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Isn’t Being A Wicked Woman Much Better? – Chapter 79 Bahasa Indonesia

“Y-young Master Enrique?”

The servants stared at me as if I were an abductor.

“I’ll take him with me for the time being.”

Since my father was currently in his land, of all times, I intended to stay with Enrique until he returned.

“I-I will prepare the clothes for the Young Master.”

While the servants were startled and taking care of Enrique, who got soaked in the rain, I asked them to bring me cake and hot tea.

After a while, Enrique, who came out with a dry and soft face, hesitated in front of me.

I narrowed my eyes as I watched Enrique move disorderly.



“Why are you suddenly shy? Last time you even drooled while sleeping peacefully. We have become closer.”


“I’m kidding. Sit here.”

After quickly telling Enrique to sit down, in case he ran away again, I gave him a fork.

“This is the most popular dessert these days from a shop called Armand.”

Enrique looked at me with a sulky face and then moved his lips.

“Thank you for the food.”

In the meantime, Enrique, who did not forget to politely express his thanks, started nibbling on the whipped cream cake.

Whether the sweet cake was to his taste, the movement of his hand gradually accelerated.

Then, Enrique’s pupils shook quickly as I tapped the only large strawberry with my fork.

‘Seems like he wants to eat it.’

Since it wasn’t currently strawberry season, freshly stored strawberries were not as common as in the spring.

‘Though, of course, nobles can eat them at any time they want.’

Unlike Deborah, who had to get what she wanted, Enrique did not seem to actively express what he liked.

‘He must have only eaten what he was given.’

Receiving Enrique’s tired gaze, I picked up the strawberry as if teasing him.

“Say ‘ah’.”


Putting the strawberry in Enrique’s mouth as he looked at me with a suspicious expression, his eyes widened.

Enrique chewed it as his chubby cheeks turned red.

As I felt a little relieved after giving up the strawberry, I quickly took the next step.

“Enrique, do you like chess? Or card games?”

There are not many things that can shake off an awkward atmosphere as quickly as a game.

Enrique took a sip of the orange juice and opened his mouth.

“Hmhm. Chess.”

Soon, Enrique and I were sitting opposite each other with a chessboard in the middle.

For the sake of my younger brother’s mood, I decided that I should play the game appropriately while turning a blind eye to him, but I soon changed my mind.

‘Why is he so good?’

Although I did think that Enrique’s numeracy was extraordinary throughout our classes, he had a very good head.


Enrique’s pawn, which had reached the final row while I was being careless and was promoted, approached my king.

“Seems like Enrique won.”

Enrique’s big eyes curved slightly. He couldn’t openly jump around because he was conscious of his teacher, so he rejoiced with his hand covering his mouth.

“Amazing. I will take you as my chess teacher.”

“You didn’t turn a blind eye to me as your disciple, right?”

“Of course not. I will definitely win the next round.”

As I challenged Enrique, a chess prodigy, and miserably lost 3 games, I played a card flipping game to redeem myself.

‘I messed up.’

I couldn’t win a single game because he had such a good memory.

‘What is he?’

In the end, I took out the Jenga, not as a showdown but as a last resort.

Enrique, who had carefully pulled out a stick with his chubby hand, grabbed his head as the Jenga crumbled down.

“This is too difficult!”

“Ohh, is it difficult?”

“Don’t make fun of me!”

“It’s because you’re cool. Cool.”


I tousled Enrique’s hair, who had a stubborn expression.

Enrique glared at me coldly, then stared at the Jenga sticks that had fallen to the floor.

“Do you want to do it again?”

Enrique’s feet swayed back and forth as he nodded.

“Yes. Do it again.”

“Alright. You start.”

I played Jenga with Enrique for a while, and then told the servants to prepare dinner.

Enrique had no appetite and barely ate.

As it became dark outside after dinner, Enrique looked at the landscape of the darkened flower garden outside the window with a pale face.



“You know I’m the strongest and scariest in this house, right?”


“Because there is a teacher who is strong and good at fighting, the disciple does not have to worry about anything. Do you understand?”

Enrique pressed his lips tightly, perhaps because I sounded funny like an old man.

“My disciple. Why don’t we play chess?”


For some reason, he didn’t seem inclined to it. If he wanted to, his silver eyes would sparkle like a cat who saw a snack.

“Then, shall we read a book together?”

I entered the study with Enrique, who gave a small nod, and turned on the warm-colored lighting sphere that created a cozy atmosphere.

Enrique took a close look at the bookshelf listing the romance novels.

I quickly pulled out a poetry book from the top.

“This is the collection of poems that Mother read in the past. She liked literature and poetry quite a bit.”


Enrique’s big eyes shook quickly.

“I’ll read it to you. Sit down.”



Enrique settled down on the study sofa first, then looked up at me with a shy look.

Enrique’s face looked even more reddish because of the warm color lighting.


Taking a seat next to Enrique, I cleared my throat and started reciting the poems.

Enrique listened, concentrating as he did when he was in class.

However, by the time I had read more than half of the poems, he had fallen asleep with his head leaning against my shoulder.

‘He’s sleeping.’

The sound of the rain, which sounded like firewood, constantly tapped in my ears.

Offering my shoulder to Enrique, who was sleeping like a log, I spent some time with my eyes open.


The next morning.

As soon as my father returned from his land, he immediately called me.

Duke Seymour’s expression was not good, as if he had heard right away that I had given Madame Carryl a bald patch.

Most nannies from high-ranking noble families had good origins.

Even if I was the Seymour’s Princess, I knew I would offend him because my persecution of Madame Carryl crossed the line.

In addition, Enrique’s nanny was Duke Seymour’s second cousin.

She was an indirect relative of Seymour.

‘He couldn’t have doubted her because he believed in their blood ties and because she was someone close.’

Madame Carryl had a good reputation, and even Enrique’s maid, whom I bought off, thought she was motivated to take care of Enrique.

As Duke Seymour was cold and inattentive to his children, he seemed to think that a nanny with a strong and aggressive side was a good fit for Enrique.

‘She’s no different from a psychopath. She’s meticulous, so she’s even creepier…’

“Deborah. Why did you do this?”

Surprisingly, instead of being angry, Duke Seymour asked in a serious voice.

He seemed to think there must be a reason for my actions. If it were in the past, he would’ve been angry from the moment I stepped in; however, the Duke’s attitude towards me had changed a lot.

I looked straight at him.

“Actually, I should have made her whole head bald, so I regret not being able to do more. If Father doesn’t do it, I will definitely punish that nanny.”

I pulled out the magic stone with the recording function.

It contained the words that the nanny had uttered as she lost her mind and rushed around because of Enrique, who was out of her control.

That day, I went to the separate building in case Enrique was sick because he didn’t appear for my tutoring, and I found the nanny and Enrique confronting each other in the rain.

If Enrique hadn’t tried to find me in the library while making his way through the heavy rain, it wouldn’t have been easy to make the Duke understand without evidence.

I would have to fight Madam Carryl for the truth.

“You were born with your mother’s life.”

“The Lady’s death anniversary is coming up so the Lord will be sad; if you don’t want him to hate you…”

Madame Carryl’s brutal voice came from the magic stone mixed with the crackling noise from the rain.

Suddenly, the temperature on all sides went down one level, to the point I got goosebumps on my arms.

When the Duke heard the recording, his eyes glowed sharply, and he got furious.

It was not until today that I realized that what made me angry on the first day of the possession was that I had been too generous.

The Duke, whose expression was cold enough to sink the hearts of those looking at him, rose from his seat, giving off a dreary atmosphere like a poisonous sea serpent.


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