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Konoha Hypocrite – Chapter 127: Seizing The Chance, The Five Unite Bahasa Indonesia

With lightning covered on their bodies, a real ‘A’ and a fake ‘A’ exchanged punches.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Smoke and dust rose everywhere as two lightning flashes collided violently. Uchiha Tonan activated his Sharingan amid the battle. Relying on the dynamic vision, he was able to evenly fight ‘A’. Although he could keep up with his speed, his destructive power and defense were far too inferior to future Kumo Raikage.

Between the lightning flashes, the two exchanged dozens of moves. ‘A’ had adorned an all-around defense of lightning armor, and his moves were ferocious. But Tonan had concentrated earth attributed chakra on his fists in order to gain more power to fight back.

Therefore, when the two fought, Tonan dodged most of the time.


The two people punched each other again. Tonan was not strong enough and was sent flying by the impact force. He fell heavily to the ground and slid dozens of meters landing at the Cloud ninja captain’s feet.

The Cloud ninjas looked flustered and hunkered down, “A-sama!”

Tonan covered his chest and said with anger, “Damn it…, it’s because my injury hasn’t healed yet…”

Hearing his words, a resolute look appeared on the Cloud ninjas’ faces. “A-sama, leave quickly. We’ll stop him.”

To protect their leader, the Cloud ninjas rushed forward. Tonan used this chance to pick up Uchiha Obito and Nohara Rin and used the Lightning Spirit Wind Flash to leave.

‘A’s lightning-style secret technique was too terrifying. His speed was not inferior to Tonan’s. But in terms of sheer strength, destructive power, and defense power, Tonan was far inferior to him.

Unless Tonan went all out and used the Hatake Style Sword Technique, just relying on the half-assed ninjutsu taught by Sarutobi Hiruzen, he wouldn’t be able to break through ‘A’s lightning armor with his fists.

There was a reason lightning armor was known as the strongest defense type ninjutsu. At the coast, facing his subordinates’ attack, ‘A’ controlled his strength to not hurt them. Fighting with his hands and legs restrained, felt very uncomfortable. After a long time, he was unable to bear it, “I’m the real ‘A’!”

Bang, bang, bang…

After a long time, a group of Cloud ninjas lay on the coast. ‘A’ stood in the middle, and after gasping for breath, he solemnly asked, “Why don’t you all believe me?”

The Cloud ninja captain, who was lying on the ground, looked stubborn. He stared at ‘A’ with disdain and said, “Konoha’s brat, kill me. Cloud ninjas aren’t cowards who are afraid of death.”

‘A’ felt like he was going crazy. He grabbed his own hair and roared angrily, “Why don’t you believe me?”

A Cloud ninja snorted, “You’ve too many flaws. We had already noticed you had been searching along the coastline, but ‘A’-sama knew the specific location. Besides, you killed Yuki. It’s impossible for him to kill his companion.”

‘A’ was dumbfounded for a moment. He took out the scroll and slammed it on the ground, “I tricked them into handing this over. I didn’t kill him.”

The Cloud ninja captain looked at the ‘Konoha brat’ in front of him and a hint of doubt flashed through his eyes. He carefully asked, “You said you are ‘A’-sama, right? Then, let me ask you a few questions.”


“What does Killer B-sama like to do the most?”

“Dance and sing.”

“What’s the purpose of our visit this time?”

“Steal Konoha’s sealing technique and help him suppress the Eight-Tails in his body.”

Another Cloud ninja interjected with a sad look, “I didn’t expect Konoha to know such confidential information.”


‘A’ felt if this continued, he would not be able to stop himself from smashing that Cloud ninja’s head.

The Cloud ninja captain, however, believed that the person in front of them was indeed the real ‘A’. The chances of Konoha knowing this information were very low. “Do you know our names?”

Only after ‘A’ said everyone’s name, position, and several missions he had done before, did the Cloud ninjas realize they had been duped.

“You really are A-sama…”

‘A’ sighed in relief but felt exhausted and gasped for breath, “Where’s the seal scroll?”

“We gave it to that ‘A’-sama…”

“Where are those two Konoha brats?”

“They were also taken away by that ‘A’-sama…”

‘A’, who had just calmed his breathing, was even angrier at this moment. “I’m so angry!” He raised his fists and punched the ground to vent.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang…

Tonan ran for a long time carrying Obito and Rin. Only after running far away from the coast did he stop to rest under a waterfall. As soon as Obito and Rin were placed down, Obito took out a kunai and pulled Rin behind him. He had a solemn look on his face.

Tonan smiled and slowly blinked his eyes, revealing the three tomoe Sharingan.

“You are… Tonan!” Obito and Rin were pleasantly surprised. No matter how one disguised, Sharingan couldn’t be faked. Tonan untied his ninja bag and put it on the ground. He took out a seal scroll and opened it.

It was filled with daily necessities including clothes. Tonan smiled at Rin and said, “Rin, I want to take a bath, turn around.”

Rin blushed and immediately turned around. Tonan jumped into the small river below the waterfall. And as if a bottle of ink fell into the clear water, the water was quickly dyed black.

“Tonan, how long has it been since you took a bath? The water has become black,” Obito looked at the blackened river with a strange look.

A full ten minutes later, Tonan finished dispelling the Reconstruction Technique and restored his original look. Finally showing his head, he explained, “I put on too much makeup to look like that guy.”

Obito exclaimed, “That’s amazing. You can also do make-up. My grandma said that she could do it since she was young.”

Tonan smiled, brushed his wet hair back with his hands, and said, “Mine is camouflage-type makeup. If I had used the Transformation Technique alone, they would’ve seen through me.”

Obito nodded and tilted his head, “Yes, but how did you become so tall?”

Tonan answered casually, “Oh, that’s a secret technique taught to me by Sarutobi-sensei. It’s similar to the Akimichi clan’s Expansion Technique. It belongs to Konoha’s secrets, so you must not spread it.”

Obito patted his chest with a serious look and said, “Don’t worry, I’ll definitely keep it a secret.”


The next day, the three returned to the town. Hatake Kakashi and Namikaze Minato were already waiting here. They were relieved to see the three return safely. Minato said with a slightly blaming tone, “Where did you go? Why didn’t you leave any signs on the road?”

Before Tonan could say anything, Obito explained in high spirits, “Minato-sensei, let me explain…”

Although Obito concealed the information about Tonan’s secret technique, which caused his story to be full of flaws, Minato didn’t expose it or questioned them. Instead, he smiled brightly and listened quietly. He even chipped in from time to time, “Kumo’s ‘A’? He’s the Quasi-Yondaime Raikage. Even I would not be his opponent. Tonan, your growth is amazing.”

Tonan smiled humbly, “But he defeated me in a single move. If there was a head-on confrontation, then without you, Minato-sensei, we three might not even be able to escape. And there were so many Cloud ninjas. Under helplessness, I was forced to use tricks and schemes.”

Obito scratched his head, “Tonan, you sound so strange. How can these be called scheming? This is called wisdom.”

Minato coughed lightly and held down Obito’s head, looking squarely at him, “Obito, you need to reflect on this incident after you return. If Tonan hadn’t been alert, you would’ve been captured by Kumo.”

Obit’s complexion collapsed, “I wasn’t careless…” Before he finished speaking though, his sad look disappeared, and he pointed at his eyes energetically, “Next time, it won’t happen. I’m a man who has awakened the Sharingan.”

At this moment, Tonan turned to look at Kakashi, who had been staring at him. Kakashi averted his eyes for a moment and pretending to be indifferent, asked, “Are you alright?”

Tonan nodded lightly, “I’m fine.”

Seeing these two, Minato couldn’t help showing a knowing smile.


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