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Invincible Mumu – Chapter 55: Martial Arts (2) Bahasa Indonesia

A room with the lights off.



“If I eat that pill which I bought will I be able to increase my internal energy quickly?”

“… No.”

“But you never know.”

“Yah. You only just learned about the blood points and meridians.”

“Ah, right.”

“Did you finish building those muscles in a day or two?”

“… no.”

“Normally, someone would have to learn the cultivation method before they hit the age of ten, which would make it easy for your growing body to adjust to it. But that didn’t happen for you.”


“You might end up facing some kind of side effect if you rush it. So don’t be in a hurry and do what you’re told.”

“Uh. Okay.”

Jin-hyuk clicked his tongue.

If a dantian could be formed so quickly with just these energy pills wouldn’t everyone take them? The formation of a dantian in the body depends on the constitution and one’s understanding.

There is a difference in how quickly one understands the concept of energy and makes it accustomed to their body. Even Jin-hyuk, who was called a genius, took an entire month just to create the base of a dantian.

And yet, he was praised for being greater than his older brother.

‘Well… he looks motivated.’

Jin-hyuk couldn’t understand why Mumu was this motivated… he had only explained about the blood points once. Yet, Mumu heard it and memorized it at the first chance.

Mumu was someone with the great ability to understand most things quickly. It was when Jin-hyuk saw this skill in action that he accepted that Mumu could have really memorized all 40 books in the secret archives.1

‘… his ability to understand things is beyond my imagination.’

There was no need for Jin-hyuk to explain it again. There were no questions being asked, Mumu never asked for anything to be simplified, and instead Mumu quickly understood everything in the correct manner.

And the one time he asked a question, it was to point out the part which was overlooked. With this level of intellect, Jin-hyuk could understand Mumu wanting to rush things.

When he first learned martial arts, he too wanted to rush it because of the constant praises he was getting.

‘Just what is he?’

Was he always this smart?

It was as if he had reawakened something in the past day. Or did he underestimate Mumu too much? It could also be that.

‘Because I kept thinking he was a muscle-brained idiot.’

Besides, weren’t there accidents caused by Mumu’s innocence? So it made sense that he thought Mumu wasn’t smart.

‘I need to reflect on my attitude.’

In the future, he should never judge someone on their looks so carelessly.

Hearing the title of Ascension Martial Arts of the archive being memorized by Mumu, his legs gave out.

[The Sun And Moon Swordsmanship]

[Nameless Swordsmanship]

[Thousand Piercing Arrows]

[Seven Shaped Fists]

And a lot more.

All these were the names which were heard at least once. And they were also things which people desired the most.

In addition, there were about a dozen more martial arts techniques which have been known to be in use and Jin-hyuk couldn’t understand how Mumu memorized such great things on instinct.

‘It seems like he picked up the nice ones.’

Jin-hyuk had no way of knowing that all of this was because of Im Jong’s help. In any case, Jin-hyuk had to think a lot about choosing one technique and learning among them.

First of all, what about Mumu? What about him? He chose these books. The Martial Arts Mumu remembered were all too famous. And Mumu who learned not a single thing about Martial arts would have a hard time learning such famous ones. Unless he was a better genius than Jin-hyuk.

‘I like this.’

Jin-hyuk chose two things for Mumu.

Strictly speaking it was one thing, but he decided to teach more because Mumu seemed strangely attracted to it. what Jin-hyuk chose was Floating Clouds Halting Technique.

‘I am sure he needs this.’

It was a close combat martial art and Mumu pursued strength too so this would help him have superhuman power.

Weren’t the fists the first thing he moves?

Jin-hyuk, who decided that the suppression aspect was important to immobile the opponent, recommended this to Mumu. On the other hand, what Mumu chose was the Four Gods of Initial Heaven Martial Arts.

‘how did he find this?’

Judging from the fact that Jin-hyuk had never heard of this martial art, it still looked like a real martial art, but it was a unique martial art which seemed to consist of only five forms.

Black Tortoise Fist, Zhuque Wing Split, Indestructible White Tiger Thunder, Blue Dragon Extreme Sky, and Yellow Dragon Beast’s Combo.

Except for the last one, all the other techniques were easy to learn.

‘This is the ascension?’

It was meant to be taught only because Mumu was attracted to it, but all four techniques seemed simple, but it also seemed like it would be effective.

So what if it was learnt?

‘It might be easier to learn since they are close to the basics.’

In return for teaching these, he received one book from Mumu.

[New Sun Flying Kick]

Mumu said he knew more, but Jin-hyuk said one was fine. And he thought it was useless to ask for too many when he couldn’t fully perfect one.

‘Nothing good comes out of being greedy.’

He too told Mumu that there was no need to be greedy with learning so many martial arts. And his masters and brother also constantly said that.

The flow needs to be natural and not forced.

‘… but still, we are lucky.’

Thanks to Mumu, he managed to get a martial arts learning which was known to be the ultimate in this world.

He pretended to be fine, but actually Jin-hyuk wasn’t able to stop smiling behind his blanket. And while Jin-hyuk was like this, Mumu had a sullen face.

‘So slow.’

The basic cultivation Jin-hyuk taught was Three Ways Mind Cultivation.

It is widely known among the Murim people that anyone wanting to learn martial arts started with this method.

[Three ways are Heaven, Earth and Humans. A basic word to say that people are under the sky and above the land and that everything depends on the man’s will.]

Was what Jin-hyuk said, but since this was the most basic one, it seemed too slow in showing progress. The amount of energy gathered was too small.

‘… should I try that thing I did before?’

Suddenly, he remembered the words on the black stone on the ceiling which made no sense. When he tried saying it he remembered the warm feeling which circulated through his body.

‘Ah… I was meaning to ask Jin-hyuk about that!’

However, it was more like a poem than cultivation. So he tried to ask, but then didn’t say anything as Im Jong asked him to never speak about heading down to the 3rd floor.

‘He told me to not tell anyone.’

He said that the fact that they dropped in by accident shouldn’t be revealed to anyone. And he remembered what Hae-ryang told him.

[The 3rd basement floor is rumored to contain the damaged copy of the True Heavenly Martial Arts]

However, Mumu couldn’t find anything with that name on it. However, he thought that it was strange that a ceiling had something written on it.

‘… was that the one?’

The words engraved on the black stone weren’t in perfect condition. Only half was there. and considering that, it was also damaged.

‘I really can’t ask.’

‘Name of the Abyss…’

He began to memorize it and his body turned warm and Mumu gave in to the pleasant warmth.

Second half of the next morning.

Today was the day of the lecture on Practical Sparring, a common compulsory subject for first years.

Fifty two students had gathered in an outdoor training hall, and since it was the first practical levure everyone looked forward to competing. Apart from this, Mo Il-hwa, who complained that lectures were boring, enjoyed her time here as she received a paper from Mumu.

[Sun and Moon Female Swordsmanship.]

When she received the paper which had a martial arts technique from a famous book written in, she was startled at first. However, she couldn’t hide the satisfaction that Mumu brought something for her from the 1st floor.

‘Hehehe. Weird one. Looking after me so well.’

Mo Il-hwa thought Mumu only gave her this. And that had made her feel a lot better.

Seeing her like that, Jin-hyuk tried to look calm pretending to not know anything.

Mumu had wanted to give something to Mo Il-hwa and Hae-ryang too. In response, Jin-hyuk said to not give it to Hae-ryang.

[If they find out that you have memorized so many, it will be a problem for you later on. If you really want to give it, give it to Miss but don’t tell her anything more.]

[Only for Il-hwa?]


He asked to give something to Mo Il-hwa where there would be less need for effort. On the other hand, Hae-ryang was someone of the Lower District clan which would give information for money.

Despite being friends, Jin-hyuk wasn’t confident that he wouldn’t sell information.

[So, don’t tell anyone about this. I’m not going to talk about it either.]


Mumu took the advice into account. It was because he knew how the rumors were spreading around.

“Okay! Then, the explanation on how this will work is simple, today will be a demonstration. I will finish the class with one or two groups.”


Everyone responded to Master Jeon Woo-chung, who was incharge of the class. He glanced at the students.

“Since this is the first class, who will come?”

At that, the eyes of the students were twinkling. Among the students, a student who had a thick body like Mumu stood out, he was Go Yeom-hak.


He didn’t think that anyone would willingly come. Go Yeom-hak looked at the back of Mumu’s head who was in front of him.

‘didn’t two people lose to him?’

His true identity was that of the Iron Blood Golden clan which belonged to the Eight Evil families. And was one of the three first year students who received permission of ‘Master Heo’.

[Test him.]2

[Who are you referring to?]

[Yu Mumu.]

[Mumu means the one who passed the test with pure strength?]

He was keeping an eye on Mumu.

Even at the dorms selection he saw Mumu with his developed muscles fluster the seniors. In strength alone, it seemed like he could counter a Master.

[Master Heo. That is true, but is he that big of a variable…]

[Both kids of ours have suffered.]


He was shocked to hear that.

All the people of the Evil Eight families go through hellish training. But it said that a kid who was a first year and not a Master in the academy had taken them down.

To defeat the two, one had to be at least of Super Master level.

[Which is why you will test him.]

[What do you mean?]


Go Yeom-hak looked at the band on Mumu’s wrist. It was more like an iron ring placed on prisoners than a decorative band.

‘Does that have power?’

For some reason he thought that it was strange that Mumu passed the tests without internal energy.

And it is a different story if Mumu was using some kind of item. And if Mumu was stopped from borrowing the power, then dealing with him would be easy. Go Yeom-hak raised his hand.

“Master. I want to go against a person from here.”

To be accurate it was Mumu, and when he called, all the students looked there.

“He wants to do it with him?”


Everyone one knew of Mumu’s strength. Besides, everyone was reluctant to fight Mumu because they saw how he took down people in the dorm selection.

And they were shocked this man wanted to fight him.

“Oh. Really?”

And the Master readily accepted it. even they were hearing things about Mumu. The first kid who passed without internal energy. So, he wondered what this kid would be like.

“You. You received a challenge, accept it?”

Mumu blinked his eyes at the question.


“Yes. You.”

“Um… okay.”

Mumu thought it was annoying but then nodded his head. He thought that the class would end soon if this was done. Looking at Mumu, Go Yeom-hak thought,

‘cheeky bastard. What is with his actions?’

It felt wrong to react that way when someone asked for a spar from a specific person.

“Then the two of you come up here. And the others will step back.”

At that, the students retreated. And only Mumu and Go Yeom-hak remained.

“The rules are simple. It is forbidden to aim to kill or seal the blood points. Other than that, if there is any more problem, I will stop this spar. Do your best!”

As soon as the words came, Go Yeom-hak took the form. He moved his legs like a horse ready to pounce and spread his arms wide. And called Mumu,



“If you are so strong.”


“I will give you a chance. Hit me with all your might.”

At that, the master and the students were puzzled.

They couldn’t understand him asking for a spar, but to now tell the opponent to come at him was weird. It was an obvious provocation.

“Look here. Don’t act out. Mumu’s power isn’t normal.”

Jin-hyuk said in a worried tone.

He couldn’t even remember this student, but he knew that he was underestimating the power of Mumu. To which, Go Yeom-hak responded with a snort.

‘I have trained my body from the age of five. And at the age of ten my body was as sharp as a sword and fourteen, I rolled boulders with my bare hands.’

He was sure that with a single blow he would determine if his opponent is using the item’s power or not. He heard that the band would turn to unleash the power.

[If he tries to touch it, I will take him down before it and if not, I will see what his true power is. It will be possible for a descendent of Iron Blood to know.]

People had faith in him and he was knowing to repay it, knock the opponent down gracefully.

At that time, Mumu stepped ahead in front of him and rolled his right sleeve up.


The band on his hand was fully visible now.

‘Is that the one?’

Mumu hadn’t touched it yet. And he was right ahead.


Go Yeom-hak frowned at Mumu asking the question with a smile.

“You… have you seen someone as strong as me get hurt? Do your best. No, no matter how best you will do, you can’t overthrow me,”


Go Yeom-hak tore off the shirt he had. And the big shiny muscles appeared with scars on them. It gave the impression of a hard body rather than a smooth diamond.

At those words, cheers came from all over the place.

‘This one… he’s trained his body to a great level.’

Even Master Jeon Woo-chung thought it was different. Go Yeom-hak had a triumphant expression on his face.

‘I am different. I will now show you the true power of the Iron Blood Gold clan.’


At those words, Mumu clenched his fit and raised his right arm. And clenched it.


‘he won’t use the power in front of others, so this can never even hurt me.’

It was then,


Mumu’s right arm muscles suddenly contracted with a twitch. Instead of swelling up, the well-developed muscles compressed which made Go Yeom-hak frown.

‘W-What? How did he make such muscles…’

And then Mumu said,

“Thanks. I was wanting to try it out. Contraction and relaxation.”



At that moment, Mumu’s forearm muscles, which had contracted as much as possible like a squeezed mop, immediately relaxed with a tremendous speed and in an instant came the violent whirlwind.

“I won’t hit since it will hurt.”


At the same time, Mumu aimed for Go Yeom-hak with his right hand.



With a monstrous scream Go Yeom-hak fell to the floor with joints bent as if he was crushed.


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