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Inside An Adult Game As A Former Hero – Chapter 74.2: Kingdom of Prona (6) Bahasa Indonesia

“Ahem..!” William, unprepared for Cloud’s sudden remark, coughed.

“I don’t know why you are doing this for me but I have to tell you anyway—and I will speak on behalf of the kingdom—honourable hero, I thank you for your devotion.”

“I’m glad to hear that. The time has come to replenish the travel funds, and with this, we will be able to receive our activity expenses without any hesitation.”

“Uh? Activity expense?”

To William’s puzzled expression, Cloud narrowed his eyes.

“Will you just say thanks and be done with it..?”

William hurriedly waved his hand at the sound of his voice dripping with disappointment.

“No, no. I was just a little startled. You haven’t asked for activity expenses in a while!”

“Isn’t the situation different then and now?”

At that time, if he received money, he will owe king a favour. But now, he was getting it for his hard work.

William, who understood the meaning of his words, grinned stoically.

“I understand what you mean. So, how much is the activity expense…”

“How much can you give?”

Cloud interrupted William’s words and went in.


“How much can you give the hero who rescued the kingdom and prince from a Heavenly King, and dig out the conspiracy between the Church and demons?”

Cloud said with a friendly smile.

A cold sweat ran down William’s neck.

* * *

“Wake up, you imbeciles! Don’t believe these motherf**kerrrrrs!!! This is wrong! I’m the archbishop, there is no way I can collude with numpty demons! Believers, open your eyes! Come on, these foolish demon worshippers who are persecuting me… Puhuh?!”

When a rotten tomato orthodoxly slapped on his face, the archbishop’s earnest cry ceased.

Before he could shake his head and shake off the tomato pulp, a new fruit or stone hit him in the face.

The hero had declared the archbishop a traitor.

In front of the archbishop, a bizarre looking demon was shackled and being dragged away together.

Only a few priests who ardently believed in him protested. Even that was suppressed by citizens and rest of the majority clergy.

And so the demon and the archbishop were hanged on the guillotine.

“No, no! Do you guys really believe what these demon worshippers say?! You guys should be loyal to Iris…”


Their necks fell side by side.

Seeing the heads of the demon and the archbishop falling side to side, Cloud felt a little empty.

A spy who tried to overthrow the kingdom and a traitor who had ties to him. Committed such treasons, but their heads were cut off and it was all over.

‘At least a little bit of torture…’

Suddenly, Cloud remembered the succubus torture festival he had been through in the past.

Remembering the maddening, hollow laughters of women who had lost their husbands or sons to succubus, he shook his head.

‘It’s good to be ordinary sometimes.’

Torture, not always a good means.

“There was nothing special about it.”

“I know, right. I thought he was going to suffer first.”

“Consider him lucky. There are not only adults here, but also children.”

Ophelia, Eri, and Neria were sharing their feelings about the execution. Their talks continued until they returned to the palace and had dinner.


“So, as an example, a sharp harpoon… huh? What is it, Cloud? You have something to say?”

Eri, who was hypothesizing the ways the demon and the archbishop would have received justifiable punishment for their crimes, turned her attention to Cloud. So did Ophelia and Neria.

“I have something important to announce.”

“Important? What?”

“You also know that the capital of our kingdom has been shaken by this incident, right? That is why this has become such a serious problem.”

“Indeed. Who would have thought demons were conspiring to summon a Heavenly King right in the middle of the city.”

“Who would have predicted the fall of an archbishop or something similar? Hero has done a great job.”

Ophelia put her hands together in a prayer posture. After she was taken by the old nun, she seemed to have turned a little more faithful.

“I’m glad I don’t need to do the explanation part. As you all know, currently the kingdom’s peace is at stake. It’s unbelievable that demons had been teeming in the city openly. The king said he would raise the level of vigilance in the future, but…”

“It has already happened once, so how can we trust, eh?”

Eri patted her chin and muttered.

She said again, looking at Cloud.

“I think I know what important thing you want to announce is. The capital of the kingdom is at stake, and unstable, it would not be strange if anything happens out of blue, and you no longer have trust in the Royal family. So you mean we should stay in the capital for a while and see what happens?”

Cloud nodded his head.

Eri leaned back in the chair as she smiled confidently.

“I think the same. Last time, we killed a herd of beasts, is there any difference with demons?”

“As a knight, I cannot neglect the safety of citizens.”

“Oh my, now that the two of you have made your mind, who am I to object.”

“Your Saintess Candidate is in favour of our decision too, it seems.”

“Fufu, that’s right.”

There was a friendly atmosphere between the three women.

Seeing that, Cloud smiled.

‘Thank god.’

Now, he has to recruit Shedia, Katarina, and Leslie, and find the equipment left behind by the heroes.

In the meantime, while he was going to get busy, someone was needed in the Capital. Thankfully, the party agreed without any issues.

“Thanks. Thanks to you all, I can go about comfortably.”

So, with all of his sincerity, he thanked them.

“What, go about.. you mean?”



They didn’t understand him for a moment.

And only for a moment.

The friendly atmosphere changed to a chilly one.

Cloud gulped.

‘Oh, this is not possible.’

He tried to jump over it, but failed.


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