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Invincible Mumu – Chapter 97: Jade Plaque (4) Bahasa Indonesia


“W-what!? Kyak!”

“The ceiling!”

It was at that moment as the ceiling began to fall down.

Everything happened in the blink of an eye. Even though Dan Baek-yeon was one of the academy’s masters, this situation was close to a disaster.


She hurriedly used the Ice Heart technique and created a pillar of ice. While that momentarily placed the pressure and weight of the collapsing building onto it, the pillar of ice shattered an instant later.


“Get down!”


At that moment, Mumu supported the bottom of the falling ceiling with both arms.


Mumu’s hands dug into the ceiling. Even the veins on his forehead were visibly swelling at the enormous pressure the weight was placing on his muscles.

‘Contract and relax!’

Mumu began to contract and relax the muscles across his entire body.

This process increased his strength more explosively compared to only focusing on one muscle.


Still, the falling ceiling carried with it an enormous weight.


The pressure and weight falling on Mumu were too large to even estimate. It was difficult to even hold it up as his legs were slowly pushed to the ground.

“M-Mumu! Hold on a bit more! I will make a hole!”


In that situation, Tang So-so tried to pierce the ceiling with her poison technique. However, she wasn’t the only one, as even Dan Baek-yeon thought she needed to do the same.

“Focus on one place!”

At that time, Mumu yelled at his two companions.

“Uhhhh! Master! So-so! Turn the knobs on my wrists and ankles to 2.”


“The dials!”


The two of them were puzzled, but in this situation, the priority was to act, so they turned the dials.

They didn’t know why he was asking for it, but they decided to do it.


Both women managed to turn the dials, and, at that moment, the muscles on Mumu’s body began to swell up as his skin turned grey.

They both could see something similar to steam being pushed out of his body.

‘W-what is this?’

Both of them were shocked at this strange phenomenon. This was unbelievable.


The falling ceiling, which seemed like it would collapse at any moment, began to rise slowly as Mumu tried to push.

‘…N-no way!’

‘I-Is he lifting it?’

This was even harder to believe! This was an unbelievable situation as the building above them had definitely collapsed.

But now, they could see the debris begin to rise up, was the boy trying to lift it?

They were speechless at this feat of strength. Mumu then bent his knees and said.

“You two will need to run and get out through the gap.”

“Run? What are you talking…”

Before they could even ask further, Mumu’s thighs, which had already been bulging out of his clothes, swelled up as if they would explode.

And then he straightened his knees.


The floor sank down, and the ceiling soared high above them. Both women were shocked. Was he going to make an opening like this?

‘… that… with the building on top of him?’

‘What am I even looking at?’

It was a sight beyond common sense. An irrational idea of escaping a collapsing building by lifting the building.

But it was all happening in front of them.

With the ceiling moving upwards, they could see around them, and the view was nothing short of spectacular.

“Student So-so!”


The two women moved out of the building’s radius at the same time. The building, which was soaring high, would inevitably fall back down.



Mumu used his arms to ensure that the building didn’t fall too close to people. At the same time, Mumu moved the debris to the clearing that was free of people.


Mumu, who had thrown aside a building as if it was a toy, smiled and asked Dan Baek-yeon.

“Are you hurt?”


It was difficult to calm her heart at Mumu’s appearance. He was smiling with an innocent face, but he was a genius!

‘Just how are you…’

Meanwhile, Tang So-so was busy covering up her nosebleed.


The face of the unknown man that had been watching turned white.

He was the one who felt bad for crushing them down under the building. But did this make sense?

A single human had lifted the building and tossed it aside? A five-story building at that?

‘… he isn’t human.’

A true monster.

He had monstrous strength. It wasn’t something that one would comprehend through mere words.

Destroying a building of this size wasn’t difficult for those who reached a certain level, but lifting it up was a different story.

‘I need to tell everyone about this!’

The man tried to leave immediately, but then…


A dagger suddenly flew towards him, forcing him to dodge. Seeing the dagger that had flown past him, he turned his head towards where it had come from.

A man wearing brown clothes who appeared to be in his early thirties was standing there with a few more daggers in his hands.


He knew most of the people in the academy, but he couldn’t recall seeing this one. He didn’t seem to be a teacher.

The man hurriedly placed his hand on the sword at his waist and asked.

“Who are you?”

“Same. Who are you?”

“Can’t you see? I am the guard of the academy. Who the hell are you, just throwing a dagger at me?”

The man was indeed wearing the uniform of the academy’s guards. The other guards were now converging on the collapsed building site, so no one was there to be suspicious of him.

At that, the man who threw the dagger said.

“I get that, but you overlooked one thing.”


“Most of the security guards work on a rotational shift, so there is no way you’d be this close to the abandoned building.”

“What’s that?”

“With the poison leak and the ghost rumors, the guards stationed here come voluntarily.”

At those words, the man frowned.

Come to think of it, he had not been assigned near the abandoned building since the second half of last year. But how did this man come to know of it?


The man in guard’s clothing pulled out his blade. At that exact moment, the young man threw a dagger.


The man used his blade to block it.

He didn’t fully understand the situation, but he needed to eliminate this irritation and immediately report what he had seen.


He felt a presence behind him.

When he turned his head, a man who looked to be in his early forties was blocking his escape.

It was Neung Hyunbo, also known as Dan Pil-hoo’s Agent 2.

Agent 2 then said to the young man.

“You did good 8.”

The young man was the youngest of the agents, Agent no.8.

Why, then, had 8 spotted the suspicious-looking man? It was because of Dan Pil-hoo.

[From now on, three of you will keep an eye on Mumu.]

[Uh? I alone am enough for a young master like Mumu who is strong…]

[No. Information might get blocked again. At this point, the people hiding behind the incident must have noticed the child’s strength and considered him to be a hindrance.]

[Does this mean they will try to hurt him now?]

[Correct, they will also try to monitor his actions.]

[I understand.]

And the prediction of Dan Pil-hoo was right.

They didn’t expect the enemies to move this quickly. Agent 8 must admit, they were quite daring.

Due to the arson, the academy has kept a keen eye on the people inside. And yet, these people were still able to move around like this.

‘That is how dangerous they decided young master Mumu is.’

Of course, he could understand their hearts.

The arsonists had been killed by Mumu, and even the master behind it got beaten to a pulp and forced to confess. If it wasn’t for Mumu, the deputy would still be in prison, and almost all of the students would have been seriously injured or killed in the fire.

Even he logically thought Mumu would be a priority to be dealt with first, but…

‘In that way?’

They wanted to kill him to such an extent that they collapsed a building on top of him. Yet, Mumu didn’t get crushed and instead walked out with the building lifted over his head.

The more you saw of Mumu, the more inhuman he looked.

‘He cannot be killed. He isn’t a human.’

Agent 2 was convinced about that.

Agent 2 then took up a stance to engage the suspicious guard.

“Surrender now. If not, this will be difficult for you.”

Agent 8 stood confidently on the other side.

Although they were only meant to relay information, it didn’t mean that the agents were weak. The suspicious man then sneered at them and held his blade.

“You idiots are trying to make fun of us. Did you think you two could catch me?”


“Don’t get me wrong. You people…”


Before the man’s words ended, there was a roaring sound, and a strong wind blew through the air. Everyone there felt goosebumps on their skin.


The man gulped and turned his head.


In an instant, a man with grey skin and steam billowing out his body appeared behind him.

At this time, the suspicious man could only think.

‘I need to run.’

And he immediately decided to move…


Mumu’s large hand grabbed his head and lifted him up.

‘D-damn it!’

The man tried to swing his blade.


But the moment it hit Mumu’s hand, it broke instead.

‘.. uh?’

The man looked at Mumu with a confused expression. Was this man human?

As the suspicious man was stunned by the shock, Mumu looked at Agent 8 and asked.

“You mean this guard doesn’t work here?”


Agent 8, who saw Mumu like this, answered with a stutter. He, too, was feeling astonished.

‘How did he hear all this?’

Mumu came all the way from the other side of the clearing, which meant it was impossible to hear, but he somehow did?

Agent 2 then told Mumu.

“Young master Mumu, you cannot kill him!”

“I won’t.”

Mumu, who said that, turned the man’s head towards him and asked.

“Did you knock the building down?”


The man was too dazed to answer. In the first place, escaping from here seemed impossible.

Then there was only one way left!

‘Kill myself!’

Only death could prevent information leaks. And the method was simple. It was to break down the small vial hidden behind his back tooth.


The man twisted his mouth and bit down with his molars.

Seeing that, Agent 2 said.

“He has poison!”


At that moment, Mumu gently flicked his stomach.

Agent 8 frowned. No matter how strong that was…



And the man spat everything out with a groan.

The vial, which was supposed to go in his stomach, was now on the floor with smoke rising out of it.

‘…I spat it out!’

A simple flick prevented his death. Could such a thing happen?


As if coughing out the vial wasn’t enough, he also kept coughing up blood. It felt like even his organs were damaged.


Agent 8 looked at Agent 2, who had an incredulous expression, and nodded. It was something that he needed to see since he would take over surveillance duty over Mumu.


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