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Isn’t Being A Wicked Woman Much Better? – Chapter 110 Bahasa Indonesia

“Who the hell was pushed aside?”

Philap muttered incessantly in a drunken state, and then gritted his teeth with a distorted face.

He couldn’t get out of this miserable feeling, like he had fallen into a gutter, even if he drank.

Rather, the drunker he got, the stronger his nasty mood grew.

The mockery and badmouthing those insignificant guys did while gossiping behind his back, the rumor that he got dumped after dumping her that spread around every day, and his father who treated him like an idiot…

The most upsetting thing was that Deborah, who made him look so ugly and ridiculous, mingled with Isidor.

“Ha! Isidor?”

Did Deborah choose that guy after abandoning him?

As he imagined the two of them talking happily, his nerves were on edge.

It was even more frustrating knowing that there would be great turmoil in the social world if the union of Seymour and Visconti was to be achieved

‘He pretended he wasn’t interested in women, but he finally revealed his true intentions. Hypocrite bastard.’

Like Deborah, everyone was deceived by Isidor’s plausible appearance and pretentious attitude.

‘That bastard always looked down on me.’

Philap didn’t like Isidor ever since he was a child.

He knew instinctively that he looked down on him and despised him.

Philap was naturally hot-tempered, and he couldn’t control his rising anger in the event of a situation he did not like.

Isidor, who skillfully dragged the situation as he intended without revealing his feelings, was the opposite of Philap. Like fire and ice.

‘Damn sly bastard.’

The feeling of inferiority that lurked under the deep, dark surface wriggled.

When Isidor appeared, Philap’s presence quickly faded.

No matter how fiercely the flames burned, there was nothing to see under the scorching sun.

People were always looking for Isidor, who didn’t even appear often; and when he appeared, pretending to be hard to get, he naturally monopolized everyone’s attention and reigned at the top of the herd.

Moreover, it was Isidor who was chosen by the Crown Prince and succeeded him as the leader of Epsilon.

‘I wanted to have Epsilon.’

Not Omicron.

Philap shook the empty bottle of liquor into the glass, huffed, and threw it violently.


The rough sound of the bottle shattering struck his eardrum and his heart suddenly felt like it was going to burst.

He, who was the Montez family’s only heir, was suddenly angry over the fact that he kept thinking about his inferiority complex.

‘I am a natural talent that was chosen by a great spirit.’

He was fundamentally different from Visconti, who had a vague and ambiguous modifier called wealth.

“Wealth?! Among the ducal families in the empire, is there any that doesn’t have a gold mine?!”

And they weren’t even that great of a bloodline.

He gritted his teeth to the point his molars would break, then he rubbed his bloodshot eyes and smirked.

‘That’s right. I’m superior.’

Deborah must have made such a stupid decision because she didn’t know how great he was.

‘Didn’t I tell her she would definitely regret it?’

It was a miscalculation if she thought that he would step back just because the marriage talks had been refused.

‘… She’ll get angry right away.’

Still, Deborah would surely be grateful to him later.


Since the response to the one-time formula lecture was not bad, Marquis Bert set up a large-scale lecture that even students from other departments could attend.

‘Damn it.’

If he didn’t allow me to skip classes, I would have killed my uncle or whatever first.

I subtly threatened him into joining the newly launched formula service and left the classroom.

As I was walking down the hallway, I suddenly heard someone saying my name and stopped walking.

‘I heard that Lord Philap was ashamed because of Princess Deborah and went into hiding…’

‘I heard that Princess Deborah will turn him into a eunuch if he isn’t careful.’


The bloody rumor seemed to be branching out, but since the atmosphere that tied me and Philap together had disappeared, I felt better again.

‘I’m really not into that hot-tempered macho type.’

It was a misunderstanding that was solved after a long time.

I walked towards the carriage with light steps.

I was really excited to go home and do nothing.


Until I saw Seymour’s escort knight and coachman lying down in front of the carriage like corpses.

I must have underestimated the madness of Philap Montez, one of the fishes in this tragedy novel.

‘Crazy bastard. How is he going to handle the aftermath?’

I thought he wouldn’t move recklessly because he had too much to lose if he clashed with me.


The hot heat in front of me made my skin tingle.

Seleana, a firebird-shaped spirit that I couldn’t see clearly the last time because I was hiding behind Isidor, was flaring up in a bright red color, enough to hurt my eyes.

In my arm, Purple vibrated, but I squeezed my arm tightly and gave it a sign not to come out.

‘If it fights a superior spirit, Purple will be consumed in less than ten seconds.’

I can’t lose my precious child.

‘We need to talk for as long as possible.’

My hands kept getting sweaty.

I struggled to open my mouth calmly, shivering inwardly.

“Philap. You’ll receive disciplinary action if you use force against a student in the academy. This is a defiance to the imperial family.”

“I don’t intend to use force against you. I realized now that I like you, and I don’t know how to go about that.”

“Like? It must be an obsession.”

He pretended not to hear, and continued casually.

“Ah, for reference, the place where the carriage was stopped is not inside the academy. Those lowly things just fainted for a moment because they dared to lay their hands on me.”

“Crazy bastard.”

“We’re the same. Deborah, you’ve done a lot of crazy things because you liked me.”

“Being too obsessed with the past is not attractive.”

‘Just a little more…’

I pretended to talk to him while slowly tearing up the teleportation scroll in my bag.

Then, the items in my hands disappeared without a trace.

Philap burned all my belongings as if they were nothing.

“Do you think this is the first time I’ve dealt with a wizard?”

‘I’m going crazy.’

My heart sank as the corner of my faith disappeared.

“What is the purpose of this?”

“Deborah, I’m here to persuade you. Because I don’t think you can make logical judgements.”

‘I think he lost his focus.’

Philap’s white face was red, and his eyes shone with rage and madness.

“Are you going to persuade me by threatening me like this?”

“I’m sorry to hear that you felt threatened. Deborah, you liked how mysterious I looked when dealing with spirits. I’m just kindly showing you something you like.”

‘Ah, this is insane.’

“I saw the spirit well and you’re strong. You’re great.”

“I get angry and can’t stand it when you make sarcastic comments like that. But I’ll put up with you. If you see the true power of Montez’s bloodline, you’ll soon change your mind.”

Suddenly, he pulled out a hexagon-shaped object from his chest pocket.

“I’ll persuade you kindly, so you just have to be persuaded. It’s simple.”

“What is that?”

“It’s a fantastic place.”

He bit his thumb hard with his canine tooth, then let a few drops of blood onto the suspicious object and infused it with mana.

Above the odd hexagonal object, which had different colors on each side, a pattern similar to the one I saw in the sword I won the last time started being engraved.

‘Is it an ancient artifact?’

Suddenly, the surrounding landscape began to distort oddly.

At that moment.


Dozens of golden swords flew before my eyes, and the artifact in Philap’s hand bounced upwards and rolled down to the floor.

“Damn it, swords? Where the hell did they come from? There was no sign of intrusion in the water barrier!”

I saw Philap’s astonished face.

“Hey, you crazy bastard!”

“Teleportation magic… Isidor, you were a sword wizard?!”

Isidor, who suddenly appeared in front of me as if he had used teleportation magic, embraced me quickly while cursing roughly.

“Stop that right now!”

“Damn it!”

The heat was relieved for a moment, the artifact on the ground shook like it was going to explode at any moment, and the surrounding space became distorted like marbling.

Immediately, I felt like I was being sucked into something like a black hole.


There was an awful dizziness that made me feel like I was going to throw up.

I was squirming in Isidor’s hot embrace, and then lost consciousness.


‘She fainted for a moment because of the great mana wavelength.’

Princess Deborah couldn’t take mana well, so she seemed to have received a shock when the ancient artifact exploded.

‘Still, she didn’t get hurt.’

Isidor carefully examined the unconscious Princess Deborah, then got up and looked around slowly.

A heterogeneous space, as if someone had created it artificially.

Apart from the blue slate on which Isidor and Deborah were located, clear-blue water flowed on all sides.

Seeing that the surroundings were filled with the power of mana and nature, it seemed to embody the spiritual world.

‘That hexagonal artifact must be the door that connects with this subspace.’

He heard that the Montez family had a unique way of disposing of waste, but he didn’t expect Philap to use that artifact to kidnap Princess Deborah.

In a hurry, he broke down the artifact Philap had with his sword.

Thanks to that, he was pushed into the subspace alone with Princess Deborah.


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