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Isn’t Being A Wicked Woman Much Better? – Chapter 3.2: Chapter 3 – [Part 2] Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 3 – [Part 2]


I thought Belreck was just going to pass by, but he suddenly swept his long, silver hair up and called me with a low voice.

He only swept his hair up, but I thought I was staring at a model from a magazine.


As expected of one of the heroine’s fishes.

T/N: I’m not sure if you already know this, but fish/es is a Korean term for the men/women who would fall or already fell for the MC (if it’s a harem).

His glasses match his cold features really well.

…What a useless, perverted, talent. I’m such a good-for-nothing person.

“Who’s your tutor today?”


I answered briefly like Deborah would, and swallowed my saliva because of the strange tension.

“I’ve heard of your stupid behavior from the tower. Patrick is a scholar whom I personally care about, so make sure to behave yourself today.”

Belreck, who said what he had to say, passed me coldly.

If I was the real Deborah, I would’ve fired back at Belreck that I will torment Patrick wickedly.

But maybe because I’m not the real Deborah, I didn’t even get angry at Belreck’s attitude.

Belreck, who is an aristocrat, is better than my previous life’s family, who always treated me like a maid.

He’s even taking all the troubles for the family.

While Rozad and Belreck worked themselves to the bone as they competed against each other to be recognized as Seymour’s heir, all I did was play around without a care.

‘You shall be happy.’

I gave a thumbs up at Belreck’s back and walked to the drawing room where the young male professor was waiting.

Professor Patrick is Deborah’s tutor for two weeks now, but she missed her history class every week and never got to see his face.

As someone from a family who is lower than aristocrats, he bowed his head with a look of anxiety when I appeared.

“Y-You’re here?”

The professor’s head was bowed nervously.

Like Deborah, I folded my arms and lifted my chin.

“Then, I will start the lecture.”

He took out a book which reads, 「1000 Years of Azutea’s History」. He began to explain about the Seymour family with an audible voice.

‘This professor is quite good.’

Belreck was right to respect him.

Since Deborah is proud of the fact that she is a direct descendant of Seymour, he seemed to have prepared the contents of the class by sorting out the historical facts that she would like to hear about.

‘An environment without flatterers around… is not bad.’

This is much better than listening to false praises.

‘He’s good, hands down.’

To summarize Patrick’s Seymour-flattering class, this is what he discussed.

The eleventh emperor of the empire favored the Seymour family, which contributed to the strengthening of the imperial power, and gave the Seymour family the authority to manage the tower. The custom continues up to this day.

Since Seymour has always produced highly skilled wizards, the tower has been dominated by Seymour’s wizards for nearly five hundred years.

Comparatively speaking, it’s like a third generation family owns a conglomerate and is eating up even the ministers of the country.

‘My father is a duke and a wizard at the same time. That’s too much.’

Deborah’s limitless arrogance kind of makes sense.

In response to the slight attention I’ve given him, the professor went further to explain the history of Seymour’s first foe.

The first head, Mirj Seymour, was an eighth-class wizard who had a great contribution to the founding of Azutea by helping the first emperor and was given merit.

The families who were given merits for their contributions were Seymour, Montez, Orge, and Visconti.

Seymour, the wizard.

Montez, the spirit.

Orge, the sword.

Visconti, the wealth.

These are the four most prestigious aristocratic families who were given power after the emperor rose to his seat in the Azutea Empire.

Deborah was only allowed to act as crazy as she did because she is from Seymour’s direct family.

What I’m biting is not just a diamond spoon, but a very special spoon with a buff.

‘This is awesome.’

All the information I have is only from the fragments of Deborah’s memories, so the professor’s lecture helped me learn about the things I have yet to know in this world.

‘It’s like I’m in a fantasy novel with all this tower and wizard stuff, so it’s quite fun.’

The professor began to concentrate on his lecture as if he felt that I was listening more attentively.

He was so absorbed that he was able to continue the class longer than the scheduled time.


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