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Isn’t Being A Wicked Woman Much Better? – Chapter 77 Bahasa Indonesia


I looked for a long time at the view of the townhouse, which had turned foggy due to the rain.

There was no rainy season because of the Mediterranean climate, but the rain continued to pour for several days.

The mansion felt heavy, perhaps because Duke Seymour had recently left due to a matter that happened in his land.

Recently, the situation in the eastern territories was unusual.

While tracking the whereabouts of the Chief of the barbarians, a wave of monsters suddenly appeared.

Rosad’s return to the capital was also delayed.

‘This part, I think I saw it in the novel.’

The cause of the sudden monster wave was a rift in the Eastern Barrier.

Because of a poisonous monster, the monster colony was forced to move east, as if running away.

Currently, Rosad was defending the land from the monsters that had invaded it, and the Duke was constantly using the gate to move between the capital and the land to sort out the agitated atmosphere.

‘A rift in the barrier.’

The setting of a rift in the goddess’ barrier and a monster emerging from it gave the opportunity for Mia Vinoche, who possessed a divine power, to come out on stage and play an active part; but to me, it was only dangerous.

‘Why would something like that happen?’

It is unlikely that it was simply a set up to make the heroine stand out.


I couldn’t even guess, so I sighed.

‘Why did I touch an unfinished novel, of all things?’

After looking down at the deep green flower garden while pressing on my temples, I stopped thinking about the unanswered question and headed to Armand.

After getting out of the carriage, I put the escort at the front door and pulled a key out of my robe.

It was a key that only the core members of the business shared.

When I opened the small side door behind the store and waved the bellpull, the manager of Armand hurriedly appeared.

In the basement, there were two rooms, one had a teleportation circle connected to Blancia, and the other was my lab and office.

“How is the situation at Naria? Are they getting properly ruined?”

I pressed down the robe and asked slyly.

“They believed in the fake recipe unwaveringly. I heard rumors that they had bought an expensive medicinal herb to make the ionic drinks.”

I laughed at them inwardly.

No matter how much they infuse the medicinal herb, they won’t be able to make an ionic drink.

Money, time, and manpower; they will lose those three things while hanging on to the scheduled failure and going through all kinds of trial and error.

This is why people should be kind-hearted.

‘By the way, our sales have gone down a lot.’

The rain kept pouring for the past few days, as if there was a hole in the sky, and the sales graph that was kicking through the roof had a sharp curve.

‘What should I do?’

Seems like the bad weather will continue.


I opened my mouth at the thought that came to my mind.

“Manager. Let’s make a menu called 〈Tea of the Day〉.”

“Tea of the Day?”

I explained it in detail to the manager, who had a puzzled look on his face.

“We’re introducing our customers to a new and special tea that fits the weather and atmosphere of the day. So that they can think of our store when the weather changes.”

“Ahh, I see.”

“I heard that the set menu sells well to busy wizards and bureaucrats who don’t want to think about what to have. In a similar way, the 〈Tea of the Day〉 will have a similar effect on regular customers who are tired of the traditional menu but are too lazy to think about what to have.”

And another thing, the 〈Tea of the Day〉 had the effect of using up all the stock.

The popular tea leaves preferred by customers are always expensive, even though the quality is poor.

The 〈Tea of the Day〉 makes it easier to sell less recognizable tea leaves to customers.

However, I have to use fresh and high-quality tea leaves so that the customer will be happy to take on the risk.

The manager reverently wrote down my words, without missing a single thing.

At some point, the manager, who was doubtful of me because I looked young at first glance and had a suspicious appearance for wearing a robe, began to support me like a god of business, perhaps because of the amazing sales trend.

“Oh, and today, brew tea leaves with a strong scent so that they permeate the entire shop, as urgent as it is.”

Because there are many water droplets in the air on humid days, the scent sticks better to the nose and the diffusion speed is slower.

It means that rainy days are better days for savoring the tea scent.

The good scent also had a nerve-stabilizing effect.

I wanted to make the people who entered the shop after passing through the rain feel quiet and relaxed.

New menus and events are important, but in the end, the catering industry was a regular business.

It was important to make a good impression and make them look for it again next time, so I was paying a lot of attention to the atmosphere and cleanliness of the shop, even though the labor cost was high.

“I will proceed as directed.”

“What is the situation for the autumn season menu?”

“The development is coming to an end.”

He handed me a piece of paper.

“What is this?”

“The promotional phrases for the next season’s menu poster and banner.”

I scanned through the paper and clicked my tongue inwardly.

‘The phrases are too honest?’

The people here have no skills whatsoever to mislead customers.

They could add a moderate exaggeration, but they were so naive and complacent that I often sighed.

‘Well, maybe the previous world was too fiery.’

“Give me a quill.”


I dipped it in red ink and edited all the phrases before getting up from my seat.

“Madam. Is this true?”

“Well, what do you think? There’s no way they can verify the authenticity. Isn’t it enough if the customer is happy?”

“… I see.

They don’t have a way to check it.”

I ignored the way the manager looked at me, as if I were a thug, and got up from my seat.

Going up the basement stairs and passing through the back door of the shop, I walked to the front door and took the carriage to a large toy store in the Yones District.

To buy Enrique’s gift.

‘I can’t believe it was his birthday.’

As soon as I heard that Enrique’s birthday was coming, I was thrilled.

If I hadn’t threatened a maid working at Enrique’s house, I would have just skipped it without giving him any gift.


As I had gotten a bad feeling about the nanny named Carryl, I threatened one of the maids who had worked at Enrique’s house for a long time.

As I smoothly said information about the maid’s family, the maid trembled and disclosed everything, perhaps because she thought I would harm them.

“Enrique doesn’t seem well these days. Is he sick?”

At my question, the maid bowed her head with a pale face.

“It’s probably because he is receiving a lot of private tutoring.”

“But it’s not like the amount of study has doubled all of a sudden.”

“Ah! Then, I think he wasn’t in a good condition because he doesn’t eat a lot around this time of the year.”


“The Young Master was born prematurely and had a great illness when he was a newborn. Madame Carryl said that the after-effects could still be impacting him. In fact, after this period, he got better quickly.”

‘This is nonsense…’

It was ridiculous to believe that such nonsense was real.

“So, Enrique is in a bad condition around this time every year?”

“Yes. Princess.”

Suddenly, he wasn’t eating well.

He was always nervous in front of me, so if he suddenly falls asleep in class, it means that he has insomnia.

From my perspective, it was a typical stressful condition. It was similar to depressive symptoms.

Suddenly, one guess flashed through my head, and I frowned.

“No way.”

The vast majority of children are only looking forward to their birthdays, so being stressed at this time means that Enrique is negatively thinking about his birthday…

At that time, a small fragment of memory came to my mind.

On his birthday.

Looking at her younger brother, who was expressionless rather than being delighted for receiving a lot of expensive gifts from his direct family and relatives, Deborah secretly hated Enrique, saying he was like a precocious child.

It was also the year in which Enrique entered 2 clubs at a young age with his extraordinary talent.

Deborah, who had no sensitivity at all, glared at the child with a strong sense of inferiority.

At that moment, in the middle of the meal, Enrique suddenly disappeared.

Amid the agitation, Deborah slid out of her seat. She did not like her relatives very much.


The child who came out of the party room was throwing up on the lawn.

With a very pained face.

“Young Master. What if you worry everyone on your birthday, coming out like that in the middle of the meal? The Duke will be disappointed after preparing such a big party.”

I suddenly realized what the incompatibility I felt from the nanny and the uneasy feeling I had while tutoring him was.


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