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Isn’t Being A Wicked Woman Much Better? – Chapter 92 Bahasa Indonesia

‘I can’t believe she came in with a drink before the test.’

‘Can I also do that?’

‘There is no rule that says you can’t, but…’

‘There’s something called a takeout, so I can also do that kind of weird thing.’

The unruly Princess Deborah sat by the window as she always did, supporting her chin and crossing her legs.

She seemed quite oppressive, perhaps because of her social authority. It felt like she was going to look down at someone at any moment and give orders.

Whether they talked behind her back or not while looking at her behavior, Princess Deborah took the test while sipping on the cup with Armand’s seal.

The result was even first place.

It was completely different from the past, when she was absent on the test day or was on the retest list every time.

‘How come she suddenly improved her grades like that? Did she sell her soul to the devil?’

Although her personality was still bad, when they saw the Princess’ performance improve dramatically, the students were curious.

About how she wrote a thesis that was good enough to be acknowledged by the 5th Princess, who was a genius, and even became the top student at the academy.

After that, on the day of the liberal arts test, the Princess also showed up with a cup and took the test.

Then, students began to wonder why she only drank that drink when there was a test.

“Because the teaching assistant comes in for the tests instead of the professor, there’s no one to be aware of.”

“You’re the one who isn’t aware. Is Princess Deborah someone who cares about the professors’ mood? She sent the professor of the Magic Department away without a trace.”

“… Hm. You’re right.”

“I think there’s something in that drink.”

“Isn’t she just drinking it because she’s thirsty?”

Even if they were confused, no one could hastily approach her as she was Princess Deborah.

An incident occurred while they were secretly paying attention.

“Aren’t you going to pull yourself together?”

A sharp voice, which seemed to pierce one’s ears, rang out on the academy campus.

As Princess Deborah revealed her poisonous temper after a long time, the students who were passing by stopped without realizing it.

‘Th-that’s scary.’

‘She’s even more savage because she’s angry.’

At Princess Deborah’s murderous expression, the students couldn’t help but offer their condolences to Margaret Luxell, who assisted her.

“Why are you spacing out? Put this away!”


The Princess couldn’t overcome her temper and violently threw the drink Margaret had brought to the floor.


As the scarlet tea splattered everywhere and if it were blood splattering, the Princess’ light purple skirt turned red.

“I a-apologize.”

“You apologize, is that all? Huh? I’m asking if that’s all!”

As she stepped on the paper cup with her high heels and crushed it mercilessly, the posture of the gentlemen, who recalled the incident of the eunuch of the western region, naturally turned polite.

“If you’ve been assisting me since the beginning of the semester, you should act on your own. Do I have to say everything?!”

Apparently, the Princess’ maid had bought the wrong drink.

At Princess Deborah’s interrogation, Margaret, the maid, bowed her head with a face that looked like she was about to cry and faint.

“I apologize.”

“There is a test right now, will you take responsibility if I don’t get first place?”

Princess Deborah snapped nervously as if she had started to care about her grades.

“I have to show my prestige to those who are unhappy about me being the top student!”

Some of them flinched and trembled.

Margaret hurriedly wiped her tears.

“Sob, I thought tea would be better for the Princess’ relaxation than the sweet caffè mocha…”

“How dare you make your own judgments!”

The Princess cut off Margaret’s words and opened her eyes even more fiercely.

“Do you think I’m doing this for nothing?! That caffè mocha was what I drank when I developed the form…!”

Princess Deborah was rambling with an angry face, then suddenly, she stopped talking.

‘What was she about to say?’

‘When she developed the formula?’

At that moment, instead of fear, curiosity flashed in the eyes of the spectators.

It was their desire to know the secret to the increase in her grades.

As if she had inadvertently revealed high-quality information, the Princess chewed on her lips and frowned roughly, raising even more curiosity.

“Correct it right now!”

Princess Deborah kicked the paper cup fiercely towards Margaret and disappeared with a quick stride.

Margaret took a deep breath, picked up the terribly crushed paper cup, and hurried towards the academy’s east gate.

It wasn’t until long after they disappeared that the students moved their hardened lips.

“She’s scary. I really don’t want to get involved with Princess Deborah.”

“She’s going to poison you for no reason.”

They parted ways while chatting half-heartedly.

The fact that the Princess had a bad temper was not important now.

They wanted to quickly confirm the high-quality information they accidentally obtained.

‘She clearly said caffè… mocha, right?’

Armand’s new menu must contain something that only the Seymour’s Princess knew about.

‘That’s why she brought a drink with her every time there was a test.’

Maybe it was a drink that had a special effect, like the super-aid the knights used.

‘Let’s go and see.’


‘Even if Margaret looks uncompromising, she’s surprisingly good at acting.’

The sweet caffè mocha. I couldn’t believe she added such a smooth there.

As an employer with a strategy, I did my best not to lose either.

The teaching assistant at the training school I saw on TV in my previous life, nicknamed The Viper, helped me a lot.

‘By now, the staff must be doing a good business selling caffè mocha to the students who flocked to Armand.’

They will explain that in the caffè mocha, there was a drink of wisdom called ‘coffee’, which the sages of the southern region drank.

It wasn’t wrong at all since the Duchy of Ferdin, where the coffee beans were produced, was located in the south, and some of its elite must have drunk coffee.

And they would also add that they brought the secret that the sages shared only among themselves.

‘Since that’s what I told them to say.’

It would be even more tempting since I mentioned that I had already used that ‘secret’ since studying the formulas

‘Aah. I’m sleepy.’

I was tired since I had studied hard recently to do well on the liberal arts test.

‘Though of course, this is nothing compared to the desperate effort to receive a scholarship in my previous life.’

If the coffee business went well, I could earn an income that was not comparable to a semester’s scholarship, but that was about it.

‘I should’ve glared in a scarier way. I failed my facial expressions because I was talking. It wasn’t awkward, was it?’

While I was sitting on a bench in the woods near the frat house, someone held out a handkerchief.

I raised my head at the white gloves I was used to seeing.

“Sir Isidor?”

When our eyes met, he smiled brightly.

“The handkerchief, why…”

“It’s stained. Do you want me to do it for you?”

Since I was acting so enthusiastically, I didn’t even notice that the red tea had gotten on my shoes.

Suddenly, he leaned down and wiped off the tip of my pointy shoes.

Heat rose to my neck at the sensation of lightly patting my feet.

I had no choice but to scream internally because I was appreciative of such active chivalry.

My vision was spinning. As I clenched my fists to regain my balance, Isidor was suddenly sitting next to me.

“Do you usually come here to rest?”

“I like it here because it’s quiet and calm. But o-of course, I like fancy things the most.”

“There is usually a calm darkness underneath the splendor.”

He said something strange, and I refuted it.

“The splendid swan paddles incessantly underneath the water. Can you say it’s calm?”

“Because you can’t hear anything underwater anyway.”

‘He’s right. The sound wave amplitude underwater is low, so you can’t hear well.’

His emerald eyes, looking at me with conviction, were very kind. As if he understood everything.

Strangely, I felt his gaze reaching somewhere around me.

“Ah, Princess. When would you like to see if my piano skills have increased?”

He changed the subject.

“Around next year or so?”

I made a joke, too.

“What? That makes me more determined. I’ll play all the songs that the Princess has taught me.”

He giggled.

After sitting next to each other for a while and uttering frivolous jokes, Isidor got up first, saying that he had something to do.

I rubbed my neck as the conversation made me somewhat feel distressed.

“Does he know anything about me by any chance?”

I tilted my head as I looked at the shoes that he had touched.


“Lady Margaret. Are you feeling well?”

Margaret looked at the ladies approaching her with a strange look.

They were the ladies who never spoke to her first, saying that she was boring and blunt and that she knew nothing but the law.

“I’m not.”

The ladies immediately approached her and sat down near the fountain as she lowered her eyes and muttered in a gloomy tone.

“Ugh, she still has that personality. This lady I know, when she was Princess Deborah’s maid, she even lost her hair due to unknown reasons.”

“Cheer up. I almost became the Princess’ maid last semester, so it’s not like Lady Margaret’s work is none of my business.”

Their eyes were twinkling as if they were trying to find out something.

Margaret sighed quietly under their gaze.

‘Princess Deborah. Just how many moves ahead have you predicted?’

How could these vile creatures not deviate the slightest from her master’s expectations?

Margaret couldn’t help but be astonished and surprised at the Princess’ big picture.


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