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Invincible Mumu – Chapter 110: The Choice (2) Bahasa Indonesia

‘Alone is enough?’

Mumu’s words almost made Ja Muk-hyun forget about the pain he felt from his wounds.

It was the first time he heard someone say such arrogant words. No matter how he tried to interpret them, Mumu’s words sounded like he could take revenge and conquer the world alone.

‘How could he say such wild words?’

It was odd. Despite Mumu saying it, it didn’t seem stupid. Instead, it sounded plausible.


Ja Muk-hyun, who was almost convinced, shook his head. Even if the one called the God of Martial Arts descended and all of the orthodox sects joined hands, they would not be able to win.

Then how would it be possible for this man?

‘… is it to show his conviction?’

If that was the case, then Mumu was more interesting than the other jade plaque owners. Right now, the Murim is in its heyday.

If someone had to go against people in their best conditions, they had to be driven by revenge and a thirst for blood.

And Ja Muk-hyun opened his mouth,

“L… Lord, if yo… you want to lead the…. Eight Evil… families… you…need… to get… recognized…. By other… plaque owners.”


“The owners… of jade….plaques are… everywhere… around…”

Tak! Thud


As he groaned in pain, Mumu let go of his head.

“Speak properly.”

Ja Muk-hyun, who fell to the ground, continued to speak after catching his breath.

“As I said, all the owners of the plaques have the right to be the successor. However, it isn’t possible to recognize all of them as lords. So the Eight Evil families have put a condition for it.”

“Condition? What is it?”’

“It is to inherit His Martial arts.”

“Martial arts?”

“Yes. As he had lost his life in the war 17 years ago, the succession of his martial arts was cut off.”

Mo Il-hwa intervened.

“Are you talking about the martial arts of Overlord Blood Martial God?”

“… Yes. His martial arts were known to have reached the supreme point in the world. It is a fact that even the Four Great Warriors recognized his skills.”

Mo Il-hwa couldn’t deny that. Although that man was known to be the leader of the Forces of Evil. It was no exaggeration to say that he was feared by all and could even be called the God of Martial Arts.


All sects had a certain martial art that only the leaders could use. Even the Shaolin Sect had a martial art only their abbot could use.

It could be said that it was the martial art that symbolized the sect. It was natural for Mumu’s father to have had one too.

But it was odd.

“Wait, I heard that the succession didn’t happen, then how could that be done?”

At her question, Ja Muk-hyun snorted and spoke while looking toward the library.

“…no matter how many consider him the enemy, do you think he was called the God of Martial Arts for nothing? Do you think the Four Great Warriors are stupid enough to throw away such a precious thing?”


“Right. His divine arts are here.”

They had already verified it. Over the past eight years, they have discovered it.

Mo Il-hwa was shocked at how confident the man sounded.

‘No! Why would the academy hold such dangerous things on its premises?’

Seriously, the Four Great Warriors were amazing to keep such a thing in here. Ignoring her, the man continued.

“The Eight Evil Families will only recognize the one person who can inherit his martial arts.”

“So you mean they must have the martial arts in their possession to become the lord?”

“Yes. Currently, there are two closest to it, Muil and Mui. They are the closest to inheriting his martial arts as they have the right body. That is why they are the two thought to be the successors of the lord.”

“The right body?”

“It means nothing to inherit just the blood if there is no body which can handle his martial arts. Young lord Musa and Muwu didn’t inherit it.”

Therefore, they didn’t receive any title nor the right to become the lord. But Ja Muk-hyun thought that Mumu could do it.

Because he had strength that went beyond human reasoning.


What would happen if he learned the martial arts of that man? Ja Muk-hyun was convinced. If that martial art is mastered once more, the Murim will be greeting a new Great Warrior.

And with Mumu, there was a high chance of it happening.

That was why he knelt for Mumu.


Mumu’s determination to become the lord is different from the other contenders. Perhaps because he was raised under a scholar, it was as if he wanted to keep his purity in his actions.

He wanted to be someone who could protect his people.

‘A character which doesn’t suit the head of the Forces of Evil.’

Ja Muk-hyun didn’t like that one aspect, but it wasn’t as if there was no way around it. What Mumu lacked right now were feelings of anger.

‘If there is none, it can be infused.’

If he lost important things in the hands of the Forces of Justice, would Mumu still continue to protect those around him?

If given a chance, Mumu could be changed.

‘… I will fill in what you lack and turn you into a true warrior of the Forces of Evil.’

Ja Muk-hyun hid his dark intentions.

For now, he will motivate Mumu to become the lord. Mumu spoke right then.



At Mumu’s words, Ja Muk-hyun frowned. Was he saying that the conditions to become the lord weren’t convenient?

Mumu continued.

“I wonder if there is any need to do that.”



This was supposed to be the best martial art in the world. Sure, Ja Muk-hyun wasn’t aware of it, but it was something he believed in, at least.

“… it is important to inherit his martial arts. Not just the Eight Evil Families, but many more would come to support you if you have it. It is also necessary to subjugate your enemies with.”

Mumu shook his head.

Ja Muk-hyun was starting to get annoyed. Did this guy really want to be the lord?

“if you want to be the lord. If you fail to get their loyalty, then his revenge and aim for world domination will…”

“You are making me say the same thing twice.”


“It is fine. Then it will be better to test whether or not they will be loyal.”

“What do you mean?”

Mumu approached Ja Muk-hyun, who was puzzled.

In response, the man hesitated, not knowing what to do, and Mumu said.

“I told you. I am not a lord because you people need one.”

At Mumu’s words, Ja Muk-hyun frowned and said,

“You can be the lord, though. Your strength is clearly beyond the realm of humans. You can be called someone who…”


Before he could finish, Mumu grabbed Ja Muk-hyun and lifted him up.


And he carefully put the man on his shoulder.

He was shocked and looked at Mumu, who was looking at Jin-hyuk and Mo Il-hwa.

“Guys. I will be back.”

“Be back?”

When they wondered what he meant, Mumu bent his knees and, at the moment as he stepped back, the floor around his legs cracked.

Kwaaang! Kwang!

With the sound of the building’s ceiling breaking, Mumu soared into the air.

Swish swish!

The speed was so fast that it felt like they were soaring and ripping through the air. Ja Muk-hyun was losing it. His ears and eyes were hurting despite protecting his body with internal energy.

‘W-what is this?’

Ja Muk-hyun doubted his eyes for a moment.

No, he could not believe this scene in front of him.

The height that they had reached made the academy look like it could fit into his palm, and everything around the area was now visible.

All the land around looked small, the rivers that moved around its surface looked like tiny streams of water. Looking down, Ja Muk-hyun felt utterly lost.


Was this possible?

He was already shocked Mumu could jump high, but this was too high!

‘… he isn’t human.’

How could any human jump this high with just his muscle strength? He felt dizzy at the speed of the movement until he heard Mumu’s words.

“The Demon Blood Sect, was it?”


“The sect that you said you came from? Where is it?”


At Mumu’s question, Ja Muk-hyun felt shocked.

“Speak up.”

Ja Muk-hyun couldn’t speak and just pointed his finger in a direction. At that moment…



Mumu suddenly turned in the air, as if it was natural for his body, and moved in the direction Ja Muk-hyun pointed.

To the southeast of the academy.

Located in the Fujian province. There is a place called Hua’an county in its southern portion. A bit further than that was an area with rough terrain.

Surrounded by rugged mountains on all sides, the place was covered with cliffs, and not many people would go there. Not even people escorted by warriors would enter it.

The area was surrounded by fog all year round, and if one set foot in the wrong way, they could never get out alive. Dead bodies were often found around the area.

Because of the rough terrain, it had become a place that no one would go to and was a place with a secret hidden in it.

At the center of the stone mountain cliff, in this place surrounded by cliffs and valleys, was a hidden group.

It was one of the strongest Murim groups that were once under the Dominating Hegemony, which had been taken down 17 years ago.

Along with the Demon Blood Sect and Heavenly Killing Valley, they were considered one of the best groups in the Eight Evil Families.

Their strength was comparable to that of Wudang and Mount Hua. They were capable of boasting their strength alongside the strongest people in the world.


At the window in the room where the leader of the Demon Blood Sect resides.

Ja Hyeong-gyong took something out and nodded his head.

And a middle-aged man with a long scar near his mouth asked him as he stood behind the man.

“Any news?”

At that question, Ja Hyeong-gyong smiled.

“We are finally reaching the right time.”

“And when it comes?”

“It seems like the one who will be the lord has finally found it.”

At those words of Ja Hyeong-gyong, the middle-aged man trembled. It was his excitement that he couldn’t hide.

The man clenched his fist and said.

“This has brought him closer to being lord. The prediction of the sect leader was right.”


“And then, Baek Seom, who assists him, will also be someone close to him.”

“We don’t know yet. Muk-hyun has a stronger heart compared to Baek Seom.”

The middle-aged man smiled brightly at the words of Ja Hyeong-gyong.

As he said, the two were excellent. No matter who succeeded, their sect had nothing to lose.

“The one aiming to be the lord in the academy must be working hard. It seems that the beginning of the great war went wrong at the start, but the more this happens, the more burdens Muk-hyun will have to shoulder…”

It was before he could even finish speaking.



The place they were in shook.

‘What is this?’

At the sudden shuddering of the land, Ja Hyeong-gyong frowned and looked outside the window. In front of the tower-like place, he could see the land split into lines and someone in the middle.


The middle-aged man behind him was also shocked and approached him.

“Ack. That…”

In their eyes, they saw a muscular young man with someone familiar over his shoulder. The familiar person was none other than Ja Muk-hyun.

“No, who is he who dares to touch the young master!”


“Sect leader?”

Before he could even finish his words, Ja Hyeong-gyong jumped out of the window and landed near the man.

The middle-aged man bit his lip and quickly followed him.

“Intruder! Seize him!”



Meanwhile, hundreds of warriors of the sect came to capture the one who suddenly intruded into their base.

Ja Hyeong-gyong looked at Ja Muk-hyun and the boy. The boy then took Ja Muk-hyun off of his shoulder.

Ja Muk-hyun could only stagger before puking his guts out.


It was difficult to understand what was happening.


What was certain was that the moment he saw the boy, Ja Hyeong-gyong felt a strange sensation that couldn’t be put into words.

An unknown feeling of intimidation went through his body. The boy had done nothing to make him feel that, but all five of his senses told him to be alert.

‘…just how did he get here?’

Their sect was hidden in the roughest terrain and covered with fog. No one could ever enter it, even by accident, but this boy just fell from the sky.

‘From the sky?’

Ja Hyeong-gyong looked at the cracked floor between the boy’s feet.

‘What is this…?’

His eyes were fluttering in shock. The mist, which was supposed to cover the sky, was split open.


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