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Invincible Mumu – Chapter 0: Prologue Bahasa Indonesia

A man of the Ungpae Association made the world of the Forces of Evil possible.

Because of the path he took, the Central Plains turned into a sea of blood.

The Nine Great Sects and the Six Great clans joined forces to fight him, but they were unable to do anything to the Blood Warrior, who was said to be the best martial master of that time.

When the situation became worse, the Murim entered its dark age,

Four Great Warriors, who were Murim’s last hope, appeared.

The four of them fought against the Blood Warrior, who led the Forces of Evil with excellent skill and eventually defeated him at Mount Song, one of the five sacred mountains of the Central Plains.

Now, the time has come again.

Mount Tianzi in Northern Hunan.

A castle of the Ungpae Association, which had created the world of the Forces of Evil.

The huge castle of the Ungpae Association, which seemed to have power over the whole world, was caught and being eaten by fire.

Was it around fifty years old?

The castle of the Ungpae Association collapsed as its head for over ten years had died.

The sky was dyed in a sad scarlet color from the wildfire which spread.

At the Thousand Cliffs, not far behind the castle.

“Ung-ah! Ung-ah!!”

A large middle-aged man with a large blade around his waist looked at the baby wrapped in a sack.

It was the baby that the lady of the Blood Warrior, Hae Ha-rang, protected until her death.


A heavy sigh escaped the mouth of the middle-aged man.

He annihilated everyone in the castle and the vassals of the family.

Everyone was killed to avoid any possible revenge attempts.


But the middle-aged man couldn’t bear to do that to a kid.

Just a while ago, his baby girl was born.

That was probably why he, who never showed sympathy to anyone, couldn’t put his hands on the child.

However, keeping the baby alive wasn’t an option.

‘I’m sorry, kid.’

It was unfortunate that the kid was from the bloodline of the Blood Warrior.

The middle-aged man eventually took the baby towards the top of one of the cliffs.

It was so high that one couldn’t even see the bottom.

The height was so tremendous that even the most skilled martial master wouldn’t survive if he fell off the cliff defenselessly.

‘There’s no way you will survive… but if you somehow do, it would be good luck for you and bad luck for me.’


Closing his eyes, the middle-aged man threw the baby off the cliff.

As the baby fell down the cliff, it turned into a dot and then disappeared.

Editor’s Note

Ungpae Association also means World Domination Association.


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