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Isn’t Being A Wicked Woman Much Better? – Chapter 59 Bahasa Indonesia

During the summer vacation of my second year of college, I worked part-time as a librarian, so I was well aware of how to organize materials.

As my explanation continued, Arin’s eyes widened.

“By marking the number and book information on the card like this and classifying them by author, title, and subject, it will be really fast to find a book.”

She let out an exclamation.

“You understand quickly.”

I drew a ring on the paper that could be opened and closed. It was the ring used in the Kumon study materials.

“After punching a hole in the index card, you can use this ring to freely insert and remove the card. As the number of books continues to grow, it becomes easier to manage the catalog.”

Perhaps there was no ring binding method here.

Since Arin had such a surprised expression.

“It’s so brilliant! It would make managing the book catalog a lot easier.”

“As long as this index is well introduced into the Seymour library, you will probably be recognized for your skills. I’ll ask my father to lend me the manpower.”

“Thank you! I’ll try my best.”

“It’s not urgent, so work on it slowly when you have time.”

“I think it will be fun.”

‘She’s very sincere. In my case, I am forced to live my life faithfully because of 10 billion won.’

“Then, good luck.”

Looking at her, who had a strong enthusiasm, I picked up the basic formula theory book and headed to the second floor.

I might have to refer to other books, so I decided to work in the library.

As I walked up to the second floor of the library, I saw Enrique reading a book, basking in the sunlight coming through the window.

I pointed my eyes at him right away.

‘He’s so cute.’

As I saw him swaying his legs slightly under the chair in a good mood, I felt dizzy. He was like a kitten waving its tail softly under the warm sun.

Feeling my presence, Enrique widened his eyes.


After a moment’s hesitation, I carefully greeted him.

Enrique slowly blinked his big eyes and nodded his head.

Fortunately, he didn’t run away with a blushing face like last time.

However, if I suddenly approached him while saying how cute he is, he would open his eyes fiercely and be wary, so I deliberately sat far away.

Pretending not to be interested in Enrique, I took my notebook out of my bag and rummaged through the formula book.

‘Ah, I’m going crazy because I don’t want to work.’

In order to secure a larger customer base for monthly payments, I was planning to publish a textbook with easy-to-understand equations that even children could understand.

Thinking about the astronomical royalties that the author of [The Art of Mathematics] must have earned, I couldn’t stand still.

After secretly spreading rumors that my formula book is helpful for children’s intellectual development, I will sell it even to aristocrats who aren’t wizards. Hehe.

As I was contemplating making money in various ways, I rested my chin on my hand and let out a short sigh.

Why can’t I go out and play in this nice weather when I’m so rich?

Swearing that after I buy that damn title, I will live my life without even lifting a finger, I felt a stinging gaze on my cheek as I was writing a draft and lifted my head.

Enrique, who was staring at my notebook, suddenly swallowed a gasp and hurriedly put his head on his book.

‘Oh? Is he interested in formulas?’



As if quite startled by me calling him, the child suddenly began to hiccup.

“Hick! Hi-hick!”

With tears dangling from his eyes, Enrique covered his mouth with both hands, but it was not enough.

I reached out my hand and gently rubbed his trembling little back, but the hiccups showed no sign of abating.

On the contrary, his earlobes and cheeks were only getting redder as if he was embarrassed.

He eventually waved the bellpull and asked a servant to bring water.

After taking a sip of water, Enrique took a deep breath.

“Are you alright?”

Instead of replying, the child jumped up from his seat holding the book so tightly that his fingertips turned white.

He was in a posture to start running away, so I quickly grabbed Enrique’s collar and lifted him up.

The small body in my arms fluttered wildly like a living fish.

Of course, I didn’t even budge because I was so strong.

“Let go!”

“Enrique. By any chance, are you interested in the formula I devised?”

The violent movements began to subside a little, as if he could not deny it.

“If you are curious, I will explain it to you.”

“… Why?”

Enrique’s large eyes filled with doubt and uneasiness.

If I pretended to be nice at this point, it would only make his suspicion bigger, so I thought about it for a while and then opened my mouth.

“My achievements should be known by more wizards. It will spread my greatness and genius throughout the Empire.”

As I murmured like a villain with eighth-grade syndrome, Enrique opened his mouth slightly with a bewildered face.

“So, sit here.”

I smiled and patted the seat next to me.

The boy rolled his eyes and slowly sat down.

‘He’s so nice.’

I started the class by suppressing the urge to stroke his round head.

Enrique, who had been doubting my authenticity the whole time while glancing at me with narrowed eyes, showed his concentration when I started tutoring him.

Usually, children at this age are distracted and noisy, making it difficult to teach, but Enrique was the exact opposite.

“Tell me if it is difficult. I will explain it easier for you. All right, Enrique?”


Enrique’s cheeks turned slightly red, and he answered in a sluggish voice.


Enrique wasn’t the type to actively ask questions even if he didn’t understand, so after explaining the concept, I came up with a few easy problems and presented them to him.

“Do you want to try and solve this?”

Enrique, who crookedly filled in the answers while wiggling his small hand, swallowed dry with a nervous expression as soon as I took the question paper.

“It must have been difficult, but he did not give up and solved it all. That’s great.”

I muttered as if talking to myself before grading the problems.

I heard that complimenting a child for the result rather than the process is not good because it puts pressure on them to do better next time.

Praising them with an intention is even worse.

“Do-hee, you’re a nice girl so play with your little brother while mommy is out. Alright?”

“Do-hee, you’re the kindest, so you have to give it up for your sister.”

At first, I thought it was good because my parents’ words sounded like compliments, but as time went on, they became a burden and hindered my freedom.

After grading the questions while immersed in reminiscence, I returned the question paper with full marks to Enrique.

And without saying anything, I went straight to the next part.

Unlike before, Enrique couldn’t concentrate and fiddled with the question paper.

“Are you tired?”

“N-no. I’ll do more.”

Enrique shook his head hurriedly.

“Then let’s do just ten more minutes.”

He has excellent concentration and is smart but is also a small child, so I finished tutoring at an appropriate time.

“Let’s end it here today. My teachings are so good that it is a pity to finish it so soon, but we will progress more next time.”


‘Got you.’

I baited him a ‘next time’, but seeing as he took it so quickly, his alertness must have certainly lowered.

Either that or he is that much interested in magic.

“Let’s meet again at this time next week. Even if it’s not exactly next week, you can always tell my attendant to make an appointment. I am busy and venerable, but I spare no time for education.”

“… Yes.”

Enrique murmured with a hint of hesitation somewhere, perhaps because I was praising myself too much.

“Ahem! I’m slightly hungry, so I’m going to eat a sweet and delicious chocolate cake at the flower garden.”

Please take the bait again this time. It’s chocolate. Choco.

“Then, I will leave now, Sister. Thank you for your valuable teachings.”

However, Enrique politely greeted me and went out of the library with the books and question papers by his side.

‘Are you really going?’

He’s like a cat that only shows interest in what it likes, and then leaves as if there’s nothing special to do when the snacks run out.

‘Does it make sense for a young child to be so unresponsive to chocolate?’

Does he hate sweets like my father?

‘… Does he like strawberries more?’

I was in shock and belatedly came to my senses.

Now that we have a common interest, we will have the opportunity to get a little closer in the future.

‘As expected of the Seymour men, not a single one of them is easy.’

Belreck, that bastard, you don’t know how much of a fuss he makes.

It’s not enough to delay the production deadline for the kitchenware day after day, he also goes on about a scam contract whenever he has time.

‘Besides, he also tormented Arin, my only vassal.’

Let’s wait and see.

I came out of the library with glaring eyes.

And that evening, I went to the Duke of Seymour and handed him a brief report on the organization of library materials.

“What do you think? Father.”

“You can proceed. You are better than the academy librarian.”

The Duke looked at the report and gave praise, and then suddenly narrowed his eyes.

“But this seems like a tricky and time-consuming task, Deborah, you don’t want to do it yourself, do you?”

“You only need to hire more manpower for my vassal to lead. I’m sure she is going to do well because I’ve personally selected a talented person.”

A faint smile suddenly appeared on the Duke’s lips, and then disappeared.

Noticing that he was in a good mood, I quickly made the request.

“Father. Organizing materials is a cumbersome and difficult task, so if my vassal completes it successfully, I would like you to hire her as an official librarian.”

“Of course. You said she is excellent, so I believe she will do well even if she looks young.”


“By the way, you’ve been looking busier lately.”

I had asked the Duke the other day to give me 40 million won while boasting that I would do business, but I did not report on the progress after that.

And it seemed that the Duke of Seymour had no idea that I was really going to get into commerce.

‘So let’s just not say anything.’

Business is not a preferred occupation for the aristocrats, but doing well is.

It seemed better to disclose it when the business was on track to success and profits weren’t negligible.

“I’m busy preparing for the seminar.”

I answered belatedly.

“Ahah, I heard that this time, you were invited to a seminar attended by senior rank officials from the Wizardry Association. It seems that you are mentioned more often in the magic world than me these days.”

Seeing the Duke secretly proud, I spoke even more brazenly.

“I am very busy since I plan to announce a new formula soon to meet the expectations of the wizards.”

Since it was summer, I was thinking that I might as well increase the monthly fee.


‘It will be better to do it after the store opens and I’m a bit more relaxed.’

I glanced at the calendar and muttered.


The D-day for the store opening was already approaching.


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