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Konoha Hypocrite – Chapter 175: Triple Happiness, Truth Mirroring Eyes Bahasa Indonesia

Uchiha Tonan put on a panic-stricken look. “Everyone, get up, please. Whatever the case may be, you are all my seniors and elders. How can this be alright?”

As he was speaking, he was also pulling up the villagers one by one beginning with the person nearest to him. He appeared flustered as if he would join them in kneeling in the next second.

Supporting the villagers’ stand up, Tonan said in his sincere-most tone, “Protecting everyone in the village is my duty as a ninja. This is what I must do. You don’t know ninjutsu and you were deceived by bad people. That’s not on you. It can only be said that the immoral are too cunning.”

“Auntie, you are pregnant. This cannot be good for the baby. Please don’t kneel.”

Seeing Tonan’s generosity and compassion, everyone’s heart was filled with a mix of guilt and gratitude. At this moment, all his past good deeds flashed in their minds. In the past, they had just heard the stories but now, they could see his excellent morals and noble character first-hand.

Ding! Ding! Ding! Gained Nagao Haruto’s acknowledgment… Takada Yanso’s acknowledgment… Hino Kaede’s acknowledgment…

The continuous acknowledgment prompts were a sweet melody in Tonan’s ears. This was the proverbial double happiness at his door. Not only did he awaken Mangekyo, but he was also poised to inherit quite a few legacies.

Even if the quality was not worth much, acknowledgments were never a waste. Also, even though these people were civilians, Konoha’s villagers were different from others.

They had either started to refine chakra when they were young and knew basic ninjutsu such as the three techniques or had migrated after spending a lot of money. Just to be able to enter Konoha with money meant something.

“Everyone, please get up. I’m fine. You all just didn’t know all the facts.” Tonan suppressed the ecstasy in his heart and plastered a flattering look on his face. Under his repeated requests, the villagers stood up but their faces were filled with guilt.

Looking at Tonan, Uzumaki Kushina and Namikaze Minato had gentle smiles on their faces without even realizing it. Kushina looked at the awkward Tonan and felt that he was taller than anyone else at this moment.

His head had residual vegetable leaves and eggs that he didn’t even have the time to shake off. His arms were covered with scars, and his body was blue and purple. All the villagers had punched and kicked him and the bruises were now showing up.

Even though Tonan must be suffering from bodily pain, he was forgiving and supported those who hurt him. No matter who it was, this would be enough to touch their emotional chords.

Thinking of this, Kushina said, “Tonan is amazing. It’s difficult to imagine he had gone through so much but could still maintain the kindness in his heart.”

A bright smile appeared on Minato’s face, and he softly added, “I think Tonan is probably the son of the Prophecy that Jiraiya-sensei mentioned. He will bring peace to the Ninja World in the future.”

Kushina mulled over his words for a bit and then firmly nodded, “He can definitely do it.”

Ding! Gained Uzumaki Kushina’s acknowledgment.

Ding! Gained Namikaze Minato’s acknowledgment.

Tonan, who was helping the villagers get up, paused for a moment but didn’t show any strange behavior.

“Excellent! Triple happiness! I never thought there would be such an unexpected harvest. Old Danzo is my lucky star. After Asura’s reincarnation, Naruto is born, Flying Thunder God and the Uzumaki clan’s sealing techniques will be mine.”

Right at this moment, Sarutobu Hiruzen arrived in the square with a group of Anbu. As soon as he appeared, he grabbed Tonan’s hand and asked with a worried look, “Tonan, are you alright?”

From the moment he heard that Tonan was being cursed and beaten by the villagers, he was worried about his safety. He rushed over, fearing that something might happen. At some point, in Hiruzen’s heart, Tonan’s status was higher than anyone else’s.

Seeing Hiruzen, Tonan smiled lightly, “Sensei, I’m fine but can you please make everyone get up?” Hiruzen looked around. Most of the villagers were still kneeling. At this moment, an Anbu member walked over and whispered something in Hiruzen’s ear.

The Hokage’s eyebrows rose and he glanced at Tonan with a look of relief. He then turned to the kneeling villagers, “Cough, cough… Everyone, get up now. It seems that the misunderstanding has been resolved. Don’t take this to heart. Let me explain… This entire matter was only Orochimaru’s fault. If Tonan hadn’t killed him, I’d do it myself.”

Since Hiruzen spoke up personally, the villagers obediently stood up and stared at Tonan apologetically. Hiruzen too looked at him and seeing his sorry state, thoughtfully said, “Tonan, go back and rest for now. I’ll handle this.”

Tonan nodded and waved his hand at Minato and the group, “Minato-sensei, Kushina-senpai, Kakashi, Obito, Rin, thank you. I’ll leave now. See you again.”

With that, he turned around and walked toward the welfare institution. The crowd stepped aside, making way for him. When Tonan passed by them, he gave them a kind smile.

Ding! Ding! Gained Goto Haruki’s acknowledgment… Akiba Kunta’s acknowledgment…


After returning to the welfare institution, Tonan first went for a bath. In the steamy bathroom, he leaned back against the poolside, lowered his head, and looked at the reflection of his Mangekyo Sharingan in the pool. “How can it be of this shape? Isn’t it a bit out of place?”

The Mangekyo he recalled seeing was like a windmill when it spun but his Mangekyo was a black ball as soon as it spun.

“One thought good and evil. Good words, evildoing… kind deeds, evil heart… They are worthy of being the eyes that represent the soul. Not to mention they are fitting for the true situation.”

Tonan looked at the reflection for a long time. He couldn’t help chuckle and shook his head. People’s Mangekyo Sharingan was named after deities but his was named after demons and monsters.

The left eye’s ocular technique was called Shuten. According to the legend, Shuten-doji could command hundreds of demons and was the head of the Demon clan.

In his left eye, there was a world between real and virtual that could accommodate dead souls. The souls that existed in it would gradually emit the primordial soul for Tonan to absorb. Shuten Ocular Technique could absorb nearby souls and place them into the ocular technique space when it was active.

The right eye’s technique was called Tamamo-no-Mae. According to legend, Tamamo-no-Mae was a golden-haired, white-faced nine-tailed fox that excelled at bewitching people and sucking their vitality.

After Tonan activated the right eye, it could absorb the negative emotions of nearby creatures. This trick was useless for others. It could just be used for psychotherapy for depressed people.

But for Tonan, who had grasped the cultivation method of the Sage clan, this was a very precious skill. With this technique, he could easily absorb significant emotional power and then use it to absorb the natural power in the world. Tonan would never lack Senjutsu energy like this.

As for the Susanoo that comes along with the Mangekyo Sharingan, it was also a bit different from others. Using both eyes, he could summon Gundam. But it was not Susanoo that was summoned, but the Great Tengu.

Uchiha Sasuke and Uchiha Madara’s Susanoo evolved to the point where they were called Tengu. Sasuke’s was a Raven Tengu and Madara’s was a Kurama Tengu. Itachi’s was a Crow Tengu and Kakashi’s was Lightning Tengu…

The Tengu lay between a demon and a god, and most of them had the appearance of a samurai. But the Great Tengu was the real number one demon in the legend, known as the foremost evil spirit among eight million deities.

According to rumors, the Great Tengu was an existence an emperor had turned into. That emperor entered the temple to practice Taoism but after cultivation, he became a malevolent spirit. On his deathbed, he used his blood to write down scripture, following which, he turned into the Great Tengu.

Tonan’s Great Tengu ocular technique had five forms — Skeleton Form (average in all aspects), Buddha Form (strengthen defense), Yaksha Form (strengthen attacks), Tengu Form (humanoid samurai, has a chance of awakening spiritual weapons), and Great Tengu Form (a pair of divine wings on the back, substantially strengthen all aspects.


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