s wooden door was left unlocked. After all, this was the Uchiha territory. As long as someone did not need to leave for long, people would usually just close the door.

When Chiryo pushed open the courtyard door, the kitten became alert.


It hid behind a pillar, and stuck out half of its small head to observe. But when it saw Chiryo, and especially the cat food, it immediately dropped its vigilance and eagerly rushed out.

This was also because Mina brought it to the academy every day. Only when training together with Tonan, she would leave the kitten alone at home.

The kitten had been in the academy long enough to see some of Mina’s classmates. Therefore, it was not afraid.


Just after stepping into the small courtyard, Chiryo saw the kitten running over to her feet. It kept rubbing its head on her leg but its eyes were focused on the cat food in Chiryo’s hands.

Chiryo was unmoved by the kitten’s little shenanigans. She just looked down at it quietly, her eyes filled with indifference. The kitten wanted to eat food. Seeing that its move didn’t work, it changed its way to act cute.

In its memory, as long as it acted cutely, it would get delicious food. The kitten immediately lied on the ground, rolled over and showed its white belly, and then wriggled around.

It seemed to be saying: Come, rub me, no need to pity me. A small smile slowly appeared on Chiryo’s face, and she softly said, “What a clever child.”

Seeing the girl smiling, the kitten believed it would be able to eat cat food with a new flavor, and wriggled more. Suddenly, a shadow obstructed its vision.



“Pity, you don’t belong to me,” Chiryo turned around and casually threw a note on the dead kitten. She left the small courtyard with the cat food bag and closed the door in passing. Once outside, she put on her weak and delicate look again and headed for her rendezvous with Tonan.

At this moment, Tonan was still training with Mina. Even though he had trained many pigeon ninja beasts, he couldn’t monitor the entire Konoha at all times. He missed Chiryo’s cruel act.

Time passed, and the sky was completely dark.

Nine o’clock.

After completing Mina’s training for the night, Tonan walked towards the appointed place to meet Chiryo. Meanwhile, a flock of white pigeons took off from the woods and flew into the distance.


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