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Isn’t Being A Wicked Woman Much Better? – Chapter 133 Bahasa Indonesia

The 4th Empress, who had been staring at me, turned around slowly and disappeared among the nobles. I tried to think it was just my feeling.

‘We haven’t even been introduced to each other. Why was she staring at me all of a sudden?’

However, the chilly feeling that I felt when I met her eyes was still lingering on my chest. While I was calming down my palpitating heart, the Crown Prince’s words brought me back to my senses.

“Duke Visconti, Princess Deborah. We’ll see you at the after-party.”

“Yes. Your Highness.”

“I’ll see you later.”

The 5th Princess waved her hand at me and walked away. As soon as they were gone, Isidor spoke to me.

“Are you uncomfortable?”

I shook my head, and he lightly swept the back of my hand.

“The event is taking too long, isn’t it? There are a lot of nobles who have been promoted to a title in this quarter.”

Like Isidor, there were some nobles who inherited titles from their fathers, but there were also some nobles who had distinguished themselves in war and had elevated their ranks. Due to the recent rift in the barrier, monster waves often occurred, causing many people besides Rosad to play an active role in the perimeter.

The 3rd Prince was also active on the battlefield. In the novel, he returned to the capital with the support of the lords of northern lands. He had quite a big presence in the novel, but now, there was a feeling that his presence was being buried because of Rosad.

‘In any case, why did Rosad suddenly become a star?’

Surprisingly, there was news recently that a play depicting Rosad’s performance was being released. Although he had a bad personality, he managed his image well, and he was very popular because he was handsome.

Belreck, who made me a fortune with the massage machine, was stuck in the Wizardry Association, busy meeting the demand for magic tools.

‘Is this how it’s supposed to be?’

It was strangely different from the original, so I was bewildered.

“It’s an uncomfortable occasion, so thank you for coming with me.”

As I was deep in thought, Isidor whispered softly to me.

“Shall we go back to our seats? The event will start again soon.”

It was such a short distance that he didn’t need to escort me, but Isidor gently held out his arm as if he wanted us to cross arms. He looked so cute that I pinched his forearm slightly, and he smiled while folding his eyes, seemingly happy for no reason.

The moment he smiled, there was a brief shriek somewhere, but I tried to ignore it.

After a while, the emperor, who had been away for a while to rest, appeared; and the succession ceremony, which had been paused, resumed. And after a long wait, the ceremony for the ducal title took place.

After passing the red carpet between the high marble pillars, Isidor climbed to the top of the podium and bowed politely before the emperor.

“I hope that the pillar that supports the Empire, the Visconti ducal family, will be honored.”

Even those who had come to see the pious scene, which was just like a painting, held their breaths.

‘Why isn’t there any magic to take a video?’

Fortunately, some record painters were going to leave this scene as a painting.

‘They look distressed.’

The painters looked like they wanted to tear the paper apart at any moment. They looked confused as to how to put that face on the canvas.

‘No wonder. I don’t think even pictures or videos could capture the reality of that person.’

I looked at him blankly while he received the title, thinking of something close to silly praise.


The after-party banquet was held in the Grand Hall of the Imperial Palace. It was also a great place for the newly appointed nobles to make connections, due to the attendance of the important figures.

‘I can’t believe the Lord of the Wizardry Association is coming to the banquet too.’

‘I thought he would surely refuse to attend.’

Some of the nobles were excited when Duke Seymour, who attended the official meetings but did not usually appear at the informal banquets, showed up.

They wanted to use this opportunity to meet the Lord of the Wizardry Association and get acquainted with him, so they approached him. However, they immediately took a step back. Duke Seymour had a bloody atmosphere that he was about to grab someone and break their neck.

Duke Seymour, who had a gaze that seemed to freeze the entire hall right away, turned into a caring and gentle father as Princess Deborah, who had changed into a dress suitable for a banquet, approached him.

‘What did I just witness?’

Some of the nobles standing nearby doubted their eyes.

“Deborah, let’s go home at once.”

A look of embarrassment flashed through Deborah’s eyes at the suggestion of Duke Seymour, who seemed to be clenching his teeth for some reason.

Isidor, who was like the protagonist of this event, had to stay in the banquet hall for a couple of hours, and if his partner left right now, he would be in an awkward situation. However, Duke Seymour didn’t care about his circumstances at all.

“This is a very tiring event. Why are there so many nobles? Tomorrow is Monday, so we better go home and get some rest.”

“Actually, I wanted to dance the first song with Father, but if you’re tired, can you go back first?”

Duke Seymour paused.

“Ahem. I didn’t mean to say I was tired. It’s been a while since I danced. I’m worried…”

He gently grabbed his daughter’s hand as she asked for a dance, hiding his pleasant expression.

‘That guy knows basic courtesy.’

Isidor, who gladly conceded his first dance, stood alone against the wall. Duke Seymour was secretly astonished as he saw the beautiful ladies hovering near Isidor, and Isidor not even glancing at them.

‘That unfriendly guy.’

Though it was better than being overly friendly and getting dragged around.

‘The person worthy of a Seymour is a wizard after all. Knights are no good.’

He, who had been foolishly indifferent to his children and was now dancing with his daughter for the first time, couldn’t help but feel that Isidor, who was after his daughter, was like a thief.

As soon as he grabbed his daughter’s hand, the minuet began. As if he had forgotten the dance, Duke Seymour ignored the beat and stepped on her feet, but Deborah, who was athletic, did a good job keeping up with him.


Duke Seymour said, spinning slowly.

“I heard that you are making formula textbooks for beginners at the academy?”

“I’ve been making them from time to time because of Enrique.”

“You’re admirable. I want you to do as much as you want, like now. Without being bound by convention.”

In fact, she was working hard to become a wealthy jobless person, but the Duke had no way of knowing such an inside story.

“Also, you must never trust a man’s words. This is the truth.”


Meanwhile, the Lord of the Wizardry Association, who was famous for being cold, was dancing with his daughter and catching everyone’s attention. When Princess Deborah fluttered her evening dress and turned elegantly, sounds of admiration flowed out.

‘She doesn’t just look pretty in my eyes. It’s a pity.’

Standing against the wall and looking around the ballroom quietly, Isidor fixed his white gloves and approached the Princess, who had just finished dancing with Duke Seymour.

‘I shouldn’t ask Princess Deborah to dance today.’

Dancing the first dance with one’s partner at a ball was basic etiquette. Duke Seymour was an immediate family member and her father, so he could be the exception, but other than that, she had to finish her dance with Isidor before anyone could ask her to dance. If Isidor did not dance with her, they would have no choice but to keep waiting.

He hid his inner thoughts and carefully arranged the skirt of the Princess’ dress, which the Duke stepped on.

“If my daughter comes home late, I will hold you accountable, Duke Visconti. Prepare for war.”

Duke Seymour whispered a warning and left the ballroom. Isidor looked at his back in a strange mood. Earlier, it really felt like Duke Seymour was going to pierce his neck with an ice arrow, but maybe because he conceded the first dance, his vigor had subsided.

‘Though it still seems like we have a long way to go.’

Things could never be solved that easily.

“What did he say?”

“He said not to make you too tired. Ah, are you hungry? Let’s go to the tearoom.”

“Alright, Your Grace.”

The two entered the tearoom in the back. There were still a lot of people talking in the hall, so it was quiet in the room where finger food was prepared.

“Try this. It has cream cheese on top, so it will be delicious.”

Isidor gave her all kinds of things, like a mother bird carrying feed. While she was eating a biscuit with smoked salmon, a group came into the tearoom while talking loudly, with the 3rd Prince as the lead.

The group that appeared with Javier Hystch, the 3rd Prince, were the lords of the northern provinces, who had been promoted to marquis at this event, and their sons. The 3rd Prince, who had brought support from the imperial family to the north, effectively attacked the monsters, and beside him, the northern lords were able to make great contributions to the war.

Minu Marshall, who was the eldest son of a local lord and was not familiar with the capital’s situation, had heard about Princess Deborah’s notoriety, but he did not realize it properly.

“As expected, there’s something different about the ladies in the capital.”

He said she was beautiful and kept whispering behind her for a while. So, when he met Princess Deborah in the quiet tearoom, he approached her and asked her to dance, and was immediately rejected.

“I refuse.”

“May I know the reason?”

“Can’t you see I’m eating?”

“Well, I’m not saying to dance right now, but later…”

“That won’t do. The Princess hasn’t danced with her partner yet, who happens to be me, and above all, you have no manners. This is not the right place to ask for a dance.”

When Duke Visconti stepped up, Minu Marshall quickly retreated.

Just then, the 3rd Prince, who was holding a glass of champagne, suddenly poured the champagne over Princess Deborah’s skirt. As if it was a mistake.


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