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Konoha Hypocrite – Chapter 162: Father Saru’s Might, Danzo’s Plotting Bahasa Indonesia

The next morning, the sky was blue and clear with just a few white clouds floating here and there. Floating in the empty sky, the clouds looked lonely but made people feel calm. Although the winter sun couldn’t raise the temperature by much, it made people feel warm from the bottom of their hearts.

After a few days without snow, the Welfare Institution’s open space had become lively.



“This one doesn’t count, I misread it!”

“You will regret it again.”

“I didn’t draw this stroke well. I will redraw it again.”

Uchiha Tonan pushed open the door and glanced at Maito Dai and his son, who were training in the open space, and the elderly people, who were either playing chess or drawing or sitting around while gossiping.

Instead of trying to brush his presence, he turned around and walked out of the institution to buy ingredients for tomorrow. However, immediately after walking out of the gate, he saw a Leaf ninja leaning against the fence beside the institution, as if he was waiting for someone.

Seeing Tonan walk out, the Leaf ninja said with a warm look, “Tonan, Hokage-sama has asked you to go to the Hokage Building when you are free.”

Although the news of Orochimaru’s death had not spread yet, it was obvious from this Leaf ninja’s attitude that he knew a part of it. Perhaps he heard that Tonan killed Orochimaru. While speaking, he showed admiration.

Hearing his words, Tonan placed his hands on his knees and bowed to the other party, “Got it, I honestly troubled you. If you have anything in the future, you can come in and find me. You don’t have to wait outside.”

Tonan showed a humble look. His etiquette was also in line with that of the younger generation. Tonan had always cherished his reputation. He was unwilling to be crowned with a hat of arrogance. The ninja seemed to be at a loss seeing Tonan bowing toward him. He repeatedly scratched his head, “Alright, I’ll remember it next time.”

He hadn’t expected Tonan to speak so politely despite being so powerful. This simply turned his view of the Uchiha clan on its head. Tonan smiled and nodded, walking toward the Hokage Building.

Today, he could feel that the personnel in the Hokage Building were much more cordial to him. Not just that but they also looked at him with reverence. Before this incident, in the eyes of Konoha’s citizens, he was a genius with no achievements under his belt.

In the past, even as Sarutobi Hiruzen’s student, every time he came to the Hokage Residence, he had to explain the purpose of his visit. But today, just as he stepped into the building, the receptionist got up and welcomed him and led him to the Hokage Meeting Room. His attitude was beyond different.

When Tonan walked into the meeting room, he found the atmosphere a bit awkward. Hiruzen was sitting on the main seat. On the other hand, Mitokado Homura and Utatane Koharu stood in front of their chairs like subordinates. There was also an empty seat in the room that belonged to Shimura Danzo.

Hiruzen blew a mouthful of smoke. When he saw Tonan walk in, he immediately showed a kind and amiable smile, “You’re already here, Tonan? Didn’t I ask Tobira to wait until you woke up to call you? You’ve slept only for a few hours, how is that enough?”

Tonan adjusted his glass and said lightly, “I’m used to rising early. I met Tobira-senpai when I walked out.”

Hiruzen smiled and pointed at the vacant seat, “I’ve troubled you. Come Tonan, Danzo left at the perfect time, you can sit here.”

Tonan glanced at the two standing Hokage Advisers and immediately shook his head, “Sensei, how can I sit when the two Hokage Advisers-sama are standing?”

Hiruzen looked at Homura and Koharu, and said in an indifferent tone, “Both of you sit down.”

Homura and Koharu nodded and sat down. Their posture was stiff and they sat upright, looking uncomfortable. Hiruzen looked at Tonan again and showed a warm smile, “Tonan, I called you here to discuss something. Sit down so we can speak at leisure. You don’t want us to keep our heads up to speak with you, right?”

Tonan pretended to be modest and thought for a while. He then nodded, “Alright.” After he sat on Danzo’s seat, Hiruzen blew out another mouthful of smoke, “We have decided to dissolve Konoha Orphanage and merge it into your welfare institution. From now on, Konoha will provide a certain portion of the funds needed. Koharu, you can hand it over to Tonan.”

Hearing Hiruzen’s instruction, Koharu forcibly suppressed the reluctance in her heart, and with a smile, handed a thick document to Tonan, “Tonan, this is the information of Konoha Orphanage. You should read it.”


At this moment, at the Root Headquarters, Danzo threw the ornaments placed beside him to the ground. “Damn it! Orochimaru, that trash. He got killed by an Uchiha kid. And Homura and Koharu, those idiots didn’t even know how to cover up their private dealings, and let Hiruzen seize evidence.”

After venting out, Danzo sat on the seat with a look of resentment. Aburame Ryoma, who was kneeling below, bowed his head, “Danzo-sama, please calm your anger.”

Danzo clenched his right fist and slammed on the armrest, “How can I calm my anger? The Root personnel is cut by half. I think Konoha will be destroyed in Hiruzen’s hands, sooner or later. And that kid’s wings are already grown enough. Although he got the help of other Uchihas, his strength has already reached the elite jonin level.”

“It will not be long before he will become the sharpest sword in Hiruzen’s hand, and become the next White Fang. I estimate it will be difficult to kill that kid even if he is surrounded. But he seems to be eager to get the villagers’ acknowledgment. In addition, he has inherited the samurai spirit. Perhaps, he can be dealt with in the same way as White Fang.”


“Yes, Danzo-sama,” Ryoma replied with his head lowered.

“Send people to spread the news that Uchiha Tonan killed Orochimaru. What should be spread, I don’t need to tell you, right?”

“I understand.”

“Remember, don’t let Hiruzen grasp your handle.”


After Ryoma left, Danzo’s gloomy voice sounded in the dim room. “Now even White Fang was able to endure the villagers’ curses. I will see what this kid will do. Even if he doesn’t commit suicide, he will collapse. If you do something wrong due to anger….”


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