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Invincible Mumu – Chapter 82: Monstrous Student (2) Bahasa Indonesia

A few hours before morning.

The Chaotian festival, an event held in the Imperial palace, would be held for 5 days, and today was the 3rd day.

Since this was a festival that was known all over, people from all parts of Jianghu visited, and the academy was no exception to this.

From the Heavenly Martial Arts Academy, headmaster Do Jeong-myun, Dong Ryang-woo (who was a rank below the deputy) Mak Cheong-un, and a couple more were visiting.

Until yesterday, his Majesty the Emperor had also attended the annual event in a friendly atmosphere with the royal family and other high-ranking officials. However, they were shocked by the new report they had received.

[The event is one day away, but we need to get back now.]

[Headmaster, I think the same.]

In response to the words of his people, Do Jeong-myun stayed silent. What was reported was very serious.

The case of arson in the dorms by an unknown insider, and as a result, the students were almost hurt. It was said that the library manager Hang Yeon had been murdered, and the person arrested was Dan Pil-hoo.

‘… this is the worst.’

The previous ones were a problem; but the worst by far was the murder of the third disciple of Eastern River Blade. The partner was Hong Hye-ryeong, the daughter of the Southern Sword of Emperor.


His head throbbed. All these ‘great’ things had happened overnight. Each of the incidents, even when separated, were all still major events that could hurt the existence of their academy. So when put together, they couldn’t even imagine where to fix this.


[Master Mak.]

[This must be resolved quickly before it becomes public. As with many factions and sects, it may be difficult to rectify once the Imperial Palace comes to know of this.]

Mak’s words were right. This was a much bigger deal. The Heavenly Martial Arts academy didn’t have just the kids of warriors; there were also kids of nobles.

‘It might be a chance for someone to try to destroy the trust people have in the academy.’

In that case, even the Southern Blade of Emperor, who had a close relationship with the Imperial Family and was also a founder of the academy, would also lose trust in the academy.

No, would it be better if the imperial palace would involve themselves instead of asking the academy to solve i?


This cannot happen. If that happens, people will lose their trust in the academy.

[I will inform them.]

They apologized to the palace manager and decided to move. Then, a group of officials stormed into the garden where they stayed.

The people of the academy, including the headmaster, couldn’t hide their shock.

[Why is an elder here?]

They were high-ranking officials serving in the place. At the appearance of the people who were important, they couldn’t hide their nervousness.

At that time, Elder Mo Yun looked angry and asked,

[What happened? Is it true that a fire broke out in the buildings of the dorm last night?]


Everyone from the academy’s side was speechless. What they got was urgent news, and these people had already known.

‘… as expected.’

The information gathering of Imperial Palace was beyond imagination. Perhaps there were spies within the academy. No matter how much they attempted to filter these spies out, in such a huge academy, they could not keep track of all the shifting sides.

[Is it true? Huh?]

[… it is true.]

Headmaster openly admitted the fact. If they knew, he couldn’t deny it.

[How could this happen in the academy!]

Elder Mo Yun was angry. What made it even worse was the presence of Mo Il-hwa, a child he cherished.

Moreover, it wasn’t just one or two officials who had their children here.

Master Ga Yuhang replied,

[Elder Mo. We have also just heard the news. Fortunately, we caught the perpetrators early, and no one in the academy was injured.]

[Are you really saying that? How did this happen within the academy?]

[… I have no excuses.]

The headmaster couldn’t raise his head. This could clearly be called negligence on the part of the academy. Geum Jong-sin asked,

[Headmaster Do. Since it happened during an annual event, His Majesty hasn’t yet been reported to about this, but this failure will not be overlooked.]

The faces of the staff went pale at this. It was unintentionally giving them an excuse not to get involved. Do Jeong-myung obliged and said,

[This will be fixed. Although it can be called an unfortunate incident inside the academy, those who committed the arson have been caught, and the students are safe…]

[That isn’t the problem here.]

At that time, Seo In-gyeom entered. Perhaps the information reached him.

[I heard that some academy staff were involved in this.]


[There were spies within the academy trying to annihilate the students, but this means that no one noticed it.]


[If the academy doesn’t have the right people and doesn’t do its’ job properly, the imperial palace and the officials cannot support this, nor let this matter go.]

[What do you mean?]

[If you cannot do this on your own, then we will have to directly intervene.]

Headmaster looked at him intently.

‘Seo In-gyeom.’

This man was a problem. From the early days of the academy being established, the man always talked about the officials being involved in the academy. This confidence stemmed from the support that Southern Blade Of Emperor gave him.

He was someone who wanted the people of Murim to have control of the academy. But no one let him do this.

[Elder. The academy and the palace have built a deep bond for a long time, and have always been in a good relationship. There is clearly no excuse for this incident to have happened. If I am asked to step down for not being able to foresee this situation, I will do so willingly. But….]


[But if you are trying to directly oversee the academy using this as an excuse, do realize that as a member of Murim we will not just sit down.]


The moment the headmaster spoke strongly, the atmosphere turned tough. This meant that they were not going to simply back away from this situation.

[The headmaster’s words sound like he is ready to fight against us.]

[I do not mean to go against anyone. The previous Majesty has granted the benefits and autonomy of this academy in recognition of the merits of the Four Great Warriors, the heroes who achieved these titles 17 years back. But what is the difference between trying to put the men of yours in or directly subjugating the academy staff?]

When the previous emperor’s name was mentioned, no one could speak anything more. No matter how much they wanted the upper hand, they couldn’t go against the former emperor.

[Both opinions are valid. It is a true privilege given to the academy, so no one will try to infringe on these things, but it is also true that this is not a situation that is small enough to be ignored.]

[What insight will you offer us, elder?]

A wealthy merchant who was there said,

[What if we do this?]

[And you mean?]

[I heard that the arson incident inside was settled early, but who was behind this and how it happened haven’t been revealed yet.]

[… true.]

[Of course, the academy has to go in and investigate this matter, but how can we believe the academy’s conclusion due to the potential of spies interfering?]

At this, Do Joeng-myung frowned and asked,

[What do you mean for us to do then?]

[For a more certain investigation, an external person not from the academy will be asked to assist there.]

[But that….]

[Let me be honest. This is a case in which the kids of many people are involved. That alone allows the palace to intervene.]


[Elder. Please select competent people to conduct the investigations.]

[I will do that.]

This was the reason why Do Jeong-myung returned to the academy in such a hasty manner.

He arrived earlier than the investigators sent by the officials and attempted to handle this situation with his hands only. However, when he arrived, he heard someone had already confessed.

[Master Sa Muheo?]

What was even more surprising was who had made him confess. A freshman who hadn’t even learned martial arts, Mumu. But in the end, this was a good thing.

It was like having two of the three cases solved.


‘I don’t understand.’

It was difficult even for him to understand this result. Could the official investigators be convinced of this?

No matter how much he looked, Mumu could not defeat Sa Muheo.

Even if he was trained in martial arts, there was a limit to how much a child could accomplish. How was he speaking this confidently?

“Knocked him down.”


Knocked him down, would it make sense to say that a Super master level person was knocked down by this child? It was a story that no one would believe. And the headmaster looked at Mumu.

“… I heard your muscles were a lot bigger than they are now. Can you show it?”

Mumu scratched his head, a bit embarrassed by this request from Do Jeong-myun. Do Jeong-myun was still puzzled and simply asked Mumu,


“Ah… I caught the man to help the deputy; I didn’t want this.”

“What do you mean?”

“Isn’t the headmaster the highest person in the academy?’

“Yes. That is right.”

“Then. If you promise me one thing, I will show you.”


What is this? Did he really only want a promise from the headmaster?


“What do you want me to promise you?”

“The deputy told me that if I show my full strength to anyone in the school, I will be expelled.”



“Why will that happen?’

“I didn’t even learn martial arts, I am stronger than most masters, so there is no reason for me to be here.”

At Mumu’s words, the headmaster frowned. This sounded like a rather arrogant thing to say.

This meant he was proud of himself for being stronger than the teachers here. However, the child’s face didn’t look like he was the arrogant kind.

‘Is this kid being serious?’

Of course, it wouldn’t be wrong to be that confident if he really did take down Sa Muheo with his own strength. But he still couldn’t understand.

“So you mean you don’t want to be kicked out of the academy?”


Headmaster glanced up and down at Mumu once. He couldn’t see this child trying to hide his internal energy, and he took a deep breath as he said,

“Phew. Okay. As you said, if you are stronger than the masters here, there is no reason for you to be taught.”

“I see.”

“However, this is a school that teaches martial arts.”


“If you are strong without martial arts, then we have no reason to send you out.”

At that, Mumu spoke with a bright face.

“Right? So, there will be no problem with continuing to attend?”

“If it is proven that your strength isn’t because of martial arts but pure strength, then I will guarantee it.”


“Didn’t I say so?”

‘Of course, only if you prove it…’

Although there were many people who vouched for Mumu, no one saw the fight directly. Therefore, there was no way to know about Mumu’s power.

Here, if he could prove that he had the plain strength to subdue Sa Muheo, then it would be amazing.

“Then I should just show you?”

“No, you have to show how strong you are.”

“How strong I am?”


Mumu had to show enough to be properly judged if he had the strength to suppress Sa Muheo.

And Mumu titled his head,

“If I didn’t hear it wrong, but you are asking me to show my full strength?”

“Right. What is wrong with that?”

“No, it is nothing.”

“Then why are you asking?”

“… I have never done my best in my life, but somehow I feel like the buildings around us will be destroyed.”


At Mumu’s words, the headmaster was confused. Of course, if the headmaster had come across someone strong, such a mess wasn’t uncommon. But this was a child he was talking to.

‘He is a child who is more arrogant than he looks.’

There is nothing wrong with being confident. But too much confidence was a problem.

So the headmaster sighed and spoke with a kind smile,

“Don’t worry; I will prevent that from happening.”

There was no need to worry. Whether or not he had the power was all that he needed to check.

“For real?”

“Didn’t I say so?”

Mumu stared at him and then rolled up his sleeves. As he rolled up the sleeves, the headmaster asked him,

“What is that?”

“It is a piece which allows me to control the strength of my body. An item.”


“Yes. It is hard to control my power if I don’t wear it.”

At this, the headmaster’s expression darkened. He saw several items in his life, but one to seal strength?

And Mumu turned the dial.


It went from 8 to 1 at once.


Mumu’s muscles on his right arm began to compress and swell, almost as if they would burst. And the skin on his arm turned red with steam billowing out.


‘What is this?’

The Headmaster’s eyes widened at this strange change. It was like watching how muscles could develop overtime.

The skin on Mumu’s right arm, which had turned red, began to turn darker, to black.


It was just a change on one arm, but the headmaster frowned and continued to feel the intimidation emanating from it.

It’s not even flowing out; there was no energy; what was this bizarre feeling?

And Mumu asked,

“What do I do now?”


Do Jeong-myung came to his senses at Mumu’s questions and pointed to him.

“Show your strength on me.”

“… will that be fine?”

Headmaster nodded. It was a bizarre change, but the man was confident with his skills. And to gauge the power, it was the fastest to check it on him.

Mumu looked at the man with a look of concern, and then he clenched his thumb and middle finger.

“What are you doing?”

“Strength control.”

This wasn’t weird; this was like flicking someone on the forehead.

And not against anyone else, but him, the headmaster?

“Are you going to flick me…”

And before he could finish his sentence.

Mumu flicked his finger, and it was then–



As soon as the finger touched the headmaster’s forehead, there was a huge destructive power that rushed through his body which was protected with internal energy. When he finally came to his senses, he found himself flying in the air far away from the main office.



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