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Isn’t Being A Wicked Woman Much Better? – Chapter 129 Bahasa Indonesia

‘Is he asking me why I am the only exception?’

There was a thought that popped into my head at that moment, but it was embarrassing to say it with my mouth. How dare he ask me such a cheap question? When I couldn’t answer, Isidor smiled sweetly while showing his dimples.

“Think about it when you have time. I’m curious about the Princess’ opinion.”

In the end, I belatedly realized that he meant for me to think about him a lot.

Though, I was already doing it enough. His sudden absence left one side of my mind feeling empty, and after hearing the news of the obituary, I kept worrying about him the whole time.

Isidor was holding my hand carefully, even until he saw me off in front of the townhouse. I held his hand lightly too. When I remembered that Isidor was craving warmth only from me, I couldn’t shake off his hand. And on the other hand, his big hand was comforting. I felt that he was next to me, and that he was back in the capital.

All my senses were focused on our tightly intertwined hands, so I couldn’t remember what kind of conversation I had with him.

“Princess Deborah. It was nice to see you today.”

“Me too.”


His eyes widened in amazement at my gentle response. I shook his arm softly.

“Really. I was surprised that you showed up so suddenly, but I felt relieved seeing you. You must be incredibly busy, but take care of yourself.”

Honestly, it was hard to figure out what to say to comfort him, so I was only using a repertoire to eat well and take care of his health. He laughed as if he felt that too.

“I didn’t know the Princess cared so much about my health… The more I know you, the kinder you are. You’re nothing like the rumors.”

“Ahem! It’s for a limited time.”

“You were also kind before.”

Waving our locked arms even wider, he slowly released his hand as we arrived at the forest fence leading to the east gate, showing a regrettable expression.

“I don’t want to let you go.”

Feeling the deep regret in his voice, I caressed his cheek lightly without realizing it. He paused for a moment before pulling my arm tightly. Soon, I was trapped in a large, firm embrace.

It was not the first time. He also held me tight when we were swept away by the mana wave last time. But because I fainted instantly at that time, this was the first time I felt completely trapped in a man’s arms. His body temperature was high, and I felt like I was submerged in hot water from head to toe because of his large build.

As he held me in his arms and slowly swept my back, I felt butterflies in my stomach and curled my toes slightly. My shoulders trembled unknowingly, and at that moment, he flinched and slowly released me from his arms.

“G-Get home safely.”

“… Yes.”

The fingers that had been tightly interlocked became numb. The pale hand that touched me was very hot, and the warmth he left behind remained for a long time.


Recently, Isidor’s succession to the duchy was a major interest in the social world. Even in the academy, it was the only topic of conversation.

This was inevitable because he was now the youngest duke in the empire. And he wasn’t the head of just a random family, but of a highly prestigious founding family. Isidor was certainly younger than the other dukes, who usually took over the title in their thirties on average, or in their forties.

However, after finishing the funeral respectably without any mishap at a young age, there were rumors that he received loyalty from the Visconti vassals. This proved that Isidor’s political power and dominance, which had been covered with a veil, were considerably remarkable.

“His looks were so good that he was undervalued in terms of his abilities.”

“It seems like he was hiding his claws.”

The busybodies were talking about Isidor without hesitation. Because if they brought news about him, they could be at the center of the conversation.

“Above all… He is unmarried.”

“That’s why Duke Visconti is the most prominent person in the social world these days.”

Even his character was rumored to be good, but he wasn’t even married.

Strictly speaking, Isidor was not at the best age to marry. But, unlike ordinary men of similar ages, he was a duke, so he needed a spouse to accompany him on official occasions. On the Visconti’s side, marriage was worth considering, to offset the weakness of the duke being young.

“They say that noble ladies with marriageable daughters have been trying really hard to set them up with Visconti.”

“The position of Duchess of Visconti is attractive. Not to mention, it’s a family famous for having a lot of gold mines.”

Isidor had become the most coveted son-in-law in the empire. However, only the noblewomen were working behind the scenes using their connections. The young ladies who were actually interested in him were not able to approach him hastily.

“I heard that Princess Deborah and Sir Isidor are seen together everywhere these days.”

“What kind of relationship do they have?”

“Aren’t they friends? They might have known each other since before because of a meeting between their families.”

“Isn’t he being threatened?”

Not everyone was sure of their relationship. It was hard to imagine that the Duke of Visconti, who had a chivalric spirit and adhered to a polite attitude towards everyone, would have a deep relationship with the thunderous Princess Deborah.

The nobles wondered about the relationship between them, but they couldn’t even raise a light question in the face of the Princess who always had a cold expression. If they struck a nerve, they could face humiliation like Lady Emmanuelle. Although it was said that she poured juice when she was displeased, there’s no reason for her not to douse someone with hot tea.

Those who could not withstand their curiosity clung to the relatively easy-to-handle people around Isidor.

“Sir Thierry. Could you try asking the Duke what his relationship with Princess Deborah is? All the White Knights are curious.”

Thierry furrowed his brow as the young man, famous for being a busybody, fell to his knees and begged.

“Contrary to what Sir Isidor looks like, he is not such a kind person. He will probably evade the question.”

And it seemed to Thierry that Isidor was the one who seemed more interested in Princess Deborah.

‘Well, it’s not that I’m not interested in her either.’

Although it’s not easy to approach her because she’s blunt.

‘Honestly, she’s very pretty.’

… Should he try looking into Isidor?

Suddenly, he had a good idea, so he waited patiently for Isidor to show up.

‘He’s here!’

Upon returning to the capital, Isidor briefly stopped by the barracks to observe the training of the Knights.

‘As they say, status makes people. He definitely has a different feeling to him now that he’s a duke.’

The atmosphere seemed to be a little heavy. Thierry, who clicked his tongue inwardly because he was annoyingly handsome, politely greeted Isidor.

“Duke Visconti. Could you please give me a moment?”

Isidor made an annoyed face right away.

“Can you talk as usual?”

“Can I do that? It’s rare to become a duke as quickly as you did.”

“Just be polite at formal events. I’m saying this out of concern for you.”

“Ah, that’s right! Speaking of official appearances, the title ceremony is just around the corner. ”

In the empire, there was a quarterly ceremony for nobility titles. It was an occasion when a newly established aristocrat like Isidor was officially recognized by the emperor.

And the title ceremony that was held just before the Goddess’ Birthday Festival was the biggest. It was a practice that occurred as the imperial power grew stronger, and it was also intended to keep the priesthood in check.

“And… don’t you need a partner to show off your position?”

Isidor’s expression turned strange.

“Since when are you interested in my partner?”

“Honestly, are there any nobles who don’t care who your partner is these days?”

“Everyone will know about it on the day of the title ceremony anyway. It’s already next week.”

“I knew you would evade the question like that. But I can guess who you have in mind. Though, well, just having someone in your mind is different from the other person agreeing with it.”

Isidor was slightly annoyed at Thierry’s words but tried to smile.



“You seem to be forgetting that I am the Duke? With my position right now, I can meet your father alone and report on your training attitude for three years…”

“Aren’t you a bit too much every time?!”

Thierry went away grumbling that he was too afraid to ask any questions, and Isidor fell into thought while tapping his fingers.


“Lady Syril must have asked Sir Isidor directly.”

“Asked what?”

“Who is he going with to the title ceremony… She said she could do it for him if he doesn’t have a partner.”

“Do it for him? That young lady is really bold.”

“But being aggressive pays off. It is said that the brave woman wins the handsome man.”

“Did he give an answer?”

“Well, it’s not her…”

“Who is it?”

“Perhaps the Visconti family will select the candidate and recommend her to the Duke? I’m sure the noblewomen of the prominent families have already made a lot of contact behind the scenes.”

I swallowed a sigh as I heard the gossip in the hallway.

‘Why is Isidor so popular?’

His face alone was already a hard carry, but now that he even became a duke, his status rose even higher. Isidor, who wasn’t an idol anymore but was enjoying the popularity of a Hallyu star, seemed to be busy after returning to the capital.

The date of Isidor’s father’s death was unexpected, so he had to take part in an event organized by the emperor as soon as the funeral was held.

‘But why didn’t he tell me about the title ceremony?’

I knew there were only a few days left until the event.

‘Well, he doesn’t have to report every single thing.’

He could also be busy and forget to tell me.

‘But he keeps sending letters through Muffin.’

I scratched my chin in a subtle mood.


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