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Isn’t Being A Wicked Woman Much Better? – Chapter 8: Chapter 8 Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 8

The letter was completely different from what the Duke expected.

He naturally thought that Deborah had recited the poem on the stationery paper.

However, the length of the lines in the letter was not long enough to contain the poem Deborah had read.

‘Then why did you recite that poem out of the blue?’

Looking through the letter, in surprise and wonder, he soon burst into light laughter.

‘So, this was her intention.’

[Honey, I am reading a poem by Lanz Schubert. He is my favorite poet these days. (…)

[… I often close my eyes and imagine the subtle scent of white flowers.]

Deborah found a poem my wife had read at the time and recited it in front of me.

So that Marien could share the feelings and thoughts she had while writing this letter.

‘If I didn’t know the poem and saw this letter, I wouldn’t have been able to feel this way.’

Being thoughtful like this.

Soon, he felt sorry.

He only snapped at Deborah, who visited him with letters, asking if it was because of the diamond.

Blatantly signaling that she should quickly give the letters to him.

On the other hand, Deborah didn’t sleep, waited until late, and showed up with a letter when she wanted to rest the most.

The daughter’s words that she would be a connection between him and his wife were not empty.

It is the same now.

‘With only the clue in the letter, it must not have been easy to find the poem Marien read.’

In addition to having to read every poem to understand the contents, Lanz Schubert was also famous for being prolific.

‘I am indeed a narrow-minded father.’

The Duke, belatedly realizing his daughter’s subtle consideration, looked down at the letter for a long time, feeling indescribable.


“Why does Deborah keep coming in and out of Father’s office? He even released her from confinement.”

At Belreck’s question, his vassal bowed his head with a sorry look.

“The Duke’s servants are all secretive, so I cannot know the exact reason. It won’t look good if you snoop around too much.”

“And on Deborah’s side?”

“There is nothing special, other than the information that she recently bought a bunch of romance novels and poetry books that are popular among young ladies.”

No one could have imagined that there was such an important object in the flower bed because Deborah wrapped it in a long shawl and took it secretly.

They simply thought that Deborah, who is hot-tempered, was in trouble because she could not control her anger.

‘It’s annoying.’

Belreck crossed his legs, with an irritated expression.

A younger sister who stains her family name with her unfounded behavior, who does not know how to do anything, and acts arrogant because she is a direct descendant of Seymour.

In his eyes, which judge people based on their competencies, Deborah felt like an angled rock that had to be removed as soon as possible.

‘Far from getting better, it seems to be getting ridiculous.’

Aren’t you trying to spend your family’s fortune by begging for a ridiculously expensive jewel?

‘Okay, let us concede as much as we can. That’s exactly what that bastard would do.’

Deborah even damaged the flower garden their mother cared for.

The moment he heard the news, Belreck was convinced that his father would punish Deborah with incomparable punishment.

But, rather than punishment, rumors began to circulate about her enjoying tea time with their father.

When he saw Deborah coming out of their father’s office with a shameless face, Belreck felt his blood pressure rising.

Why is the bastard that was involved in a ridiculous accident walking around the mansion, looking unscathed?

And whatever the reason was, he couldn’t shake off the feeling that their father seemed to be particularly generous to Deborah.

He was more generous to Deborah, who is the least talented and capable, than to Rosad, who is more capable than anyone else.

‘I can’t understand my father. If I were the head of the family, something foolish and incompetent like that bastard wouldn’t even set foot in this house…’

With his dark and sunken eyes, lost in thought, Belreck suddenly had a fishy smile.

‘Well, you won’t be here for much longer anyway.’

The daughters of the Azutea Empire had to marry after reaching adulthood, and there was no exception.

Deborah could get married if she had her debut this Fall, so he was planning to push ahead with her engagement and send her to a distant place.

Even though he did not like Rosad, who was always getting in his way, because they were twins their mindset and behavior were horribly similar.

Rosad also wanted to kick Deborah out of Seymour as soon as possible.

The swift-handed Rosad had even picked a suitable candidate for Deborah’s husband.

Was it Louis Gargell?

‘I’m going to have to actively cooperate with that jerk Rosad this time.’

When she gets married, her surname will change, so the prestige of Seymour will no longer fluctuate up and down unfavorably.

In addition to that, they won’t have to face each other.

Belreck raised his thin lips, as that meant catching two birds with one stone.


‘What’s wrong with this guy again?’

After the morning class, I was rushing to the detached house to finish reading the romance novel when Belreck suddenly blocked my way.

“What is your business?”


I looked nervously at Belreck’s slender eyes.

Seeing goosebumps automatically appearing on her arms, Deborah seems to have hated Belreck’s insidious smile the most.

“You’re funny. We are not at the same level, what business should I have with you? I was on my way to see Father because of the research report. I am not as free as you are.”

Wow, look at the pretty words.

It is not surprising that the way I talk is so similar to my own flesh and blood in my past life.

“If you don’t have any business, you should go on your way instead of arguing with me. I’ll go my way, too.”

I suppressed my displeasure and spoke in the calmest tone possible.

Deborah lost her composure every time Belreck looked down on her and taunted her, and dug her own grave by venting her anger on her innocent subordinates.

‘It’s a waste of energy. I don’t want to get involved, so let’s ignore it.’

I tried to get past Belreck quickly, but he grabbed my arm lightly.

“Because you’re my younger sister, I will give you some advice.”

“I refuse.”

“If you did not want advice, you should have behaved properly. Even if I want to pretend I don’t have a younger sister and ignore you, because of you everything is so noisy, isn’t it?”

He squeezed my arm with his hand, narrowing his sharp eyes.

“I heard you’ve been making a fuss about jewelry these days. This brother can’t sleep because he worries every day about who will take you, who is greedy and frivolous.”

“You don’t need to worry about that, so let go.”

“I’m taking care of you, but I’m disappointed that you speak like that. You don’t have any magical talent, and your intelligence is low. You only have youth and looks so if I want to introduce you to a good guy because I’m worried about your future, shouldn’t you say thank you first?”

“What are you talking about?”

Don’t tell me you’re trying to arrange a meeting right now?

“Louis Gargell. You’ll be meeting soon, so keep that in mind.”

Louis Gargell?

‘That’s a familiar name.’

I suddenly remembered the contents of the novel. That cringy guy who used to annoy the heroine!

It was a supporting role, but it was memorable because his behavior was perverse, and his name was similar to Thompson Gargell.

‘He is crazy.’

I brushed his hand harshly and opened my eyes, fiercely.

He shrugged lightly, looking at me with a sneering face.

“You have to receive proper etiquette training again. I will help you personally, so you will be good enough not to disgrace yourself.”

The more she listened, the more ridiculous it was; but if she lost her composure and got upset, she would only get laughed at by Belreck.

How can a lady from a noble family not control her feelings?

With my fists clenched, I recalled the way my sister spoke and the tone she used to defend against nitpicking attacks from relatives in my past life.

“My Brother is not polite in any word he chooses. If he wants to get married, he will have to receive basic language education again.”

Receiving the same treatment, he looked at me with a sour smile and cold eyes.

“How dare you, a mere princess, try to be equal to me, the heir? You seem to think we’re in the same situation, but keep in mind that, in your current position, you should be thankful to me for finding a man from a good family for you to marry.”

“I never asked you to find one. This is a stretch of authority.”

“Deborah. If you had done a good job taking care of yourself at least once, I would not have taken action. Don’t you think?”

“I’ll take good care of myself from now on, so don’t interfere. If you are so worried about my life, give me money.”

“Ha! How are you going to take care of what you haven’t been able to do? Don’t tell me, are you still delusional that Philap Montez will accept you?”

‘This person is evil.’

She could not believe her opponent even dragged his younger sister’s unrequited love in.

Belreck’s mockery and verbal abuse continued.

“Wake up. What is the matter with Philap Montez that he will take you as his wife? It seems there is a girl he’s been really into these days, haven’t you heard the news?”

The woman he is into is Mia Vinoche.

“I am not interested in your news.”

“Hmph! Pretending to be strong. Or… Are you denying reality?”

He clicked his tongue, lightly.

“Realistically, because of your bad behavior, I won’t take you to a prestigious family that is at the same level as Seymour. Montez, Orgo, Visconti, all of them…”

“I’m not going to get married.”

His loud nagging stopped at my words.

His face, smooth as a marble, cracked.

“What, what did you say?”

Looking at his twitching, shallow mouth, I spoke.

“I’m not going to marry.”


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