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Konoha Hypocrite – Chapter 208.1: Bravely Stepping Forward, Through A Spy’s Eyes Bahasa Indonesia

At this time, the train gradually moved to the bottom of a hill. The hill was green with plants grown all over making the scenery look pleasing to both the eye and the mind. But on the roadside rocks and trees, a group of vagrant ninjas was standing with hideous grins on their faces, watching the slowly approaching train.

They were not afraid of people jumping off and running away. After all, as Uchiha Tonan had said earlier, men did indeed die for wealth just as birds did for food. And this train had a large number of goods and expensive materials traveling with the merchants who had come to do business in the Fire Capital.

Most people would bet on their luck and think that they would be able to pass as long as they handed over some money. If they were able to keep their goods and merchandise, they wouldn’t suffer any major loss. As for life, it was not expensive.

When the train reached closer to the vagrant ninjas, they all jumped up and landed on the roof of the train carriage one by one.

“Move according to the plan,” The scar-faced leader instructed the group. The vagrant ninjas nodded and holding the roof of the carriage, they jumped in from the windows. However, there were a few clever guards on the train as well. They drew their swords and stabbed the vagrant ninjas who were jumping in.

While the plan was good, the guards were strong only against ordinary people. Regardless of their strength or speed, they were inferior to the ninjas with chakra. It was like ordinary people putting up a fight against Spiderman. They were no match at all.

The vagrant ninjas who jumped in were not polite either. They immediately dealt with the resisting guards. After killing just two or three, the people in the carriage were frightened out of their wits and no one dared to resist.

Tonan looked at the ninjas who jumped into the carriage and seemed to have no plan to step forward. He just casually closed the window beside him, blocking a vagrant ninja who was about to jump in. The rogue-nin fell down and the train crushed him into pieces.

The blood flew everywhere, some splashing on the window.

“Stop the train.”

“Are you trying to be clever? I’ll kill you.”

Soon afterward, the sounds of beating and muffled groans came from the driver’s cabin. Then, two rogue-nin dragged the badly battered train driver to the carriage where Tonan was staying.

“Boss, this guy will die but not stop the train.” By now, the vagrant ninjas had already controlled the people in the carriages. The passengers were sitting on the seats. They were motionless, their faces full of horror in fear that they would lose their lives in the next second.

The scar-faced ninja turned his head sideways and solemnly said, “None of us can operate this thing. Wait until I’m done with him.”

He then said to the passengers, “You all, stay still, whoever moves will die. Now, hand over all your valuable things.”

After he spoke, most of the passengers relaxed a little. It was not a big deal if they just wanted money. The two vagrant ninjas began to plunder the passengers’ money and valuable things.

At this moment, the middle-aged man, who was hugging the badly scared little girl, lowered his head and whispered, “Ninja-sama, can you deal with them?”

Tonan was watching the scene with great interest. When he heard the middle-aged man’s question, he immediately said meaningfully, “I can, do you want to see me upholding justice?”

The middle-aged man seemed to be relieved and continued to whisper, “Can you regard it as me entrusting you a mission?”

“No problem,” Tonan loosened his grip, his smile became brighter and he whistled.

“Who’s in the mood to whistle right in front of us?” A vagrant ninja who had just finished ridiculing heard chirping sounds coming from outside. These sounds seemed to contain very anxious feelings.

Coo, coo… A lot of pitch-black birds rushed into the carriages like a torrent and flew straight toward those vagrant ninjas.

“What is this?” In the blink of an eye, an unsuspecting vagrant ninja was overwhelmed by the pitch-black birds. Another vagrant ninja reacted faster and he raised his sword, swinging it at the attacking birds.

He tried to kill the birds of prey but it was to no avail.

Ding! Metal colliding sounds filled up the carriage and the palm of the vagrant ninja was tingling. The scar-faced ninja warned, “Be careful! It’s a ninja beast. There is a ninja on the train.”

A warning however was only a warning. Tonan’s ninja beasts had become invincible under Tonan’s chakra transformation. In an instant, all the rogue-nin were thrown to the ground by the beasts.

This was immediately followed by terrifying sounds of tearing and wailing in the carriage. The ninjas who were standing arrogantly before were lying in a pool of blood, surrounded by darkness. The whole scene looked gruesome and miserable at once.

“Boss, save me!”

“Spare my life~”

The scar-faced ninja raised his sword and swung it hard on the back of the bird of prey that was tearing his companion apart. However, it didn’t even bother to look at him. In the blink of an eye, the pitch-black torrent dispersed, and not even a bone was left behind. Only some bloodstains were left on the ground.

At this moment, Tonan stuck his head out and greeted, “Hello friend, please come here. I won’t kill you if you come here.”

Gulp… The scar-faced ninja swallowed a mouthful of saliva and nodded subconsciously. He walked toward Tonan while trembling. At this moment, the train driver finally noticed Tonan and with a look of pleasant surprise, he muttered, “Tonan-sama…”

When the scar-faced ninja arrived in front of Tonan, his entire body was already drenched with sweat, and with a pale face, he said, “Sir, what is your command?”

The scar-faced ninja didn’t know where he was now. This time, he ran into a ruthless person, one could well imagine how scared he was. Tonan pointed at the family of three on the opposite side and said, “Do you recognize them?”

“I don’t,” the scar-faced ninja glanced at the trembling family of three and shook his head. Tonan seemed to have thought of something and nodded, “Alright, if you kill them, I’ll let you go.”

For some reason, the scar-faced ninja hesitated and gave a wry smile, “Sir, we only rob money, not kill people.”

Tonan chuckled lightly and his expression became indifferent.

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