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Isn’t Being A Wicked Woman Much Better? – Chapter 75 Bahasa Indonesia

As soon as Belreck saw Deborah approaching him, he instinctively shook his shoulders.

‘I can’t believe I’m afraid of my sister.’

But he had many weaknesses, so he couldn’t help it.

There was one more troublesome thing that had happened.


Belreck, who had recently been confined in the Wizardry Association to prepare artifacts for the exhibition, stopped by the Seymour Library after a long time and realized that the internal material classification system had changed dramatically.

“A book catalog card box? Who brought this in? Could it be that you came up with this?”

He hoped it wasn’t, but the young lady, who was supposedly brought in by Deborah, answered so brightly that he felt bad.

“Princess Deborah!”

For some reason, he felt a chill sweeping across his back.

As he was walking near the townhouse flower garden, swallowing the ominous feeling that he seemed to have caused trouble, he encountered his viper-like sister.

‘No wonder I didn’t want to come home recently.’

“Make this for me.”

Deborah approached him with a brazen face and gave him a blueprint.

This time, she drew a bizarre magic tool that has a function of applying heat to the bottom at the same time as high-speed rotation.

It gave him goosebumps because it was such a detailed drawing that he could even roughly guess its function.

Her understanding of the mechanics was so high that he secretly wanted to entrust her with the blueprints for offensive magic tools.

“Deborah, what are you doing with these magic tools? Seymour can only cover up the lower nobility. More than that and you too can be brought to trial.”

“It’s nothing like that.”

Deborah mumbled in a bitter voice.

“What do you mean, nothing like that! From what I can see, it’s a magic tool that uses heated venom to secretly spread poisonous gas!”

In addition to the poisonous gas, by adding a magic missile function to such a machine, it would seem to be quite threatening as a military weapon.

“You are suspicious of me and slandering me again.”

“Don’t you look suspicious? How dare you give Seymour’s successor, and your noble older brother, a slave contract with poison clauses. Hey, you con artist!”

Every time Belreck remembered the contract written in tiny letters, his anger flared up and he even woke up from his sleep.

It was the first time he had seen a contract like that.


Deborah raised the corners of her lips with a strange look.

“Who is my older brother?”


“You decided to call me older sister.”

In that moment, the nonsense that had come out of his mouth flashed through his mind.

This was the identity of the goosebumps he felt earlier.

Deborah tapped the recording function artifact as if she had been waiting, and there was a 10-minute-long conversation recorded in there that he wanted to erase.

“What if I prove that I’m not bluffing?”

“Ha! I will personally call you my older sister Deborah.”

“This is n-nonsense.”

Taken aback by the stark evidence, Belreck’s voice cracked roughly.

“You promised to call me older sister if I solved the librarian problem properly. How could I overlook an important remark like that?”

“I-I can’t believe you recorded a slip of the tongue I made in a fit of anger! Can you really say that you are a noble lady with dignity?”

Belreck spoke with a pale face and tried to quickly steal the magic stone in Deborah’s hand.

But her motor reflexes were so good that she quickly stepped back.

“Sorry, but even if you break this, I have various copies in my hands. I have a lot of magic artifacts like this.”

“You crazy…”

“If you make it according to the blueprint, you won’t need to call me ‘older sister’, so don’t worry.”

Deborah narrowed her eyes like a snake.

“Of course, if you are mean to my vassal, I may change my mind.”

Pretending to be concerned about her vassal and naturally intimidating him.

Belreck trembled at Deborah’s meticulous attention to detail.

“What kind of evil demon…”

“If I really were a demon, I would have sold this audio recording to brother Rosad for a very high price. So let’s just leave it as a villain.”

‘Sell it to Rosad?’

He didn’t even think about it until that moment, so he felt a chill in his spine.

Rosad, who has a bad personality, would probably roll around laughing as soon as he heard his recorded voice.

Although Belreck was born later than Rosad by a slight difference, he did not call him ‘older brother’ even if he was happy.

When the issue of titles came up, entangled with pride, he hurriedly changed his stance.

“Deborah. Actually, I enjoy making artifacts the most in the world. Just leave it to me. I’ll make it as fast as possible.”

“I will come often to see the progress. The design of the central part of the drawing is not perfect. Well then, have a good day.”

Deborah patted him on the shoulder as if she was treating him like a younger brother, and then left abruptly.

After being left alone, Belreck, who was so frustrated that he couldn’t speak up his mind, pounded his chest and ripped off his hair.

To get out of this terrible situation, he had to marry Deborah off as soon as possible, but he could not come up with a wizard that was good enough to satisfy his father.

If he brings an absurd guy, he might be kicked out of the house…

No, is there even a man in the first place who will marry his younger sister, who threatens the honorable Prince of Visconti?

He pressed his temples with a very dark expression on his face.



After confronting Belreck, I was exhausted.

Although my abilities are on the level of a swindler, he wasn’t usually difficult to deal with.

To get anything done, I have to quarrel with him for more than ten minutes.

Because he hated it, as if he were a person who took part in a crime.

The result is the same anyway, so why does Belreck always repeat this meaningless rebellion?

‘I think the youngest is a lot more mature than the second son of this family.’

Though Enrique is too precocious.

‘I didn’t expect him to treat me with respect like an actual teacher.’

“Thank you for taking the time to teach me.”

“Thank you for the great teaching. Sister.”

His mature tone of voice made me feel like I had become an old grandpa for some reason.

I wanted to get closer to him, so I made up an appropriate excuse. It felt like it was constantly flowing in a different direction from my intentions.

‘Huh? It’s Enrique.’

Speaking of the devil, I saw Enrique in the distance.

A warm breeze blew through the boy’s silver hair.

Although the flower arrangement in August was exceptionally colorful, Enrique, standing upright like a doll in front of the roses in full bloom, looked achromatic for some reason.

Enrique, who had a face as pale as a blank piece of paper, quickly slipped through the bushes and disappeared towards the separate building.

‘What was that? He just looked very depressed.’

I frowned as my eyes caught the small figure carrying a large luggage.


“I heard that although you ranked 1st, there is not much difference from 2nd place compared to last semester. Young Master.”

“This is a tutor who is famous in the capital, which Duke Seymour has specially assigned for you. The sons of other families are not even given this opportunity. You have to work harder so as not to disappoint the Lord and not to be hated.”

As the nanny, Madame Carryl said, he knew he had to work hard and make an effort, but Enrique didn’t want to lift a finger.

Summer was the child’s Achilles’ heel.

He felt as if the heat was mercilessly pressing down on his shoulders.

Especially in August, his body became heavy as if he was wearing water-soaked padded clothes.

‘I’m tired.’

Enrique, who was solving a mountain of homework left by his tutor, looked down at the tapestry of the heroic narrative with a blank expression on his face.

‘I have to finish the homework.’

His body continued to droop.

Every night Enrique had the unpleasant dream that he was sinking into a black swamp.

The snake tied up his legs so he couldn’t even kick his feet.

After waking up from the nightmare, Enrique could not fall asleep again due to fear, so he tossed and turned for a while, with his eyes open.

His physical strength was weak since he was a child; but without being able to sleep properly at night, he had no choice but to be lethargic during the day.

Enrique, who traced the viper that was about to devour the tapestry hero with an empty expression in his eyes, got up with a sudden thought.

It was because of the person that immediately comes to mind when you think of a viper.

His mind was dazed, but he suddenly came to his senses.

‘Today was Sister Deborah’s tutoring day!’

The moment he remembered the fact he had forgotten, he felt a chill in his spine.


They had promised.

In return for her teaching him, they decided to go to the library at this time every week.

“Young Master! Are you going to the library again to read books? Did you finish your homework for today?”

The nanny called him with a stern face, but Enrique did not respond and rushed out of the separate building, running to the library.


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