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Konoha Hypocrite – Chapter 199.1: Roping In Again, Hopeless To Reconcile Bahasa Indonesia

After Uchiha Tonan left the Uchiha clan district, he came to the former site of the welfare institution. The previous battle had destroyed this originally warm and friendly community, and the people inside could only be moved to the Konoha Orphanage to reside temporarily.

Konoha’s reconstruction team was quite efficient. It had just been a day since the great battle but the rubbles had already been almost cleaned out. Now, all that was left was to lay the foundation and rebuild the institution.

At this time, the reconstruction team didn’t have a wood-style ninja-like Yamato, so the construction could only be carried out in a normal way.

Speaking of Yamato, he should have already been nurtured long ago. When it was discovered that Senju Hashirama cells could fuse in a child’s body, Orochimaru had begun to carry out the neutralization experiment of Sharingan and Hashirama cells. In other words, Yamato should at least be as old as Shisui by now.

But Yamato wasn’t in the orphanage, so he must have been assigned to a certain special department. And after a few years, he might be transferred to Anbu.

Thinking of this, Tonan snorted inwardly. Such an early product of the human experiment didn’t enter the Root but entered the Anbu. Saying that Sarutobi Hiruzen was entirely unaware of Orochimaru’s human experience sounded too far-fetched.

“Hey, are you all the contestants from Ame?” An arrogant voice came from not far away. Tonan looked sideways. As it turned out, they were Ebisu, Morino Ibiki, and their team members who had encountered the genin of Ame who had come to participate in the Chunin Exam.

“Yes, we are Ame’s genin, hello.” The Ame genin seemed somewhat cautious and afraid facing Ebisu’s questioning. Ibiki was a little more mature than Ebisu. He coughed lightly and said, “Cough… hello.”

In this kind of situation, as long as one side didn’t back down, there would definitely be a conflict. Especially since the other group comprised the ninjas of a small ninja village, Konoha couldn’t lose face.

It seemed that other than a few famous Leaf ninjas participating in this Chunin Exam, all other ninjas died in the Third Great Shinobi War. Yes, the war was about to start. Which village would dare to send real geniuses to a competition? If the war truly started, no one would know how long it would last. The real geniuses would grow up quickly just like that in the war.

The villages’ leaders could also tell the weight difference between the war and competition. Tonan had no interest in this Chunin Exam. He had earlier planned to look for a few external special bloodline limits and try to establish an impure transnational friendship. But looking at the current situation, it was just a crowd of completely useless people. Not a single one of them was worth harvesting. Spending his time on them was simply wasting it.

At this moment, an Anbu member appeared before Tonan, and with a tone of mere formality, he started to say, “To…” But just at this moment, Tonan happened to look sideways with his hands behind his back. This Anbu member was obviously not too strong. He was probably just a chunin. Seeing Tonan seemed to be casting a sidelong glance, he recalled Tonan’s battle against Senju Tsunade.

Especially now that the two were next to the welfare institution which was destroyed in that very battle. Everyone had seen what had happened at that time, and Tonan’s strength had shocked many people. Recalling this, the Anbu member immediately stopped speaking. Swallowing a mouthful of saliva, he couldn’t help lowering his air a bit. He bowed his head and said, “Tonan-sama, Hokage-sama has invited you.”

Tonan replied with a smile, “Got it, you’ve worked hard.” He then reached out and lightly patted the Anbu member’s shoulder. In the next moment, he used Body Flicker Technique and disappeared.

The moment Tonan disappeared, the three students from Ame, who were walking in this direction, were left dumbfounded.

“How did that fellow disappear?”

“It should be the Body Flicker Technique that can only be used by a jonin.”

“How is that possible? He looks about the same age as us.”

“I guess he should be a Konoha genius. If we face him in the exam, we should surrender immediately.”

These young fellows looked at each other and a sense of frustration welled up in their hearts. “Is this the strength of a big village?”


At the Hokage Building, when Tonan entered this time, the receptionist didn’t stop him. He didn’t even dare to speak. He just gave Tonan a flattering smile. Tonan walked directly to the Hokage Office and pushed open the door.

After entering the room, he saw Hiruzen sitting behind the desk and smoking. Moreover, there was also a familiar and also unfamiliar figure standing in front of him. “Sarutobi-sensei, you called me so early, do you have a mission for me?” Tonan walked in and calmly asked.

“Tonan, long time no see.” That figure turned around and said excitedly. Tonan narrowed his eyes slightly and the corners of his mouth rose up. He said with a smile, “It turned out to be Naoto-sensei. It has truly been a long time.”

A kind smile appeared on Hiruzen’s face, and he said, “Naoto has been promoted to jonin today. I called you here so that I can let you two catch up, taking advantage of this big day. By the way, Naoto is the chief examiner of this Chunin Exam.”

Tonan nodded to Naoto and said, “Congratulations, Naoto-sensei.” Umino Naoto smiled and subconsciously reached out to rub Tonan’s hair. In his eyes, Tonan was still the little boy of that year. But Tonan tilted his head slightly and avoided Naoto’s hand.

With Naoto’s hand hanging in midair, the atmosphere turned a bit awkward. Tonan smiled, looked straight at Hiruzen, and said in an inexplicable tone, “Naoto-sensei, I’m no longer a child.”

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