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Konoha Hypocrite – Chapter 192.2: Ominous Shadow, Roasting A Pig Bahasa Indonesia

Shizune was drenched in sweat at this moment and was gasping for breath. She turned her head and looked at the curtain that reflected the window’s frame. She sighed subconsciously and laughed at herself with a weak smile, “It was just a nightmare. It scared me to death.”

Trying to calm her mind, she relaxed and closed her eyes, lying down on the bed. At this moment, she, who had been in a tense state, felt comfortable and rolled over, turning her back toward the window.

Suddenly! Her eyes widened. She saw a figure standing beside her bed. And that figure was holding a long blade, looking at her quietly. Through the dim light coming in from the window, she recognized the person at once.

It was Uchiha Tonan!

Tonan’s face was deathly pale as if there was no blood at all. His twisted expression seemed to have a weird smile as he slowly raised the blade. She felt her blood turn cold and lost control over her body. She could only watch the blade pierce through her abdomen, then slowly slide down…

This feeling… It’s like a specimen on the operating table being dissected.


Crack, crack, crack… Dong, dong, dong… In the kitchen on the first floor, Tonan ignored the violent vibration coming from the ceiling above him. He concentrated on pouring boiled wine on the golden crispy headless roasted pig.

He tied a white napkin around his neck and picked up a knife and fork to enjoy the meal. He cut off a small piece of meat and put it in his mouth. But he frowned slightly and shook his head, “It’s better than before but the ingredient is too greasy.”

Although the taste was not the finest, it, after all, was a rare ingredient. Tonan devoured the roasted pig bit by bit until there was nothing left. Once he was done with his meal, instead of feeling greasy or disgusted, he felt a lingering taste on his tongue.

“High-end ingredient…” Tonan sighed and took off the napkin, wiping the oil stains from his mouth. “It’s a pity, there was just wine and no green tea. I can’t scrape off the oil after cooking.”

At this moment, the vibration on the ceiling gradually subsided. Tonan smiled gently and chuckled. He shook his head and started to clean the dining table. He had after all come uninvited to someone else’s home and had a complete meal, he must clean up and depart without leaving any traces.

Tonan dumped the leftovers into the trash can and carefully wiped every corner of the kitchen with a tissue. He made sure no traces were left. After cleaning up, he picked up the garbage in the trash and turned off the kitchen light.

All his actions were so smooth as if he were at his own home. When he arrived at the main electrical switch, he took out various tools from his bag and began to repair the previously short-circuited line. At this moment, he didn’t look anything like a ninja but more like a professional electrician. His hand movements were fast and practiced.

Others would be dazed just looking at the different wires and some wouldn’t even be able to tell the difference between the head or the tail, but Tonan was like a fish in the river. Everything was smooth and easy. All lines were restored to their original state. Once he was done, he put away the tools and left after picking up the garbage.

In a quiet alley, a group of stray dogs huddled around the trash can to stay warm. They were hungry and cold and were whimpering. According to the survival law, as long as they could stay up until morning, someone would throw garbage here and they would be able to scrape some food to fill their stomachs.

Suddenly, the dogs’ noses twitched slightly as if they smelled something, and they stood up in unison. At this moment, a figure appeared in the alley. The moment this person came, the stray dogs fled into the alley, hiding at the other end, watching him from a distance.

Tonan glanced at the poor stray dogs and then at the trash can in the alley. Gently flinging over, he threw the bag accurately into the garbage bin. An aroma floated and saliva overflowed from the dogs’ mouths, dripping to the ground. They were unable to resist the temptation and ran to the trash can and dived into it.

The next moment, the sounds of tearing and chewing echoed in the narrow alley. Seeing this, Tonan smiled gently and softly said, “Happy New Year.” He then tightened his windbreaker and strode towards the Uchiha clan district.

The next day, the sunlight sprinkled through the curtain gaps, lighting up the room, and Shizune rolled over on the bed. She subconsciously used her hand to block the light and opened her hazy eyes with a frown.

Her mind was blank for two seconds and then she felt that her entire body was screaming in pain. “What happened?” Enduring the pain, she sat up and pressed her temple with her hand. She shook her head, trying to shake off the pain but it didn’t help. It got worse instead.

Memories of last night flashed in her mind. “What a horrible nightmare.” She looked at the sunlight in her room and felt like she was in a different world. Looking at her clothes drenched with sweat, she muttered, “Is it because of a long nightmare that caused my body to be tense for a long time?”

Recalling that she had to take care of Senju Tsunade, Shizune planned to change into clean clothes before going to the Konoha Hospital. However, when she walked over to the cupboard and was about to open it, the man who stood beside her with a weird smile in her dream last night suddenly appeared in her mind.

A chill ran down her back. Her hands trembled slightly, and she didn’t dare to open the cupboard. In her heart, she felt like the man would be standing there when she opened the cupboard just like in her dream.

Shizune exhaled and shook her head to get rid of the random thoughts. “How could that be? It’s just a nightmare, not real, don’t think about it.” After comforting herself inwardly, she regained her courage.

She pulled open the cupboard and a row of neatly hung clothes appeared before her eyes. There was no monster in the closet like she imagined. She sighed in relief and finally let go of the worries in her heart.

She laughed at herself, “Am I really such a coward without Tsunade-sama!?” After a while, she changed and was about to take away the sweaty clothes. However, for some unknown reason, her eyes moved to the place below the bed.


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