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Konoha Hypocrite – Chapter 10: Selecting Ninjutsu, Setting Up Illusion Domain Bahasa Indonesia


Genjutsu attacks a ninja’s mind creating illusions by controlling the chakra flow of the target’s cerebral nervous system, affecting the five senses.

Sarutobi Hiruzen looked at Uchiha Tonan’s three-tomoe Sharingan. On the surface, he looked sympathetic, but his heart was brimming with joy. He thought this kid was a heaven-sent tool for him.

Tonan slowly stood up, and said, “Hokage-sama, you don’t need to worry about me.”

He took a deep breath, forced himself to smile, and continued, “I have already pulled myself together. I will inherit my parents’ last wishes and protect the village well. The war is still ongoing, and you must have much to deal with. If there is something I can do, please, do not hesitate to instruct me.”

Hiruzen smiled while nodding and said, “It’s fine as long as you can get over it. When I received the news, I was very worried you wouldn’t be able to bear the blow. You are the future hope to protect the Will of Fire.”

After speaking, he comforted Tonan, gently patting his head.

Tonan looked at Hiruzen, and as if he was trying his best to endure extreme grief, he tearfully said, “Hokage-sama…”

“Rest for a few days. Don’t treat yourself badly. Come to the Hokage Residence any time you like if you need something,” Hiruzen said with a benevolent look.

Tonan nodded and turned to leave. To end the act perfectly, he looked back once every three steps, making Hiruzen feel very pleased.

After Tonan left, Hiruzen returned to his seat. He blew out a mouthful of smoke, narrowed his eyes, and muttered, “What a good sapling. He’s more suitable to inherit the Will of Fire than Minato. Pity, he was born an Uchiha.”

“We have lost on quite a few fronts. It’s a bit troublesome. Should I change the frontline army?” Hiruzen pondered.

The troops resisting Kiri were almost entirely made up of Uchihas. The commander was the newly-appointed patriarch, Uchiha Fugaku. It was well known that the Uchihas, who were good at fire-style and genjutsu, were the best suited to restrain them.

After thinking for a while, Hiruzen discarded the plan to change the army.

“Let’s observe the situation for now. Judging from the current state, these sporadic local wars are last-ditch counterattacks. The war will be over soon.”

Suddenly, the door was pushed open, and Shimura Danzo walked in with a cold look.

“Hiruzen, I heard a genius has appeared in the Uchiha clan, and he has already awakened the three-tomoe Sharingan.”

Hiruzen raised his eyebrows, slowly blew out smoke, and said, “Danzo, don’t take arbitrary action.”

Danzo said indifferently, “The Root has lost a lot of personnel and needs to be replenished. When Uchiha Tonan graduates, you should hand him over to me.”

Hiruzen shook his head and said, “This child’s character is not suitable for the Root.”

Danzo snorted and said, “Hiruzen, are you doubting my means of control? Whatever anyone says, he is from that vicious Uchiha clan. We should either strangle him in the cradle or firmly control him.”

Hiruzen was not convinced and said with a firm tone, “Danzo, I have my own plan. You can choose personnel for the Root from the other ninjas.”

This surprised Danzo a little. He hadn’t expected Hiruzen to refuse him for a trifling genius with a three-tomoe Sharingan.

Danzo’s tone carried some dissatisfaction as he said, “What sort of illusion did that little brat cast over you for you to protect him like this? Don’t forget he is an Uchiha.”

“Be careful of your attitude, I’m the Hokage!” Hiruzen angrily slammed his hand on the table.

Danzo knew Hiruzen well enough to hear the firmness in his voice. He did not want a conflict with him just for an undeveloped genius. He turned around and walked out, leaving behind some sharp words.

“You will regret it!”

A genius only represented potential, not a definite outcome of a powerhouse. Danzo didn’t lack strong subordinates, and this was a mere Sharingan.

Tonan returned to the Uchiha clan after he left the Hokage Residence. Even before he could settle down, he was called to the Ancestral Hall. Tonan knew the Great Elder and the others would have found out about him unlocking the three-tomoe Sharingan.

This was the Ninja World. There were spies of all sides, everywhere. Moreover, when he had walked out of the Hokage Residence, he hadn’t deactivated the three-tomoe Sharingan.

He wanted more people to know his Sharingan had already matured. This would increase his chances of gaining their acknowledgment.

When Tonan arrived at the Ancestral Hall, the Great Elder was sitting seiza-style behind the table and gestured him to sit down as well.

Tonan nodded and took his place. The Great Elder opened a scroll that had many kinds of ninjutsu recorded on it.

“Tonan, I never thought you would give me such a pleasant surprise. At the age of six, you awakened the three-tomoe Sharingan. According to the clan rules, all clan members that can do this can choose three ninjutsu. Take a look and choose.”

“If you want more, you need to be promoted to genin, chunin or jonin, or render meritorious service to the clan.”

Tonan nodded and looked at the ninjutsu names. Most of them were fire style and lightning style. There were also many genjutsu. He had already inherited all abilities of his parents and Uchiha Teno, including their experience and skills.

Learning ninjutsu was not going to be a problem for him. The current him was not complete trash like when he had just crossed over to this world.

Tonan browsed through the scroll and pointed out the three he wanted. The Great Elder pondered for a bit and lightly commented, “Lightning Style – Lightning Needle, Genjutsu -Hell Viewing Technique, Genjutsu – Mirror Heaven and Earth Change.”

“It seems you have the lightning attribute. But isn’t one genjutsu enough? After all, Sharingan has its hypnotic eye genjutsu too. It is up to you. Are you sure of these choices?”

Tonan nodded.

The Great Elder stood up, took out three scrolls from the back of the Ancestral Hall, and handed them over to Tonan. He earnestly said, “Your parents, unfortunately, died in battle. I understand your pain. If there is anything you need, you can tell us. Remember, we are one family. The clan will never treat you badly.”

“Thank you, Great Elder,” Tonan bowed deeply and left the Ancestral Hall.

Looking at Tonan leaving, the Great Elder sighed. It was obvious the kid was not close to the Uchiha clan. That bow just now made the Great Elder feel his alienation from the clan members.

Back at his house, Tonan opened the Hell Viewing Technique and Mirror Heaven and Earth Change. Hell Viewing Technique was an ordinary genjutsu. All Konoha jonins who wanted to learn genjutsu had studied it.

This genjutsu could make people sink into their greatest fears. Tonan chose this because he thought highly of this. It directly affected people’s hearts.

As for the Mirror Heaven and Earth Change, as long as the chakra and genjutsu level were greater than the opponent, it could reflect the other party’s genjutsu, which worked well with Tonan’s Sharingan.

This jutsu could also share eyesight with the genjutsu target. Tonan planned to use this on his ninja beast, the white pigeon. This way, the lookout function of the white pigeon would enhance by several grades.

“Once I receive the death compensation, I should cultivate more white pigeon ninja beasts.”

With these two genjutsu, Tonan began to create his exclusive illusion domain according to what he learned at the Ninja Academy. Most people were learning existing genjutsu, which more or less had ready-made scenarios.

They could alter it a bit at most but others could still easily see through the illusion with just a few clues. If someone wanted to create an exclusive illusion domain, they needed to consume a huge amount of chakra.

This may be difficult for some but for Tonan, who inherited his parents and his brother’s chakra, it was enough.

A good genjutsu should use methods in line with local scenarios. One must build an illusion domain in the mind first, then attack the enemy’s five senses to make them believe in the illusion.

Thinking of this, Tonan began to model the illusion domain according to his room.


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