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Isn’t Being A Wicked Woman Much Better? – Chapter 33 Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 33

Even Duke Seymour was greatly surprised by my speed in solving the formulas, so it must have seemed even more strange to the Professor.

I could understand it to some extent; but Professor Kyle’s attitude, who had already assumed that I was a cheater and a student intimidator, was absurd.

“What makes you think you can act like this when you don’t even have evidence?”

As I feigned a smile because it was ridiculous, Professor Kyle’s expression hardened for a moment.

“You seem to act like this because you have someone backing you up, but even though Duke Seymour may be on your side, it’s arrogant to think that the Academy and the Wizardry Association are.”


“Everyone is complaining because you’re here thanks to your father, even though you have no abilities.”


“And you’re cheating, in such a ridiculous situation! Even if you ask me to cover this up right now, it won’t be enough. Do you understand?”

“I don’t understand.”

“I knew you had no aptitude for learning, but I am speechless. Anyway… Since you are a woman, you’re only interested in dressing up. To be honest, it is absurd that I have to teach the Princess, who isn’t even a child, the basic common sense that she should not cheat.”

Anyway, the way this Professor talks is really something.

He puts no effort into giving the classes, and he has no courtesy and consideration for people.

“You’re being excessive.”

I glared at him fiercely.

“What if I am being excessive? No one is here to listen! If you’re offended, you should take a look at how you are, Princess! If you want to hit me, hit me. You have such a great supporter, you can do whatever you want, right?”

I looked at him as he started wailing and held back a bitter smile.

I wondered why he was crossing the line like this when he didn’t have any evidence. Professor Kyle was deliberately trying to provoke me and start a rumor that the Princess had a fight with him.

I have a very bad reputation because I came here with my Father’s influence.

In addition, I had a criminal record for throwing a mana stone at a student of the Department of Magic in the past.

Professor Kyle has the confidence to win against me in a public opinion battle.

‘It’s like he’s going to slap me in the face and beat me.’

“Princess Deborah. Do you really need to be attached to the Department of Magic like a leech? The atmosphere in the class is so gloomy, why don’t you make the right decision for the dignity of the Seymour family…”

Instead of raising my voice and losing my temper, or making a mess by overturning the desk, as he intended, I only raised the corners of my mouth and smiled fiercely.

“I didn’t do anything, I don’t know what on earth you are talking about. I have never cheated like the Professor is saying.”

“Are you feigning innocence because you believe Duke Seymour will stand up for you? Keep in mind that what happens within the Academy is not under the jurisdiction of the Wizardry Association. If you act stubbornly like this, I will tell the Dean.”

But isn’t the Dean my uncle?

Of course, I’m not really close with my uncle…

After losing the Seymour surname in the race for succession, Marquis Bert did not get along very well with his twin brother, Duke Seymour.

I stared at the threatening professor and opened my mouth.

“The Professor has already concluded that I cheated by threatening my classmates and is interrogating me without even having any clear evidence. So, I have nothing more to say.”


“Bring me the evidence on who gave me the answer. Then, I will be leaving.”

“You little! Tsk tsk. You have no manners towards your Professor!”

I came outside, leaving Professor Kyle, who was clicking his tongue, behind, and tapped my fan on the palm of my hand.

‘Maybe this will make things easier.’


After that, I ‘dressed up’ more extravagantly, as the Professor said, as if in protest.

I wore huge jewels on my ears, and my dress was deliberately more decorated to the point it was terrifying, so some people looked at me with their mouths wide open as I passed by.

I crossed my legs arrogantly and then turned in the answer that I solved faster than anyone else with my extravagant pink quill pen.

‘I’m an engineering student, but honestly, this is a piece of cake…’

A stinging gaze was stuck to me, who had solved everything in 30 minutes. Despite being given 2 hours.


‘Don’t tell me she already solved it?’

After that, the teaching assistant started grading the tests right away, and I was given back a full score test paper.

The faces of some of the people who looked at the test papers that had been put down on the desk wrinkled violently.

‘Work hard. Everyone.’

I cheered for them inwardly and walked out of the classroom.


“There must be something. That speed is unbelievable.”

“It doesn’t make sense that a wicked Princess that likes to walk around extravagantly would solve the formula so quickly. That is for sure.”

“The Professor must have given her the answer!”

Some of the young men who took the Magic Formula Theory class were convinced that Professor Kyle must have helped Princess Deborah.

Because every time the Princess took a test, she solved the problem very quickly as if she knew the answer.

The Princess wasn’t even on the list to take the test again.

Everyone agreed that there was no way she could do that unless she relied on the Professor.

“She’s really going too far!”

One of the young men lamented and banged his fist on the table.

“She doesn’t even want to hide the fact that the Professor is helping her. How ridiculous we must look, that she behaves so shamelessly!”

“She has nothing to be afraid of since her father is the Lord of the Wizardry Association. Entering the Department of Magic without any mana sensitivity is a privilege in itself, but I can’t believe she is even creating a sense of disharmony like this. She has gone too far.”

“There are rumors that Duke Seymour goes through any lengths for his daughter. Wasn’t the pink diamond he won for Princess Deborah worth more than a townhouse? It’s Duke Seymour’s fault that the Princess became so brazen.”

And among them, there was one man who instigated them, even dragging in Duke Seymour and badmouthing him.

The third son of the Marquis of Lemont.

William Lemont.

“I will become a member of the Wizardry Association after I graduate, but now I’m starting to worry about my fate of having to serve him as the Lord of the Association.”

He murmured, deliberately mentioning the word ‘Lord’.

There were seven elders under the Lord of the Wizardry Association. Among the elders, there were those who were waiting for an opportunity, aiming for the position of the Lord; and Marquis Lemont was one of them.

Marquis Lemont had a strong animosity towards the Emperor, as he entrusted only the Seymour family to the position of the Lord of the Association.

Also, contrary to Seymour, who has been striving to strengthen the imperial power since the time of the founding of the country, Lemont was a member of the Senate, which represented the interests of the nobility.

Since there had already been a conflict for a long time, William was deliberately instigating the young men to make this issue, which was unfavorable to Seymour, even bigger.

It was also because the sons of Marquis Lemont were far behind the Seymour’s twins in terms of skill.

‘We are always being compared.’

So, William wanted to somehow bring down the ranks of Seymour’s direct line of descent.

“The Lord of the Wizardry Association, who is supposed to be wise and cold-hearted, is swayed by personal feelings, and his capacities are questionable!”

“Look, William. Isn’t it dangerous saying that? Duke Seymour is the only 7-class mage in the Empire. He is on a level that is out of reach…”

Even when someone carefully pointed out his harsh words, William only snorted.

“Even if he is Seymour, you have to say what you have to say. You mean I should keep my mouth shut when there is injustice right around the corner? As an aristocrat, it is natural to speak up to defend justice.”


“This time, I plan on writing a petition to expel Princess Deborah from the Department of Magic.”

“A petition?”

“Exactly! I can no longer stand by and watch her receive preferential treatment for being Seymour’s descendant. I don’t know what the fuss is all about when a bitch who doesn’t even have mana came here with her father’s power and can’t even walk around like a dead mouse.”

“I agree with William! I can no longer see such a wicked and vicious woman in this school.”

George, who was loudly slapped by Deborah with her fan the other day, supported William and also prepared the petition behind her back.

On the other hand, the magic formula professor, Kyle, was acting like crazy because this situation itself was unfair.

He didn’t receive any promises to rise in status or bribes from Duke Seymour, but in an instant, he became a corrupt professor who helped Princess Deborah from the shadows.

‘Damn it, I wouldn’t be frustrated if I had at least received some profit!’

He was so stressed because of the princess that his hair was falling.

“Hey, assistant!”

Kyle, who had been scratching his head without mercy, called his assistant.

“Yes. Mr. Kyle.”

“The evidence that the Princess is cheating by threatening the students. You still haven’t found it?”

“The Princess doesn’t even seem to interact much with the other students, let alone get evidence. She is always alone…”

“Does that make sense? I’m sure there are some bastards who fall for her manipulation and give her the answers!”


The teaching assistant’s eyes darkened.

It was impossible that there would be no evidence no matter how hard he searched.

To be honest, the way the teaching assistant saw it, the Princess seemed to memorize the leaked answers and write them.

“They are making a clamor, saying that I am a corrupt professor who is helping the Princess!”

Kyle was very annoyed.

There must be someone helping her, but he has no idea who it is.

He had to at least have a small clue to investigate the aristocratic men, so it was frustrating and was driving him crazy.

“Damn it. At this rate, I’m going to take all the blame.”


(T/N: Yes… The chapter really ends like this.)


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