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Invincible Mumu – Chapter 123: Title Of The Youngest (4) Bahasa Indonesia

“Even though the first half of it isn’t intact, you need to discipline the mind and control yourself, so this will greatly help.”

The sage smiled and eventually turned to the broken black stone tablet.

Although he had once been willing to take it out in the past, there was a time when the entirety of the central plains was plunged into chaos due to what was written on it. Even those known to be calm and friendly started to covet it.

‘The latter part of the Heavenly Martial True Arts is coming into the world like this?’

It was the most supreme martial art.

The key to enlightenment brought out by the sage was something that could shake up all of Murim.


The sage’s gaze turned to Mumu. He didn’t actually want to ever show this to anyone.

He knew that if someone held this, another conflict would start in the world.

This was a treasure of the heavens and the gods. Those who honed their martial arts would all desire it. However, Mumu seemed fine.

‘Whoever takes this tablet from this child…’


Who could even take the tablet from this child? Besides, the first half was damaged and missing. Understanding the concept of the body and mind would be difficult with just the second half. This was only a cultivation technique that would strengthen the mind, not something many would look forward to.

Mumu then asked,

“Is there another name for this stone tablet?”

The sage became silent. Would it be better to let this child know?

He hesitated as he said,

“The realization of what’s on it is the most important. You don’t have to worry about the name.”

He decided to not say anything. There was no need to even give out crumbs.

After all, it was more important for Mumu to learn its contents and improve himself. Still, it might not hurt to give him some pointers.

“Kid, there are rules for disciplining the mind. Never let people know about this.”

“Other people?”




This much was enough. As long as he knew Mumu and his innocence, the sage had nothing to worry about.

As Mumu proceeded to read its contents, the sage took out an ink pen and said,

“It will be difficult to carry the tablet. Here, write it down so you can read it whenever you want.”

Mumu shook his head.


“It is fine. I memorized it.”


The sage frowned.

Did this child memorize the whole thing after reading it just once?

‘No way.’

He asked,

“You memorized it after reading it once?”


“Right. After just reading it once.”

The sage was still thinking as Mumu closed his eyes and began to chant out the second half.

“Infinite Problems Gate, Vast Ocean of Worldly Affairs. Clouds…”


Hearing those words shocked the sage as he had approached Mumu. Mumu had clearly repeated things on the tablet.

“Can I look at your head for a moment?”

“My head?”

“Just for a second.”

At this request, Mumu raised his head as the sage touched the crown of his head with his palm. The sage then sighed.

‘This… it has been pulled out.’

He did think that it was strange.

The Yeohwan point was used to eliminate distractions and strengthen concentration.

It was usually used to keep a person learning martial arts from deviating from what should be focused on. If that thing disappeared, then the bands he had given to Mumu wouldn’t be able to last.

The sage looked at Mumu.

“Are there any problems?”

“… Haha, not at all.”

That was what was said to the boy, but this was a problem.

The boy didn’t just have a peerless body but also a brilliant mind. He wanted to seal the opened acupuncture point again, but he couldn’t.

‘Huh. Will the Logic of the World come again quickly?’

The bands weren’t effective, and now this released acupuncture point also made things deviate further from the path. The sage was concerned about this.

He was giving Mumu the tablet to help him gain control over his body and live longer, but would the boy be able to do it?

‘Holy heaven…’

In the end, everything depended on Mumu.

At a now-ruined square within the Heavenly Martial Arts Academy—

This place which had been filled with students and teachers was now a bit more organized.

There had been a considerable commotion just a few hours ago.

Shin Eui-gyeom was one of the strongest people who had appeared in the academy. That alone drew the attention of everyone. To make it worse, the man was also dueling someone.

A fierce battle had destroyed the vast square, but the other party in this duel was a student of the academy.

A new student who had joined, at that!

‘Shit. I don’t need to know other things, but I have to know the outcome!’

Not far from the square, the students have moved away under the control of the teachers. However, a second-year student was hiding on the opposite side of the building.

‘If they fight, they will end it here.’

The student hid in the bushes. No matter how much they thought about it, this incident would not shake just the academy but the whole world.

And the identity of the student that Shin Eui-gyeom was fighting—

‘I think I heard he knows nothing about martial arts and instead only trained his muscles.’

How could such a guy compete on an equal level with a man like Shin Eui-gyeom?

Before they moved, there had been no visible injuries. Only two assumptions could be made from this.

‘It meant that either the great warrior was being careful with the boy, or that jerk was hiding his powers.’

No matter how he looked at it, it didn’t seem like it was the former.

If the man was caring for a junior, then the square wouldn’t have ended up like this. However, the latter would be odd as well.

Did it make sense for someone who didn’t train their martial arts to hide their strength?

‘Damn it! I am curious.’

That was why they hid here. If they had missed things about the student, they might not have been informed about the end of the fight. However, others were watching as well.

“Master… even so, why do you have to be with me?”

In response to Tang So-so’s question, Master Baek Yeon blushed as she said,

“… As a warrior, I am just curious about the outcome of the confrontation.”



“Ah, I see. I thought you were here for the same purpose as I am, to make sure that Mumu is either safe or give him aid if he is hurt. As I thought, master is different.”


Baek Yeon licked her lips as Tang So-so teased her.

Although younger, this child seemed to have an excellent understanding of other women. Besides, she was also worried about Mumu’s safety.

However, as a teacher in the academy, she could not give that answer.

“Forget it. Just do as the headmaster said. So-so is a student…”

“Master, what do you think will be the outcome?”


“You said you are here for the sake of the outcome, so who do you think will win between the two?”

Baek Yeon fell silent at this question.

She had only seen the two staring at each other when she arrived. That alone was enough to shock her.

‘… That kid is strong.’

She was aware that Mumu was not like an ordinary person. However, she wasn’t sure if he had the power to compete with one of the Four Great Warriors.

If it were her, she knew she absolutely wouldn’t last for more than three seconds against them. When it came to Mumu though, she had no idea how he would do.

“Did you come to a conclusion?”

As So-so repeated the question, Baek Yeon sighed.

“Is it Shin Eui-gyeom?”

“… Mumu surely might be an amazing student, but that man is one of the great warriors who has already reached a level we cannot touch.”

That was the most decisive factor, experience.

Mumu lacked that in every way. So there was no way Mumu would win.

“The weight of the title ‘Four Great Warriors’ is greater than ever, and Mumu is still young. And even if we factor in his strange strength as a variable, it doesn’t look that promising.”

“… No matter how strong Mumu is, you say it is impossible?”


Tang So-so had hoped for some miracle, but the opponent was simply too strong.

No, he was beyond strong. The man was a living legend.

Perhaps Mumu just surviving would already be lucky.

“… Mumu is do…!? That… that… kuaaak!”

“What is it?”

Baek Yeon turned her head to the front. What made Tang So-so sound so desperate?


For a moment, her expression became stiff as she wondered if what she was seeing was real.

‘… How did this happen?’

A commotion broke out at that moment.

In the middle of the square, the headmaster stood with the deputy.

The headmaster was looking to the north.

“I think the result should be decided by now. What do you think, deputy?”

“… I think so too.”

“Whatever the outcome, one thing is certain.”

“What is it?”

“In the near future, we may be welcoming the newest and youngest great warrior.”

No one could deny the deputy’s words.

They had witnessed the fight before they left. They knew for a fact that Mumu would keep growing.

They weren’t sure about this fight, but Mumu would continue to become stronger in the future.

“Hmm… Now then, how do you plan to die? The child’s talents have been recognized, and many are witness to it. It is said that one could see from the seed how a tree would grow. That child would surely stand shoulder to shoulder with the Four Great Warriors within 5 to 10 years.”

In the midst of their conversation.



The commotion picked up again.

They knew some students were hiding and watching, so what was this reaction?

At that moment—


Mumu appeared in front of them with his glowing gray muscles and someone on his shoulder.

That figure was…

“Great Warrior Shin?”

“Ah… he passed out.”

“Passed out?”


The two of them were speechless.

Mumu was the one lifting up Shin Eui-gyeom.

The two of them couldn’t believe what was happening. Just a few seconds ago, the two of them had discussed the possibility of Mumu’s growth in the next 5 to 10 years.

But that was now a reality!



It wasn’t easy for them to speak again.

This was a huge shock.

Shin Eui-gyeom was at the peak of martial arts and a living legend. Yet he was defeated by a 17-year-old boy?

An unbelievable event that would shake the world had just occurred. The headmaster then said,

“… Deputy. Didn’t you say it is difficult for a growing monster to defeat a perfect monster?”


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