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Isn’t Being A Wicked Woman Much Better? – Chapter 103 Bahasa Indonesia

“What, do I have something on me?”

“… Something?”

Judging by her slow response, one beat too late, Isidor was once again convinced that Princess Deborah wasn’t in a sober state.

“It’s chilly, so wear this.”

As soon as she accepted the glass of water, Isidor took off his suit and put it over her shoulders.

Wrapped in a large black suit, Princess Deborah suddenly muttered.

“… Hand.”

Isidor raised his hand, confused.



“Here, how many do you see?”

She frowned as he waved three fingers in front of her red eyes.

“… It’s two. I’m not drunk.”

She was very confidently wrong, but from her eyes, she did not seem to be drunk at all.

As she glared at his fingers as if she were going to break them, Isidor quickly folded one.

“That’s right, it’s two. The Princess is correct.”

She suddenly relaxed her eyes and smiled. He felt his nape become hotter at the sight.

The Princess looked really pretty when smiling, which she did from time to time.

‘For some reason, I feel like I’m being swayed.’

“… You’re kind. Sir Isidor.”

She muttered as she took a sip of the water.


It was true that he was being kind to the Princess. Originally, he didn’t approach someone like this first.

Until last year, he avoided the official events as much as he could by using his land as a pretext, and he was not expecting to come to the academy this year either, but he changed his plans because of someone.

“… And so perfect. Suspiciously.”

Isidor narrowed his eyes at the words that followed.

“Is there anyone perfect in this world? They’re either hiding their flaws or pretending to be unshakable.”


Princess Deborah dwelled on the word ‘pretend’ for a moment.

“The stronger the light, the deeper the shade.”

Isidor said, looking at the large half-moon buried in the darkness.

‘This is unlike me.’

Seeing that honest conversations kept coming out of his mouth, he also seemed to be drunk off the dim atmosphere of the moonlight.

“… Are you hiding a flaw under the shade?”


Immediately after, there was a silence between the two.

Isidor suddenly opened his mouth playfully, showing his dimples.

“But what’s perfect about me? I can’t even play the piano.”

“… That’s because you are also cute.”


Dumbfounded, Isidor looked gently at the Princess. At that moment, she suddenly covered herself completely with his suit.

“What’s wrong?”

“… It’s dazzling. I want to avoid the sun.”

‘I can’t figure her out at all.’

However, the problem was that her eccentric appearance was very cute.

Starting from how she purposely picked and walked only on the golden floor decorations, she was a well-behaved drunk that made him want to keep watching her.

He felt like he was peering into another side of her that was hidden by bad rumors and her cold appearance.

“It’s night right now, so what’s so dazzling? Is it because of the moonlight?”

Isidor asked kindly, in a laughing voice.

She closed her eyes so tightly that he could see wrinkles forming on her forehead, then suddenly raised her eyelids.

“… It’s fine now.”

“What is?”

“My optic nerves were overworked, so I took a little rest.”

She constantly mumbled nonsense, and then fixed her eyes once again on Isidor’s hand.

‘She must be the type who keeps obsessing about one thing when she gets drunk.’

And the fact that it was his own hand didn’t feel bad. If it was some other guy’s hand… He may have wanted to hit him. Such thoughts suddenly flashed through his mind.

‘But how long does she intend to keep looking at it?’

Isidor lightly clenched his hand, which had gotten stiff from her persistent red eyes, and then opened it.

‘And why am I so nervous in front of a drunk person?’

She spoke in a calm voice as he placed his hand on his lap and impatiently tapped his fingers on his knee.

“… I like big hands that play the piano well.”

‘Why did it have to be the piano among so many things?’

It was an ideal type that was plain, yet far from himself. Between that, the fact that Thierry knew how to play the piano well was ridiculous.

He forced a smile.

“I practice the piano every day. I will play until I do well, so don’t hang out with Thierry in the meantime. He’s a famous gambler.”

“… Practice?”

“Yes. It’s an admirable effort, isn’t it? So much that you will want to praise me every day.”

“… I don’t think you’ll be able to do it even if you practice for ten years.”

“But don’t you think my hands are bigger and better?”

“… Yeah. But you can’t play.”

She smiled again as she relaxed her eyes. Her shoulders shook up and down, as if something was funny, and her tied-up hair wavered slightly.

“… Your hands. They’re really pretty.”

“If you think they’re pretty and like them that much, take them and look at them as much as you want.”

“… Give it to me.”

She held out her hand without hesitation, as if she had been waiting. If anyone saw it, they would think that he had entrusted her with it.

‘She won’t remember it anyway.’

Swallowing a sigh, Isidor quietly put his large hand over Princess Deborah’s hand, like a well-behaved dog.

“Is this fine?”

Suddenly, her eyes, red like a ruby, glistened like those of a provoking child.

She tilted her head slowly, as if trying to closely observe the target she had been aiming for.

‘Isn’t she looking at it from too close?’

As soon as the Princess’ face and his hand were getting closer, as if her lips were going to touch it, her fingers slipped into his sleeve.

‘Wait, what are you doing…’

As her fingers slowly dug into the end of his glove, Isidor strained his big shoulders and long back.

A tickling sensation wrapped around his wrist like a snake.

He told her to look, but he didn’t know that in reality, she was trying to see his bare hands.

Isidor’s eyes widened, and his mouth hardened with embarrassment at the unexpected situation.

But he couldn’t shake her off.

In fact, it was more correct to say that he didn’t want to shake her off.

‘I’m going crazy.’

Like the first time they met, the Princess broke inside the line he had drawn without forewarning.

Now, she appeared without a sign like a black swan, invading and occupying even his firmly shut senses.

His clear boundaries were agitated here and there, like marbling.

As she dug into his palm, an overpowering burning sensation rose. Even though it wouldn’t certainly be this hot in practice.

A sweet and powerful sensation climbed up his hand like an electric current.

As her fingers scanned the back of his hand, with their skin lightly on top of each other, he bit the flesh inside his mouth tightly because a low groan seemed to be about to flow out.

Isidor’s hand, which was so pale to the point it was bluish, tightly intertwined with her small and elegant hand.

Soon after, the glove, which was peeled off like the skin of a reptile, fell powerlessly.


Isidor’s large hand, in which the veins were popping out, was as white as snow, while at the same time having a masculine and firm touch.

His eyes as he looked at me were redder and fiercer than usual.


A smooth, firm hand dug between my fingers as if it was going to prey on me.

We were just holding each other’s hands, but my cheeks were tingling, and my toes were bent.

As soon as I realized that the body temperature that I was touching was too hot, I hurriedly removed my hand like someone who had been burned, without realizing it.


The empty glass next to me fell to the ground and shattered.

The red warning light in my head belatedly lit up.

‘What, what’s this.’

What was I really trying to check?

The burning sensation spread through my chest despite being in a dazed state due to my intoxication.

‘This is a dream, isn’t it?’

I, who was in a daze due to being drunk, quickly tried to deny the reality and hurriedly handed him his suit, as if I were destroying evidence.

“It’s cold, so wear it.”

A low, hoarse voice reached my ears. My senses had become dull, and I couldn’t read the emotions in his voice.

My palms were burning to the point they hurt.

My vision was spinning, as if my vestibular system was also broken.

I gripped the collar of the clothes that covered my body and looked around disorderly, like a lost child.

“I’ll take you to your carriage. You’re drunk.”

His voice drifted away and gradually disappeared. My surroundings were swirling around, and at some point, I blacked out.

And the next morning.

I opened my eyes, lying on the bed.

“Ugh, my head hurts.”

As soon as I woke up, I had a terrible hangover and headache.

Seeing me grabbing my hair and groaning, the servants brought me some herbal tea that was good for headaches.

‘I’m desperate for Tylenol.’

I was frowning while drinking tea that was ineffective, and then suddenly dropped my teacup.

Isidor’s handsome bare hand was clearly drawn in my head.

‘Oh, oh, why did I take off his glove?’

The pieces of memory that remained from the last night worked three times better than headache medicine. Embarrassment easily beat the pain.

‘I’m screwed.’

I pounded my forehead on the pillow and tore up all the information on Isidor I had bought from the intelligence guild for 1,000 gold, as if venting my anger.

“It’s not like that!!”

What the hell did I do for this reason?

And why did I drink like that?

No matter how good Deborah’s alcohol tolerance was, it seems like drinking a glass every time I was introduced to someone was too much.

‘I won’t have more than five glasses of champagne from now on.’

I pounded with my fists alternately between the bed and the wall, feeling meaningless remorse.

I could feel the frightened gaze of the servants, but I couldn’t stop squirming.

I screwed up.

‘What should I do?’

I bit my lips and soon found the answer.


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