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Isn’t Being A Wicked Woman Much Better? – Chapter 51 Bahasa Indonesia

In the novel, Diera Orgo, who had a noble and just personality, was never a character with a desire for worldly possessions.

The description of him being respected by knights because he was a single-minded man who knows nothing but training and swords appeared several times in the novel.

If Diera were to receive an item from someone, it must have been something he was really interested in or needed.

‘Given Diera’s personality, there is no way he would have received such a crude thing like a pot or a bracelet.’

At the age of twenty, he took the position of deputy commander of the Knights; and the only thing that a genius called a swordmaster is interested in is-!


Only that.

By chance, there was an old rusty iron sword lying on the table.

‘Seems like that sword is the grand prize?’

Please, let the price be a little lower.

And no competitors.

Feeling the great energy of the universe, I prayed and waited for the sword to come out; and shortly after, the host picked up the object.

“Now now, attention, please! This is the bastard sword that the Dark Knight, the Berserker of the Demon Realm carried. Look at the top of the handle, with skull ornaments! Can’t you feel goosebumps? It starts at 50 gold.”

‘But how do you hatch a cute holy turtle beast with such a savage iron sword?’

“50 gold.”

Does it make sense?

I felt uneasy for a moment, but I quickly raised my stake.

“100 gold.”

“100 gold! The wonderful woman here doubled it right away!”

I even called it in a high voice.

The man who was going to win the bid for the sword with 50 gold gave me, who was feeling unsure, great confidence.

‘I got lucky.’

Surprisingly, at first glance, a black horse could be seen engraved on the sword handle on the man’s waist.

A black horse.

The seal of the Black Knights.

And Diera is the deputy commander of the Black Knights, one of the four great knights of the Empire.

It was clear that that man had gifted the sword that he bid on today to Diera.

“110 gold.”

As if he were aiming for the sword from the beginning, the man, who seemed to be a close associate of Diera, did not back down and raised the price.

“220 gold.”


However, I showed my determination to unconditionally double the price, and the man kept his mouth shut with a hardened face.

I paid the money right away, and the old bastard sword, which was supposed to be a jackpot item, came into my arms.

‘Judging only from its shape, it seems to be very far from a hatching item.’

Hopefully, this won’t break the egg and kill it. I will have to do some research.

Once my intended purpose was fulfilled, I started watching the auction purely for fun.

Dragon scales, devil’s horns, and even earrings containing the soul of the ancient empress.

All sorts of objects that incite consumption kept popping up.

‘He’s really good at enticing people.’

I, too, wanted to wear the earrings that contained the soul of the ancient empire’s empress out of curiosity.

‘If only it didn’t go over 400 gold.’

While the inside of the auction house was getting hotter, the host suddenly raised an old book.

“Everyone! This ancient document is an ancient sage’s ethics book that contains wisdom and lessons of life. The starting price is at 60 gold.”


The atmosphere suddenly became solemn as if it had been hit by cold water.


It was a very remote topic for a crowd like me who flocked to the speculative auction house hoping for good luck.

‘It’s even terribly expensive.’

“60 gold.”

In the end, only one person participated in the auction.

The owner of the ethics book was a tall man in a shiny white robe.

Even the sharp jawline that was revealed at first glance under the robe was enough to show his intense handsomeness.

‘As expected, the ethical mind is embedded in the right vessel.’

Then, when I was slowly nodding my head, in secret admiration. The man who had acquired the sage’s ethics book suddenly walked towards me, slowly.

‘What is it?’

“I’m seeing you here, again.”

A soft, low tone voice that wrapped around my eardrums.

As the man pulled the hood down, the jewel-like emerald eyes and gorgeous blonde hair sparkled.

With his white half-mask down, he smiled, slightly emphasizing his cute eye bags.

It was Isidor.

“How did you know it was me?”

When asked with a questionable feeling, he rolled up the corners of his mouth and raised the mask.

“Knights have good observation skills. Just by looking at their gait, body size, and standing posture, I can easily grasp the identity of the person I danced with. Ah, your hair is coming out too.”

He pointed to the purple hair that flowed out of my robe.


I was swept away by the crowds when I entered the night market, so I didn’t even notice that my hair was coming out.

He earnestly glanced through the moral book while I quickly fixed my messy hair.

He was concentrating hard in this noisy and crowded place.

“Is it really just life lessons and wisdom, or does it have other useful information too?”

When I asked out of curiosity, Isidor held out the old book to me.

“I’ll give it to you as a present. If you are curious, read it.”


There is no reason to decline something free, but it is a bit sudden.

“Looking at it, I don’t think I need it at all. But for the Princess, it might be quite useful.”

I shrugged at his words.

“Well. I don’t think I need it either. As you know, I didn’t develop morals, tolerance, manners, or anything like that.”

I thought I would never be interested in the right direction from now on.


He laughed as if it were funny and handed me the book.

“That’s good. This book doesn’t have that kind of unnecessary content.”

“Is there something amazing?”

How to make money, whether you can make money…


He smiled softly like a mischievous child.

“Hm. Then I’ll take it.”

‘But this is the imperial language, right?’

While I was carefully examining the ancient document that I couldn’t even guess the meaning, Isidor asked.

“Princess Deborah. Is there anything else you want to buy here?”


“It’s noisy, so let’s go outside and watch the fireworks. It will start soon.”


Isidor made a very tempting offer.

The fireworks display was an event to splendidly culminate the end of the Spring Flower Festival, which was carefully prepared by the imperial wizards.

It was so amazing that it remained in the fragments of my memory.

Seeing that my previous life was filled with grades and part-time jobs, I had never really enjoyed this kind of romance, so I was tempted.

And Isidor is also my ball partner for today.

Although there are some oddities with this charming man, there was nothing unusual about watching fireworks together.

“Let’s go.”

I put on the mask while justifying myself in one way or another.

After proposing to see the fireworks first, the emerald pupils inside Isidor’s mask widened.

He blinked slowly, and then turned around.

“Let’s go this way.”

Opening the tightly closed back door of the auction house, he took out a piece of paper with a golden magic circle in the empty passageway.

“What is that?”

“A short-distance movement scroll. Since it’s an interesting event, isn’t it a waste if you miss even one second?”

“If we go out, we will see it right away.”

“Excuse me for a second. Since we are two people, we have to stick together.”

Isidor suddenly grabbed my arm.

While I was bewildered by his sudden action, with the sound of paper ripping, the surrounding landscape flashed white and changed in an instant.

“You can see it from anywhere, but here it is better, isn’t it?”

It wasn’t that it was better.

In front of my eyes, an unrealistic superb view unfolded in the distance.

The place where Isidor moved with the scroll was the top of a spire, where the night view of the Horun District could be seen at a glance.

‘It’s amazing.’

I was at a loss for words at the amazing scenery that I couldn’t help but marvel at.

The arch bridge connecting the Yones District and the Horun District, the river flowing through it, the alleys lined with the night markets with red lanterns, the closely attached houses, the magnificent academy with the dome-shaped roof, the elegant imperial palace with colorful lights…

I, who consistently had an indifferent attitude that this was just a world in a book, felt a strange shock and emotion on top of this tower.

It wasn’t because I was thrown into a book, but because I felt like I was invited to a new world.

Slowly capturing the beautiful scenery with my eyes, I pulled back my cumbersome robe and took off my mask.

Isidor also took off his mask and was feeling the cool breeze next to me, with a pleasant expression on his face.

Perhaps his relaxed atmosphere had spread to me; my facial muscles, which had been tense all day, relaxed.

“It will start soon.”

Lightly brushing his bangs, which had been disheveled by the wind, he leaned forward in front of the railing.

“Be caref…!”

The railing seemed too weak to support his large body, so I unconsciously grabbed his collar and pulled him towards me.


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