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Inside An Adult Game As A Former Hero – Chapter 78.1: Shedia (3) Bahasa Indonesia


Those who can shift into a wolf-faced — half-beast, half-human — bipedal monstrosity. Although their beastly form seperated them from normal humans, they were humans in the end.

At least they thought so, and that’s why they hid among humans.

But that also slowly changed.

Shedia is the only one of her species making an appearance in The Hero’s Party.

Because the population of werewolves is dire in numbers.

The reason is that when you become a werewolf, you lose your sanity and become a ferocious minded beast.

That was the reason why Shedia turned frenzied upon seeing the moonstone and promptly jumped into the river.

Moonstone is an item that definitively prevents confusion and beserk status abnormalities. If you possess a moonstone, you can maintain your sanity even if you transform into a werewolf.

As Shedia stood up, the river water cascaded on both sides. With wet hair dropping down and clothes sticking to her body, she looked like a drowning dog.

She climbed out of the river and looked at me.

“Hand it over.”

Growling, on the edge to run over me.

Why, no.

I held up the moonstone necklace in my hand.

“Force me and I will crush it and then throw it into the river. If you want to prevent such an unfortunate incident from happening, your cooperation will be appreciated.”

Shedia flinched and stilled.

Looking at my hand holding the moonstone, she clenched her fist and trembled.

Teething her lips gently, she snarled.

“…what do you want?”

“You seem to understand the situation. My request is not that difficult. You just need to follow me for a while and be my teammate.”


Puzzled by the word, Shedia tilted her head blankly.

“You don’t know what a teammate is?”

“Don’t know.”

Shedia spoke proudly.

I wondered if she was teasing me for a moment, but considering she had been locked up inside a dark closet for most of her life, it was not impossible.

“Teammates are… they bond, going through experiences, sometimes difficult, sometimes enjoyable, together; sometimes they support each other’s backs, and sometimes they risk their lives for each other.”

Shedia, hearing my explanation, made a blank face.

Did my explanation passed over her head?

With a contemplative look on her face, Shedia nodded after a moment.

“Alright. Teammate. Agreed.”

Then she stretched out her hand towards me.

“Give me the moonstone now.”


Shedia narrowed her eyes dangerously.

“You agreed to give it to me if I acceded to become your teammate.”

“If you get the moonstone, nothing will hold you off from running away, breaking the deal. For such an uncertain deal, a solid trusting relationship has not been established between us yet.”


“…don’t give me that betrayed look. I’ll keep the moonstone for now and hand it to you later when time’s appropriate.”

Shedia made a blank face again and then nodded her head.

“Right,” I said. “You can try sneak attacks on me. We will together see if you succeed first or I powder the moonstone before you get close.”


Shedia clicked her tongue as if she was seriously considering the option.

I smiled, put the moonstone necklace under my arms, and started covering the distance down the road again. Shedia followed me at a distance.

* * *

“You didn’t say we were going to Oulheim.”

Shedia said with a prickly expression on her face.

“You didn’t ask.”

To my response, she puckered out her lips like a child.

“If I go to Oulheim, I would die.”

Oulheim was the capital of the Kingdom of Alitia.

It was the stronghold of the Zarakh Society, and as such, their connections were also widespread.

What worried her was the Vampire Ancestor who lorded over her finding out she was travelling with me.

Prime Squad was annihilated, but she lived and was travelling with me, the hero — their target. That was enough to cog all the wheels in correct direction, letting them know she had betrayed them.

“You won’t die.”

“How do you know that?”

“I won’t let you die.”


“That’s a secret.”

I answered her, before busying myself with socializing with the people at the bar. It wasn’t hard. Just buying a glass of reed did wonders.

I locked shoulders with them, sang songs, drank alcohol, and inquired when the festival was going to be held in Oulheim.

Feeling a gaze, I gently turned my head.

Shedia was still staring at me.

With her characteristic blank expression.

* * *

From morning to evening, they trained them, lightly brushing past death at moments. After the training got finished, they were locked in cramped, dark cells and fed on whatever meal the vampires provided them.

That was the daily life of the werewolves captured under Kutcher.

A life of less worth than that of a slave’s; with no mercy for an intelligent life.

Shedia had no major complaints about that.

She was very young when she was captured, so she knew nothing about the concept of freedom.

But those who remembered the life of the outside world were different. They wanted to free themselves from the shackles on their legs. They wanted the training to finish, to become the assassin their new master wished them to be and once again see the world outside.

And Shedia trampled on those beautiful hopes.

All she got after was loneliness.

Her one and only blood relative, her sister, was no longer with her.

She was a sinner.

She was obligated to atone for all whom she has trampled upon.

But the atonement didn’t come easy.

The blessing of her clan, which was the strength she had trained to acquire, became a curse that entangled her even to this day.

Shedia waited for the opportunity to come as she was educated. Passing her days in the narrow, dark basement. At the end she chanced upon a precious opportunity that she hadn’t thought about.


A treasure touted to barrack the negative alignments of werewolves since ancient times, she had to have it, by hook or crook.

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