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Invincible Mumu – Chapter 67: Great Confrontation (1) Bahasa Indonesia

[The internal energy work of Master Dan Baek-yeon helps with withstanding the poison, but the closed building had made the poison inside turn contagious. Right now, you must go to Master Jang Geun-soo, who teaches self-defense.]

After much thought, Dan Baek-yeon asked the deputy head to give her permission to enter the old research building. However, she wasn’t allowed to go in right away, and there was a chance her seeds had died.

‘… well, there is no guarantee that the seeds are alive.’

And it has been a building that had been neglected for far too long. There was no need to hurry as there was a high chance of the seeds not having made it.


It had been a while since the work hours were done, but she was constantly stuck in the lab.


Arriving at her lab door, she frowned that the lock had been smashed.

‘Who would do this?’

It seemed like someone had broken into her lab, and her eyes turned bitter. Raising her energy, she was ready for a fight.


And she opened the door to check for any intruders inside, but she frowned. The scent of flowers filled the room, and the scent was familiar to her.


Her eyes went wide. Wasn’t the only flower from her place frozen and broken?

And the scent from that very flower stimulated her nose, and she immediately hit the lamp to see it.


And the moment the light shone, she felt dazed.

A feat of red petals filled up the area near the window. All of it was from the Golden Red Snow Flower.

She couldn’t help but be shocked. It felt like she was back in the North Sea Ice palace.

Her eyes welled in tears as she smiled, looking at the flowers.

On the way back to their dorms, Jin-hyuk spoke to Mumu.

“You made all the flowers bloom. Why just leave them there?”


It was Mumu’s hard-earned result. The flowers he brought along with his friends were placed in the lab and he came back without even speaking to her.

Jin-hyuk couldn’t understand what Mumu was thinking for this to happen. And it was Hae-ryang and not Mumu who answered it.

“Huhu. Young lord Jin-hyuk. These are the thoughts of young lord Mumu.”

“What do you mean?”

“If we stayed there or wrote something to say it was us, even if we did a good deed, we would have been scolded and punished for violating the academy’s rules. From that point of view, it can be said that this is the right judgement.”


Jin-hyuk nodded his head, agreeing to it.

Seeing them like that, Mo Il-hwa clicked her tongue.

“Idiots. Learn these things from Mumu.”


“What is that supposed to mean?”

“What Hae-ryang said is true, but only Master Dan Baek-yeon knows that Mumu knows about the seeds in the old building.”

“True but…”

“Ugh. Jin-hyuk, you should study about women along with your lessons.”


“Master Dan Baek-yeon is a woman. And he brought flowers to make up for the mistake and on top of that, it says that this is what I am. And the emotion she feels will not be less.”

“That is like trying to impress…”

“Indifferent but to one person. Don’t you know how excited women get when they are treated like that?”

“… is that true?”

“Tch. Tch. You cannot find a woman with this much understanding. Trust me; I am telling the truth.”

Jin-hyuk couldn’t understand her.

Mo Il-hwa was so frustrated at it that she clicked her tongue. If she lived with such a man, she would constantly have to teach…


Mo Il-hwa was shocked at what she imagined for a moment. She shook her head in embarrassment.

Her only man was going to be Yu Jin-sung.

Didn’t she join this academy for that reason with Jin-hyuk and Mumu?

‘Husband Jin-sung! I am sorry!’

The thoughts of a woman who thought she sinned.

“Miss. Why are you like that?”

Jin-hyuk asked if she was alright. Mo Il-hwa’s face went red at his actions, and he was confused as she pushed his hand away.

“Yah. Go there and walk.”


“I said to walk from that distance.”

Jin-hyuk sighed, unable to understand her, and eventually moved ten steps away. Mumu also went along with his brother and said,


“Why are you whispering like this?”

“So-so said that senior Kang Mui had learned the martial arts of Mount Mo from the first basement floor of the secret library.”

“I see, then….”

“But it is weird.”

“What is?”

“The flower which was blooming in the basement. It is said that this is a flower which only blooms in the cold winter.”

“… but, didn’t that flower bloom because the surroundings of the flower were all frozen? Didn’t it seem similar to winter?”

“Right, but all the frozen land looked like Master Dan Baek-yeon’s ice.”


At Mumu’s words, Jin-hyuk frowned.

“What are you saying? Are you implying that Master Dan Baek-yeon came into the old research building and tried to freeze it for the flowers? If that is the case, she wouldn’t have cried…”

“No, it isn’t that she did it, but senior Kang Mui seems to have learned how to do it.”

“You think Kang Mui learned it?”

“It has a similar feeling to what master does, but slightly different.”

At that, Jin-hyuk stopped walking. Does he mean to say that they felt the same because he was feeling similar energy?


Every energy is unique. This is because the internal energy of each person and their martial arts is different.

Depending on whether the person trains or how he trains, the quality of energy is divided into thousands of numbers, and it will be difficult to distinguish between them unless one is a master.

“… on what grounds can you say that?”

“What grounds?”

“it is impossible to distinguish the uniqueness of energy unless one is a master with great senses.”

He heard this in the class of in-depth understanding of internal energy and also from his masters.

Even if he sharpened his senses, he would only be able to understand it to an extent, but Mumu, who hadn’t yet formed dantian, was able to know it?

At Jin-hyuk’s question, Mumu responded by scratching his head.

“I just felt it.”

“Just felt it? how can someone who hasn’t formed a dantian feel it… wait!”

JIn-hyuk put his palms on Mumu’s stomach. And breathed in.

He couldn’t control his internal qi like the masters, but now he was able to check it out.


Jin-hyuk’s eyes widened.

“What is it?”

“How… you?”

Jin-hyuk looked at Mumu in shock.

This was just the second day of Mumu learning the cultivation technique. However, there were signs of a dantian that had already formed. Jin-hyuk was at a loss for words.

‘What is with this one?’

Is this possible? Jin-hyuk didn’t understand the speed of growth. He changed the cultivation technique so that Mumu could learn it quickly, but this was…

‘I thought it would take him another month to get it done.’

In his early-late teenage years, Jin-hyuk had learned to create dantian and predicted that Mumu learning in his late teens would take longer. But this was too fast.

This was on the verge of being able to use internal energy in just two days…

‘… this one couldn’t be the legendary heavenly body or something, right?’

He couldn’t have a dantian this fast if not for that. Mo Il-hwa was walking ahead and then turned back.

“Yah! Yu Jin-hyk, what are you doing! You aren’t shocked that I told you to walk away, right?”

Jin-hyuk calmed down his shock and spoke to Mumu.

“Let’s talk once the roll call is up.”

At the end of the free time, the roll call began.

In the front of the main gate of the dorms. Do Yang-woon of the North Heavenly Dorm was guarding the gate and was standing with hands behind his back with an anxious face.

All the roll calls for the floors were done, but only one wasn’t done yet.

It was the 6th floor where Mumu had to go.

‘He hasn’t been able to do it yet.’

Do Yang-woon grabbed his forehead as if his head hurt. After Mumu took the 6th floor, the condition did improve, and there was one student who couldn’t be controlled.

It was Ki Majin, a 3rd year student on the 6th floor. And it was said that he had escaped again, and people were out to catch him; seeing how long it had been, he seemed determined.

‘… if we keep getting demerit points like this, we will fall out of the race.’

And was the student not afraid of being expelled? He didn’t think it would be this late.

Do Yang-woon pulled out the folded piece of paper from his pocket. It was almost time to end this, so he kept getting nervous, and the floor leader of 5th floor Kang Seo-ryang approached him.

“Still left?”


“Mumu, even he couldn’t do it.”

“If he decided to hide for real, it would be like trying to pick a star from the ground.”

“Well, that is an exaggeration, and he won’t go anywhere other than the special training centre.”

The place of Ki Majin was the same. He doesn’t leave Cho Nayeon.

Even though he had a hole in his ass because of her, he would keep going for her.

“Just let this go.”


“There are no other people out of their rooms, so I will post the final report.”

“… Um. You will?”

“I’ve done this more than once or twice, so why act so surprised?”

Kang Seo-ryang was like the right arm of Do Yang-woon. And Do Yang-woon handed him the board and Kang Seo-ryang took it.

“Make sure you win the spar.”

At that, Do yang-woon clenched his fists.

“Do you mean this? I am sorry that you are missing muscle training because of me; if there is a loss of muscle…”

“… who loses muscle for missing one day of training? Don’t worry and keep going.”

“Then, thanks.”


Do Yang-woon was excited as he moved away fast, and seeing his back disappear like that, Kang Seo-ryang felt joy.

A day off from muscle training. Jin-hyuk, who was coming from outside, asked.

“Where is the manager going?”

He couldn’t even say what was happening as he was too much in joy; he spoke to Jin-hyuk, who was curious with a smiling face.

“You must be curious.”


“A battle between those who inherited the blood of great people.”

Northeast training center within the dorms site, the scale of the training center was extensive.

And there was a boy with bushy hair lurking in the lush trees. It was Ki Majin.

‘Damn it.’

He had come to watch Cho Nayeon, but now he was running to avoid being caught.

‘What is with him!’

Upon hearing that the leader of 6th floor didn’t know martial arts, he thought he could hide anywhere, but he wasn’t sure what that man was doing, constantly finding out where he was hiding.

‘Please give up.’

Because of him, he couldn’t see Cho Nayeon training for a single day, and now he was hiding far away from the special training center. It was a situation where he was running.

‘I have come all the way to the very end of the place, so he cannot find me… hahaha!’

Ki Majin held his breath as someone walked out from under the tree he was on. It was Mumu.

‘No! how did he get here!’

Ki Majin was losing it. This man who hadn’t learned martial arts could track his presence?

Mumu spoke.

“Senior~ where are you? Senior looks a lot nicer in the dorm room.’


Just hearing those words made him get goosebumps. Mumu, looking around, lowered himself to the ground and began to sniff the ground.


Was he smelling the ground?

‘No, this mad man isn’t some tracking dog; what nonsense is he doing trying to smell the…’


Mumu, who was sniffing at that time suddenly looked up at the tree with gleaming eyes and said,

“Found you.”



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