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Isn’t Being A Wicked Woman Much Better? – Chapter 82 Bahasa Indonesia

‘I don’t think making Princess Deborah’s clothes is as bad as I thought.’

Helen Zihto thought so inwardly, as she walked outside Duke Seymour’s mansion.

‘Of course, it’s scary.’

When Princess Deborah first ordered her to make her clothes, she felt the urge to defect to another country.

She actually secretly looked into how to leave by ship.

She still felt anxious, like she was walking on a single log bridge, every time she came to this lovely mansion.

However, apart from the gloomy feeling, after the big-handed Seymour family became a customer, she did not have to worry about the operating cost of the boutique anymore and she was able to make the dresses she usually designed as much as she wanted.

‘Realistically, it’s better than the nobles who postpone paying the balance.’

She thought the Princess only liked fancy things, but she also had a great eye and inspired Helen.

Last time, during the Spring Flower Festival, she was able to make a boldly designed purple dress because of the Princess’ instructions to focus only on the image of the person wearing it.

‘Working with a menswear designer was also a great experience.’

Thanks to this, she learned about different types of fabrics and stitching methods, and her perspective on clothes widened.

The last dress was a great challenge for Helen.

It was a dress made by thinking about clothes that genuinely suited the Princess, rather than chasing conventional customs and social trends.

When she was asked why she took on such a reckless challenge while being afraid of the Princess, she had nothing to say.

‘I must have been out of my mind.’

Helen rubbed her trembling chest with her hands.

‘Luckily, it seems like she liked it.’

Princess Deborah was the type of person that didn’t hold it in when she had a complaint.

If she didn’t like it, she would immediately point out that it was weird.

‘Wouldn’t it be alright to include one or two bold designs among ten? The Princess seems to like that too.’

She kept hearing the devil’s whisper in her ear.

“Haa, I can’t believe Princess Deborah is my muse…”

Although she was scary, when she saw her, she felt like she wanted to cry because she was insanely inspired.


“Princess, you are so beautiful.”

“You look like an elegant swan.”

“How can you look so urban?”

Today, without exception, I proudly flipped my hair amid the servant’s compliments, which came like a storm.

“Of course.”


My acting and audacity were increasing day by day.

After going down the stairs while wearing my new dress that contained Helen’s soul, I faced a neat-looking woman who was waiting for me in a straight position.

“Nice to meet you. As per the order of His Excellency the Duke of Seymour, I have come to assist the noble Princess starting today.”

In exchange for revealing the wicked nanny’s sin, the Duke gave her to me.

Finally, I have a maid too!

Two days ago.

Before the start of classes, my father called me.



He paused for a while and then opened his mouth.

“Thank you for what you did for the youngest one.”

I was surprised by the direct expression of gratitude, not the indirect connotation used by high-ranking aristocrats.

He thanked me.

It was something I didn’t hear even when I found the Duchess’ letter.

“I just did what I had to do as an older sister.”

I responded, bewildered.

“I heard that you gave private tutoring to the youngest one. And that you also made your own textbooks for children.”

“I’m raising him as my best disciple because he’s smart. Enrique likes to learn new things.”

“Enrique would be glad to hear that. He likes you and seems to follow you well.”

“He would probably prefer to take a walk in the flower garden with Father.”

I spoke with conviction.

“He seems to be having a hard time with me.”

The silver eyes of the mumbling Duke were filled with complex emotions. He seemed to regret it and blame himself.

I cautiously continued.

“Even though it may seem like a difficult issue right now, if you’re constantly thinking about it and trying, it will feel easier at some point. After all, won’t time solve it?”

“I see. I was too impatient. I’ve given you more useless complaints.”

“Don’t worry about it.”

“Why didn’t I know you were so thoughtful?”

He muttered quietly.

‘It’s not like that.’

As I recalled the event of secretly reselling the pink diamond, the Duke sipped his tea slowly and handed me some documents.

“This is my heart. Though I don’t know if you’ll like it.”

‘What is this?’

I flipped the paper over and tilted my head.

“I heard that you didn’t like any of the maid candidates to the point you walked around alone last semester, so I searched for one myself.”

At his words, I hastily raised my head.

I thought it would be better to not have anything than to have people that were like flies and only caused trouble as my maids.

In fact, I was thinking of going to the fall semester alone too…

“You also need a competent maid.”


I replied quickly.

In the case of Arin Oslot, the competent part was correct, but she was not suitable as a maid because she was a researcher.

The information she diligently gathered was mainly limited to events occurring within the magic department.

“Choose the young lady you want to have as your maid. All of them are reputable and verified talented ladies.”

I was surprised again when I looked at the documents with the information about the young ladies.

‘They’re Seymour’s vassals.’

It was symbolic for the head of the family to personally recommend the daughter of the family that served Seymour as a maid.

‘I was totally an outcast.’

Deborah, who had no popularity, was practically forbidden from utilizing Seymour’s human resources as she was constantly being vicious and had no ability at all.

‘So the maid also receives backing from external noble ladies.’

Compared to the Princess of the Serig family, who had a private soldier on top of a competent vassal, I was like a scarecrow.

The fact that my father, who didn’t let me put my hands on the people of the household, was offering me this suggestion, meant that he was going to bury the past and trust me from now on.

‘Who should I pick?’

I wanted to choose a lady that could keep secrets and was loyal.

Even if I roughly picked someone, it would be better than before.

Looking at the contents of the resume, I could feel that my father was very careful in selecting them.

“It’s something important to you, so take your time to think about it.”

“Thank you, Father.”

I went back to my room, carefully examined the documents, and headed to the Duke’s office the next afternoon.

“Did you decide?”

“Yes. The lady I chose is Margaret Luxell.”

The aide standing next to my father flinched as soon as I spoke.

The name of the aide who always helped Duke Seymour was Cleed Luxell.

Even when I made frequent visits with the Duchess’ letter, this has never leaked to the outside.

She was more trustworthy because she was the daughter of such an aide.

“What is the reason?”

“Because she’s the daughter of the person who is Father’s right arm and the most capable aide. She’s also the first lady that Father recommended.”

Being at the forefront of the resume had a lot of meaning.

And, the most decisive reason.

There was a character named Margaret Luxell in the novel.

‘I think I saw this name in the novel.’

At first, I was not sure where I saw it because she was a supporting role that appeared briefly in one or two lines.

However, as I read in the resume that she had a high level of loyalty towards the Seymour family and deep knowledge of the law, especially religious law, a scene flashed through my mind.

“In order for the charge of blasphemy to be established, the premise that Mia Vinoche is the incarnation of the Saint must be true. However, there is no material evidence to prove this, such as gravestones or sacred objects.”

There was a young lady who defended Deborah in the public trial.

“To accuse the Princess of the great Seymour family without evidence; something like this has never happened in 1000 years of history.”

A trial in which good and evil were evident, in which everyone supported Mia.

Besides, it wasn’t easy to side with Deborah when all the jury was bought and had reached a conclusion.

When I was a reader, I thought it was a simple setup to create tension; but now that I think about it, no one was loyal to Seymour except Margaret.

I approached Margaret, who was standing upright, recalling why I chose her as my maid.

“I look forward to your cooperation.”

I stood in front of the neat-looking lady, who had an appearance similar to the aide, and asked for a handshake.

Margaret blinked, a little surprised, then firmly held my hand.

“It’s an honor, Princess Deborah. Please take good care of me.”

That’s right. Let’s get along well from now on.


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