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Konoha Hypocrite – Chapter 194.2: Harming The Innocent, Tsunade Trapped Bahasa Indonesia

With the single-minded thought of killing Uchiha Tonan, Senju Tsunade made hand signs and slammed her hands on the ground.

“Summoning Technique – Katsuyu.” At this moment, the ninjas had already arrived outside the arcade. At a glance, they saw her using Summoning Technique and more than ten children lying on the ground.

“Don’t!” A group of ninjas recognized Tsunade’s technique and shouted immediately.



Smoke and dust rose and countless rubbles flew all around. The moment the huge slug appeared, the arcade was destroyed. Tsunade, on the other hand, stood on top of Katsuyu’s head, and her face was filled with ice-cold hatred.

Damn it! Only a few ninjas could resist being pressed down by such a heavy thing. In the distance, a group of civilians rushed over the arcade as if they had gone crazy. But they were stopped by the ninjas around.

“Don’t come here, there’s a fight here.”

“Ninja-sama, my child had just come to the arcade, I’m looking for my child.”

“Have you seen my child?”

Several mothers shouted at Tsunade in a pleading tone, “Tsunade-sama, where is my child?”

Tsunade was startled hearing this and her anger dissipated a little. She sighed and said after a moment of silence, “I’m killing a Konoha criminal. I’m very sorry about your children.”

Immediately after she spoke, the parents understood. They collapsed on the ground and cried, one by one. Suddenly, Tsunade noticed that something was wrong with Katsuyu. It was like something was trying to push Katsuyu upward.

At the same time, Tonan’s miserable laughter came from the ruins below Katsuyu.

“Haha… haha… Princess Tsunade… Tsunade-sama…”

“Still not dead?”

Tsunade frowned, but she didn’t dare to open her eyes, for fear of triggering hematophobia. Everyone saw a dazzling golden light emitting from below Katsuyu, and a pair of huge palms lifted the huge Katsuyu.

Tsunade stabilized her body and exclaimed, “What’s going on?”

“Tonan!” At this moment, Hatake Kakashi came to the roof not far away with Hatake Kotoura in his arms and stared at the golden buddha below Katsuyu with wide eyes. But with Kotoutra in his arms, he could not take any action. He could only nervously watch the scene unfold.

However, the ninjas around noticed a pair of Tonan’s unique Sharingan for the first time, and they immediately trembled with excitement. “Those eyes… Quickly go and inform Patriarch Fugaku and also the clan members. The Uchiha clan is about to rise. Go fast!”

“Wait, we have to go protect Tonan if a battle starts.”

“The second asura of the Ninja World is born… No, he is stronger than the previous asura. He has awakened even earlier…”

Seeing the person underneath was Tonan, several Leaf ninjas thought of what Tsunade said before and exclaimed in disbelief, “What, the criminal of Konoha is Tonan.”

“Shut up, don’t talk nonsense.”

The Leaf ninjas who had seen the previous battle at the welfare institution guessed something and they signaled their friends to not talk. They all looked at Tsunade with inexplicable eyes.

Seeing the puddles of meat pulp in the ruins, the people who had collapsed on the ground immediately shouted hysterically, “My child!”

“Don’t go there, it’s dangerous.” The ninjas held the parents tightly. They were also very angry. However, they were aware that they couldn’t participate in this battle with their trivial strength. They could just wait for the Hokage.

Tonan knelt on the ruins and held the puddle of meat pulp in front of him with his trembling hands, and with tears of blood flowing down from his eyes, he said in despair, “Was I wrong? Was I wrong! Was I wrong to kill Orochimaru! I had always thought that Konoha’s Sannin were heroes who protected Konoha. But what’s the result… One person used villagers for human experiments and the other doesn’t attach any importance to their lives. You are all the same, all are the same!”

Tonan shouted hoarsely and made the buddha throw off Katsuyu. Katsuyu collided with a residential building and a few unlucky onlookers were killed. Tonan looked at the puddle of blood and flesh around him with a sad look, and said in tears, “Children… children… I’m sorry… it’s me who implicated you all…”

Tsunade was half-kneeling on top of Katsuyu. When she heard Tonan’s words, she angrily shouted, “Stop showing your disgusting attitude, where was your kind heart when you killed Tonton?”

Tonan was startled upon hearing those words. He then looked up at Tsunade and asked with a confused look, “Tonton? Who is Tonton…”

Over time, more Leaf ninjas gathered. This place was relatively close to the Uchiha district. Uchiha Fugaku had already arrived with a group of Uchiha members. Arriving at the scene, the first thing they did was look at Tonan’s eyes.

“Yes… that’s Mangekyo of the records. It seems that the Great Elder’s judgment was correct.” Fugaku stopped the Uchiha clan members who wanted to intervene. He wanted to listen to what had happened first. After all, judging from the current situation, Tonan wouldn’t be in danger.

The Leaf ninjas who were at the scene began to question Tsunade…

“Tsunade-sama, you have to explain things clearly today.”

“Yes, you said that Tonan killed a person named Tonton, who is he? Do you have any hard evidence?”

“I know! That’s a pet pig raised by Tsunade-sama. I’ve seen Shizune-sama come to the casino with that pig in her arms before.”

Tonan suddenly exclaimed in disbelief, “What! A pig?” Immediately, with a forced smile on his face, he pointed at Tsunade with his trembling finger and said, “Ridiculous, ridiculous. It turns out that I, a member of the grand Uchiha clan, am inferior to a pig in the eyes of Konoha’s Sannin. Even if I’m petty and low, an orphan whose parents are dead and has no one who cares about him, what about these children? They are Konoha’s future. More than a dozen human lives are inferior to a pig? Do you, higher-ups, regard the lives of us, villagers, as nothing?”

Tsunade clenched her fists tightly but she knew she could no longer take action in this situation, and immediately explained, “What do you know? Tonan has accompanied me for many years, furthermore, Shizune was also scared by you to that state.”

Tonan sat on the ruins and looked at the Leaf ninjas around him with a miserable smile. He then turned to Tsunade and asked with a mocking smile, “Did you see me doing it with your own eyes? Do you have any evidence?”

Tsunade snorted coldly and said solemnly, “Shizune said that she saw it with her own eyes.”

Tonan turned to look at Shizune who was hiding in a distant corner and asked in a hoarse voice, “Shizune-sama, when did you see me?”

Shizune subconsciously swallowed and upon seeing all the Leaf ninjas looking at her, she forcibly stepped forward and took a deep breath, “Yesterday…”

“Yesterday at what time?” Tonan asked with a blank face.

“At night.” Shizune’s answer didn’t satisfy the Leaf ninjas. At this time, Fugaku, who believed that he had understood the situation, stepped forward and asked Shizune, “Shizune-sama, please tell us the specifics of what happened .”

Hearing Fugaku’s words, Tsunade coldly shouted, “Does your Uchiha clan not believe us?”

Fugaku took a deep breath, “We just want to know the truth, moreover, we want an explanation.”

“I…” Shizune suddenly recalled the specific process but she didn’t know how to explain it for a while. Tsunade frowned and said, “Why aren’t you speaking, Shizune?”

Shizune, who was in a daze, was sweating profusely at this moment, and she stuttered under the gaze of everyone: “I… I saw it in a dream…”

Just after she spoke, Tonan became hysterical. He controlled the Buddha to swat Katsuyu and roared, “Die!”


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