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Isn’t Being A Wicked Woman Much Better? – Chapter 43 Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 43

He hates to admit it, but his sister really did take after their mother.

He forgets it instantly because she’s the exact opposite of her, who had a calm and peaceful atmosphere, like a deep lake.

“… Is something wrong?”

Belreck, who was mesmerized for a moment because Deborah looked exceptionally similar to their mother today, soon came to his senses and asked with a sharp voice.

“Since we are brother and sister, we can see each other out of work.”

Seeing Deborah speaking in a relaxed tone, Belreck snorted lightly.

“We don’t have a close brother and sister relationship. Don’t beat around the bush; if you want to brag, just do it. Don’t you have a lot to say to me, who has always been ignoring you, about this improvement formula?”

“Hm? Speaking like that, I suddenly feel like I must brag about something. However, I’m here to get an apology.”

Looking down at the red eyes that looked up at him clearly, Belreck crossed his arms.

“An apology? Why do I have to do that?”

“You have been going too far with your words every time we meet. You said I was stupid and threatened to introduce a man without saying anything or asking my opinion.”

Belreck narrowed his eyes as he watched Deborah point out his mistakes one by one.

‘It’s clear that your speaking skills have improved. In the past, you used to only scream loudly and take it out on those below you, and your words had no logic.’

So, even though it was absurd, he did not stop her and listened to her quietly.

“Also, Brother’s vassal was rude and uttered nonsensical remarks to me. No matter how much you usually ignore me, a mere vassal dared argue with me, who is a princess. I want an apology for this as well.”

“Why would I? Right now, I’m in a position where I can oppress you.”

Belreck, who was slightly twisting his thin lips, quickly moved closer to Deborah, who was clenching her fists.

“That’s why you should have behaved foolishly in moderation. Look back a little at your previous behavior. There’s no way I can ignore that.”

“Anyway, I have no intention of apologizing at all.”

Lightly clicking her tongue, Deborah pulled out something from her shawl.

“What is this?”


Belreck’s eyes widened as he received the envelope she held out and checked the contents.


Watching Belreck’s arrogant expression gradually turn white, I felt the urge to pop some popcorn.

As expected, for a rude bastard like him, smacking is the best medicine. You have to hit him so that he will listen. He’s not even a brat.

“Is this… True?”

As soon as Belreck saw the data about Louis Gargell that I took out, he immediately inquired whether it was true or not, as if he had a hunch that he had failed.

“You didn’t know? What do I do, if you have less intelligence power than me, who doesn’t even have a proper vassal?”

A blatant embarrassment and frustration were visible on Belreck’s sharp eyes.

“You made the mistake of revealing your intentions and objective to me first. It gave me time to look into the other person.”


“If you don’t believe the data, I’ll call a witness. Catherine Bay. A young lady who ran away to another estate’s monastery because of Louis Gargell’s sexual advances. She promised to come to the capital and testify if I want her to.”

“T-There’s no way, I also did a background check on him, and in Rosad’s investigation…”

I narrowed my brows at the unexpected name that came out of his mouth.

“Don’t tell me, you snatched the marriage partner that Rosad found?”

Averting my gaze, Belreck frowned and muttered a swear word in a low voice.

“Brother Belreck screwed up.”

I finally figured out the true story behind this.

Belreck thought that his informant had been gathering high-level information, but in reality, it seemed that Rosad was cleverly leaking information to lead Belreck to arrange a matchmaking.

‘Rosad probably emphasized the part about being the son of a lord with a big silver mine.’

Silver has a high mana conductivity, making it a very useful mineral for artifact makers.

For Belreck, Louis Gargell would have been quite a fascinating partner.

Moreover, his research at that time was experiencing difficulties.

He couldn’t help but act as a matchmaker and take the profit called silver that Louis Gargell handed me.

‘From Rosard’s point of view, it was a win-win situation.’

If Belreck pushed for a meeting with Louis Gargell, Deborah would go rampant, asking how he dared to set her up with the mere son of a Count, and quickly destroy herself.

‘This was his chance to quickly get rid of the Seymour’s ruffian.’

If the matchmaking went well and there was something bad about Louis Gargell, then Belreck would be responsible for it.

I looked at him with a bittersweet feeling, because he was belatedly criticized for arranging a blind date without even knowing it.

‘Matchmaking isn’t something you can do carelessly. Belreck…’

I opened my mouth as I watched him tremble while holding the envelope with the red seal stamped on it.

“Do you remember what you told me before? Being ignorant is a sin.”

Belreck’s thin lips twitched as he recalled the scene among the fragments in his memory.

“You also said that if my incompetence goes too far, you will have to control me with punishment. Read the silver envelope you haven’t opened yet.”

It wasn’t just Louis Gargell’s weaknesses that the Master found.

“Princess. You’re going after Sir Belreck, who is trying to force you to marry Louis Gargell, right?”

Recognizing my intentions, he gave me a silver envelope with a strange smile.

“This is information that an informant in the west acquired. This is a gift I’m giving you as a business partner, so I hope you will find it useful.”

The materials he gave me were interesting.

Recently, the silver mining craze was blowing in the west, and the local lords were competing to attract investment to develop the mine.

And Belreck seemed to have invested quite a bit in it to provide a stable supply of silver.

The problem is that the westerners use the remote streets and the rough topography to swindle outsiders who do not know much about the area.

They plan to include land that had already failed in silver mining into the development area, thereby increasing the scale of investment and cleverly pocketing money from investors.

“You mean the silver mine I invested in is a scam?”

Belreck’s voice trembled slightly.

“Strictly speaking, it’s not a scam, you’re just empty-hea… No, it contains a lot of bad land, so even if a silver mine is found, the earnings will be poor. Brother made an investment failure. In other words, you lost your money.”

I grinned and pointed at the envelope he was holding with my chin.

“I’m going to give Father the envelope with red sealing on the left. He will really like it. My brother is trying to introduce such a playboy to his sister…”

“W-Wait! Calm down a little. Deborah.”

“Hm? I’m calmer than anyone right now. I’m going to sell the envelope with the silver sealing on the right to Brother Rosad for a high price. What a reasonable idea. Don’t you think so?”

Belreck’s failure is the joy of his rival, Rosad.

Wouldn’t Rosad probably buy this information at a high price?


Belreck rubbed his forehead and closed his eyes.

It’s probably because the timing isn’t great.

Recently, Rosad has been winning day after day against horse-riding people in the east and has been doing a great job distinguishing himself in war.

Amid this, if it is known that Belreck was deceived by the western bastards, Rosad’s achievements are bound to shine even more.

Having a comparative advantage was of utmost importance to the Seymour twins.

‘You’re always living in the middle of a fierce competition, no wonder your personality is such a wreck.’

Aside from Belreck’s misfortune, the fate of the twins, who had to trample on their brother that had been with them from the womb in order to become the head of the family, was a bit sad.

“What do you want? Deborah. I will give you anything.”

Belreck spoke hurriedly.

“If you apologize to me, I’ll think about it.”

“… Ugh.”

Belreck stood blankly for a while, hesitating, as if his lofty pride wouldn’t allow it.

“Hm. I know what my brother means by ‘not apologizing even if I die’. Then, I should go now and have tea time with Father…”

“I’m sorry! I was wrong, Deborah.”

He must have been too desperate, as he eventually grabbed me and started apologizing.

“What happened in the past, I was wrong. You’re so skillfully clever…”

‘Does it sound like a bit of an insult, or is it just me?’

No. I decided to live as a villain, so let’s think of it as a big compliment.

“I apologize for not being able to control the vassals. The thoughtless remarks that bastard Stephan uttered to you, it’s all my fault.”


“I’m sorry.”

With a pitiful expression, Belreck’s long silver eyelashes quivered.

His white hands clutching my shawl were trembling with humiliation.

“Do you mean it?”

“Yeah, I’m sorry, I didn’t recognize your capabilities…”

I sighed as I watched him slightly bow his head.

He was a very consistent guy. I’ve never seen anyone so obsessed with competence.

“Well, my brother is begging me like this so I can’t help it.”

Suddenly, Belreck raised his head and his silver-blue eyes lit up.

“Are you forgiving me?”

I pulled out a piece of parchment and a quill with ink from my bag.

“Yeah. If you just sign this contract, I’ll burn all the documents that contain your weaknesses. Then I will humbly forgive what happened in the past.”


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