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Isn’t Being A Wicked Woman Much Better? – Chapter 28 Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 28

Recently, my ears felt itchy due to the young ladies who talked in whispers when they saw me.

It’s good that my reputation can’t get even worse, but whenever I recalled that I was misunderstood for doing something like that because I ‘like Philap’, I got a little bit upset.

Even if I wanted to clarify, there is no lady that would listen to my story; and even I don’t think I would believe that ‘Deborah’ was trying to raise Mia, who fell on her own.

I thought it would be ok if I avoided the heroine, but I didn’t expect these damn situations to hit-and-run a villainess who is staying quiet.

‘But… It’s a little weird.’

The more I thought about it, the more the situation itself felt somewhat unnatural, so I scratched my arm.

Did Mia Vinoche really not know me?

Mia saw me on the first day of the academy, during a politics class, and I am someone that is hard to forget because of my uncommon purple hair and fierce appearance.

It is unlikely that Philap didn’t tell Mia about the vicious and dangerous purple hair.

Even if Philap didn’t say anything, it was weird that there was not a single person around her to warn her about me.

The walls have ears, so she should know how terrifying I am.

I was somewhat skeptical that Mia would dare ask me for help when Philap was nearby.


But if Mia knows me… I don’t know why she took such a risk and acted like that.

In the original novel, Mia walked on a thorny path by herself thanks to Deborah’s hard carry; but now that she is having it easy, she is trying to enter that road again.

‘If not a flowery path, I was letting her walk on a flatland… But I keep feeling like she’s trying to provoke me on purpose.’


Is it because she needs a villain, like in the original work?

However, another question arises.

Why does she need a villain?

‘Ah, it seems I’m getting too ahead of myself… I’m writing a novel myself.’

Why did the writer spend the whole year doing this?

It’s better to come into a novel that is already completely finished.

After hypothesizing and speculating a few things, I held back my ambiguous feelings and stepped outside to get some fresh air.

When you have a headache and your life is hard, you are bound to escape reality.

The place I headed for was the flower garden that Duke Seymour had just renewed.

To be honest, I really liked this flower garden.

And I was very fond of flowers in my previous life.

The memories of the past that have already passed and cannot be undone are not that important.

However, I still remember clearly when I was a child, quietly listening to the sound of the wind with my eyes closed, in the flower garden, and slowly breathing in the fresh scent.

‘Seeing flowers makes me feel better. It’s amazing.’

Buried among the flowers in full bloom, my feelings gently subsided, like someone whispering affectionately.

I was able to get rid of my concerns as I walked through the flower garden planted with all kinds of flowers.

“The weather is fine.”

The wind carrying the fragrance of flowers gently rubbed my cheeks.

A bee flew up and wandered around me threateningly; but I liked the flower garden much more now than the rose garden, which looked like a collection of mourning flowers.

“What’s the matter?”

As I was watching the daisies swaying softly in the direction of the wind, I slowly turned to the dignified voice I heard from behind me.

“… Father.”

Looking at Duke Seymour’s face and calling him ‘Father’ was something I was now used to.

Because he is the only person in this desolate world that comes looking for me.

Back from his estate, Duke Seymour started looking for me in earnest 10 days ago.

He sent an aide to call me out to the office and then led me in front of the flower garden, where the construction had finished.

“Look. Isn’t it much more wonderful than a diamond?”

He said in an elated voice.

“You’re right.”

I agreed with him, secretly embarrassed.

‘He’s my financier, I have to look good.’

Well, they weren’t empty words either.

Due to the marigolds in full bloom, the flower garden had a magnificent appearance as if it had been sprinkled with gold dust from the beginning.

“I hired several botanists to bring in valuable plants and seeds from various countries. It goes without saying that the splendor and beauty from planting different varieties are immeasurable. When I looked around earlier, it was as radiant as if a rainbow had been brought into the garden.”

As I listened to Duke Seymour’s continuous boasting, I managed to suppress a laugh that was about to burst out.

Perhaps he kept my words in his mind all this time, as he said that, ‘A colorless and odorless flower garden is no different from a diamond.’

‘He has a slight resentment and is a bit narrow-minded…’

The Duke of Seymour, who seemed difficult all the time, felt particularly humane that day, so I could shake off my awkwardness and continue the conversation naturally.

“I only saw the entrance to the flower garden, but I can imagine the scale. It must be more majestic and beautiful than the imperial garden.”

“Ahem! Such words can cause misunderstandings, so it would be better not to say that outside. Of course, you can do it in front of me.”

As he warned me about my careless words, the corners of his mouth were twitching.

He seemed to feel better when I complimented the ambitiously decorated flower garden by comparing it to the ‘imperial garden’.

“Can I take a look inside?”

“If I were thinking of blocking your entry, why would I bring you here? Feel free to appreciate it.”

I was excited because I like to see flowers and smiled unconsciously as I slightly bowed my head to express my gratitude.

It wasn’t a forced smile that I made to look good.

It was a smile that came out without my knowledge because I was feeling happy after a long time.

Leaving Duke Seymour behind, who was coughing with a sudden reddish face, I stepped into the garden with anticipation.

I thought he would go back without regrets after bragging and getting the acknowledgement that the flower garden was more beautiful than jewels, but Duke Seymour slowly followed after me with his hands behind his back.

‘… Don’t tell me he is silently asking for more praise? He also has a little childish side.’

I paused every five steps and spoke to myself, saying it was fantastic, beautiful, that it felt like I was on a rainbow hill, and so on.

About 50% of it was sincere, and about 50% was mixed with flattery.

‘I want to stay in a house like this 5-star hotel for a long time.’

“A lot of time has already passed, aren’t you hungry?”

Whether he was satisfied with my flattery, the Duke of Seymour hinted that he would like to have a meal together on that day.

‘We have now reached the level where we can eat naturally without the Duchess’ letters!’

I accepted his meal request without hesitation.

“Deborah. It seems you have been eating a lot these days.”

“… Sorry?”

“I heard from the Chamberlain that you are not leaving any food.”

As I was steadily chewing a well-grilled veal dish, I almost spit out the meat from my mouth at Duke Seymour’s sharp comment.

‘Come to think of it, Deborah did not gain weight and managed her weight often.’

I didn’t know that even the amount of food I ate would reach his ears.

As the pace of my fork slightly slowed down due to the shock, Duke Seymour lightly clicked his tongue.

“It means you look good because you’re eating well. Looking at you, even I have an appetite.”

He called the attendant to bring two more veal dishes.

According to Deborah’s memories, Duke Seymour was a workaholic who didn’t take care of his meals; and whenever there was a family gathering, he would eat with a cold face.

However, that day, the Duke, who ate a large amount of food, was satiated, and even savored the cake with a cat-like animal face that was served as dessert.

‘No way, did his appetite grow because of my eating?’

My guess must have been correct.

From that day on, Duke Seymour often called me to eat.

Then, he pleasantly watched me eat food as if I were a mukbang youtuber.

Of course, I lived up to his expectations.

Just a couple of days ago, we were walking in the garden, about to have dinner together.

That’s why calling him ‘Father’ has naturally become a habit.


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