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Konoha Hypocrite – Chapter 200: Sunbathing, Cruel & Ruthless Bahasa Indonesia

At the Hokage Rock Terrace, Shimura Danzo and Uchiha Tonan stood beside the fence, looking at Konoha. Tonan liked to stand at such vantage points because it gave him the feeling of looking down on all things from a high point.

Looking at Konoha from here, many pedestrians could be seen walking on the streets like ants and bugs. It was a lively scene. The weather today was exceptionally good. The sky was blue and there were a few patches of white clouds slowly moving along with the wind.

The spring breeze was cool and carried an aura of sweetness, giving off a refreshing feeling. The sunlight on the terrace lit up the flower clusters in the corner, making them look especially brightly colored against the green background.

Danzo seemed to dislike this place chosen by Tonan and said with a frown, “It seems you like this place very much.” The warm sunlight shone on him and Tonan. The scene looked very beautiful but both of them had schemes in their hearts.

Tonan spread his hands and squinted his eyes, enjoying the spring sunlight. He then comfortably said, “I like standing under the sunlight.” What a joke, a gentleman doesn’t stand under the dangerous wall. How could Tonan go to the Root to talk to Danzo? What if he was ambushed?

Even though he had enough confidence in his strength, he knew that he shouldn’t be arrogant. Not to mention anything else, just Konoha’s sealing squad was enough to make him suffer.

As long as they had enough preparations, even Nine Tails could be sealed, not to mention just him. Danzo raised his head and glanced at the rising sun. He narrowed his eyes slightly and said, “I can’t help you in refusing participation in the Honorary Chunin Competition.”

Tonan chuckled and shook his head, “That’s not it, it’s just a small matter.” Hearing him say that, Danzo shook his head and cast a sidelong glance at him, “There is something very wrong with the Daimyo. The day after you fell out with Tsunade, the funds originally agreed with me suddenly disappeared.”

Tonan paused and asked, “What do you mean?” Danzo took a deep breath and hesitated for a moment. He then said in a low voice, “There are some things you don’t know. Since last year, the Daimyo Residence has sent ninjas to wander outside the village as if they were monitoring something.”

Tonan squinted his eyes, recalling the two unmarked ninjas he had killed when he left the village last time. He angrily asked, “Does Konoha not care about it?”

Danzo shook his head and answered, “Whether Konoha cares or not, that is the Daimyo. Some things can only be done in secret. But these ninjas are openly moving with the Daimyo Residence’s proof. Konoha can’t make a move. If we did, then Konoha has to hand over the murderer, otherwise, the funds for the next time will be cut.”

Tonan adjusted his glasses and asked with some confusion, “In the past, the Daimyo didn’t have such great abilities. What the hell did that fellow Naraku do to make even you have so many misgivings, Danzo-sama?”

Danzo looked around and said with a serious look, “You might not have imagined it but he killed his entire clan after he ascended the throne.”

This information really surprised Tonan and after a long silence, only three words came out of his mouth, “Cruel and ruthless.” Danzo nodded, “No one in the ninja world dares to touch him. Once he dies, the legitimate line of the Land of Fire will be cut off. In short, you have to be very careful in the Honorary Chunin Competition of the Fire Capital.”

“The strength of the Daimyo Residence is becoming more and more unfathomable. Not long ago, all Konoha spies were captured. However, the Daimyo Residence didn’t kill them. They were just completely reduced to becoming a messenger. Moreover, their every move was under surveillance.”

A hint of a playful smile flashed through Tonan’s face and he leisurely said, “It seems this Honorary Chunin Competition is very likely to be a dragon’s pool and tiger’s den. I must not go there.”

“No, you have to go,” Danzo said with a stern face. Tonan was a little puzzled as asked, “Why?”

Danzo sighed and replied, “The name list has already been sent and the Daimyo Residence has announced the participants’ names to the entire Ninja World through various channels.”

“The Daimyo has also made a special announcement that unless it’s unexpected death if any participant on the name list quits, the Daimyo Residence will cut off economic ties with that ninja village. Naturally, for Konoha, that means funds reduction. And now, the prices have already risen to a terrifying point. If you back out now, and the villagers learn about it, they will condemn you. The consequences…”

No one could bear the consequences. Tonan chuckled after hearing Danzo’s words. He looked down at the prosperous Konoha below and said in an inexplicable tone, “At that time, I’ll end up worse than White Fang.”

Am I being targeted? Did Sarutobi Hiruzen tell my secret to the Daimyo? Of course, I can’t eliminate this person in front of me as well. It seems Naraku has forgotten the past pains once the wound has healed and misses my love whip. A cold breeze blew, blowing up dandelions in the air.

Tonan blew at a dandelion floating in front of him and broke the silence, “Of course, I’m definitely going. I also haven’t seen my student for a long time.”

Danzo frowned and solemnly advised, “Don’t do anything stupid. Without the Daimyo, the Land of Fire will disintegrate, and the meaning of Konoha’s existence will be lost. Except for the clans with special bloodline limits, which clan doesn’t have a large number of civilians working and living in the Land of Fire? At that time, at least half of the people below will leave.”

Tonan shrugged his shoulders and said with a smile, “I understand, don’t worry, I have a sense of propriety.”

After hearing Tonan’s promise, Danzo sighed in relief and said, “At that time, I can send a Root squad to guard you.”

Tonan waved his hand and turned, walking towards the stairs. “No thanks. With allies, I won’t be able to move freely.”

Suddenly, he seemed to have thought of something and paused. He cast a sidelong glance at Danzo and asked, “Tell me, once the fangs of a beast have fallen off, does it still dare to be ferocious?”

Hearing this, Danzo’s pupils shrank and he guessed what Tonan wanted to do. A gentle smile appeared on Tonan’s face and he turned to leave. After a long time, Danzo leaned on the railing and glanced at the village below. He then slowly said, “There are boundless prospects but it will cause no end of trouble.”

After leaving the terrace, Tonan walked straight toward the Hatake household. Without power, it was inconvenient to do some things. After the war, the new generation would gradually replace the old generation. Tonan would not forget Hatake Kakashi, his nominal brother.

After all, after the Third Great Ninja War, Konoha’s strength would shuffle. At that time, Namikaze Minato, Kakashi, and Uzumaki Kushina, who had a good relationship with him, would be powerful.

But at the ending phase of the war, Minato and Kushina would also die because of the chaos of the Nine Tails. That would leave just Kakashi. So, he had to train him well and make him his right-hand man.

Soon, Tonan arrived at the door of the Hatake household. Via Wind Communication, he could hear Hatake Kotoura’s happy laughter coming from the courtyard.


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