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Inside An Adult Game As A Former Hero – Chapter 7.2: Hero, Once Again (3) Bahasa Indonesia

Translator: Lore_Temple

If there is one thing Samuel realized during his past year of adventurer life, it is that most of the high-ranking adventurers are not sane.

They are people who will beat the bar clerk for offending them.

They are person who can openly harasses a woman or a receptionist.

There are times when two drunks go out and only one returns—

—with the sword of the man who returns alone dripping with red blood.

All the talented and sane guys are recruited as guards and knights, so it was very natural if only these crazy guys were left in the Adventurer’s Guild.

In such a place, the title of a village alley bully from a rural area was useless in all means.

Try to say it and you will be laughed at and beaten like a donkey.

So, all he could do was to humble himself over and over again until he could protect himself.

Under such circumstances, the younger adventurers who have just come to the city are showing their fangs in front of a B-class…

For Samuel, his heart thumped nervously every single time.

“I’ll explain it you later, so for now listen to me. Don’t intercept on whatever that person says. Just don’t bother him.”

“There dude. It’s too noisy.”

“Oh, yes, yes. I’m sorry.”

Samuel bowed his head toward Cloud. Marilyn frowned, but as Samuel gripped her wrist tightly, she bit her lip and loosened her expression.

So, the group returned to silence again.

By the time they felt they had entered the cave quite deep, the party encountered nine goblins.

– Kiiie?

The goblins counted the number of Cloud’s party. They soon realized that they had more numbers and smiled cruely.

The goblins drew out crude weapons such as wooden clubs and rusted daggers.

– Squeak! Chiiik!

‘Did they really think that having a lot of numbers is advantageous?’

The goblins rushed towards Cloud and his party.


An arrow fired by Marilyn pierced the leading goblin’s forehead. The goblin hit by the arrow fell down, but the other goblins did not stop and rushed.

Samuel and Gemina faced the goblins while Marilyn nocked a new arrow.

-Chiick! Squeak!

The three goblins hollered excitedly and swinged their clubs. However, there was a huge difference in size between a Goblin and Samuel. Samuel also had a shield, so he didn’t take any significant damage from the goblin’s club.

Rather, Samuel swung his sword and smashed the goblin’s shoulder.

Meanwhile, Gemina, who had only two daggers, was having a hard time. Because all five of them were running towards her.

Fortunately, Tom wasn’t late.

He swung his large ax crosswards. The goblins tried to block it with clubs and daggers, but the difference in weight and force was huge. The clubs and daggers were broken, and the bones of the goblins were also harpooned.

– Kiiie… Kiie…?

In an instant, four of them were taken out.

There was no more advantage in numbers. The goblins quickly began to run away into the cave.

“Where, huh?! Do you think I’ll let you go?!”

Marilyn, with her hasty personality, drew a sword from her waist and chased after the goblins. Gemina, Tom, and even Samuel ran after her.

The enthusiasm of victory fanned them.

“You’re going too deep.”

Of these, only Cloud remained calm. He slowly made his way into the cave.

* * *

Marilyn, she is a confident women. Since she was young, whatever she did, she was savvy and good at it.

So this time too.

It’s the first request I’ve received a quest, but it’s going good, isn’t it?

– Kik! Cheiik!!

Seeing the goblins scream and run away, she ran after.

‘Anyway, Samuel oppa has become too soft.’

It’s not even an S-grade or an A-grade, just a B-grade, what’s so terrifying?

If it’s a B grade, she can get it anytime she wants.

Just like here too.

When fighting the goblins, that B-class human did nothing.

No different from the village idiots who can only increase pressure on their shoulders.

‘I have to show him properly this time.’

That, what a great warrior she herself is.

It was when she was chasing the goblins with such thoughts. Suddenly, she felt something strange on the sole of her foot. She lost her balance and fell on the floor.

“Ugh… what…”

What did she trip over? Uh, wait a minute, why her legs can’t move?

Marilyn looked down at her immovable legs.

A pointed spear blade protruded through the back of her foot.

‘uh…? Why is this here…?’

She had ignored goblins as stupid creatures. Of course, she thought there would be no traps, so she stepped on the spear blades the goblins had tinkered on the floor.

And pain always comes after recognizing the wound.


For the first time in her life, she felt the pain of raw tearing of flesh.

Marilyn could not withstand and screamed.

– Kihehehehehe!!!

The goblins, who had been running wildly before, giggled when they saw Marilyn’s appearance. And slowly approached her.

“Fuck off! Oh, don’t come! Don’t come!”

Marilyn drew out her bow and tried to nock an arrow. But there’s no way she could target an arrow with those trembling hands.

The goblins kept getting closer.

‘What should I do… What should I do…’

She was full of confidence until the chase begin, but now she was afraid than anything of only these five goblins.

‘Who, someone…”


Samuel, Tom and Gemina arrived at just the right time. Marilyn’s expression brightened.

“Y, You okay… your feet…?!”

“I… I’m fine, those goblins! Kill the goblins first!”

Marilyn pointed at the goblins with a bloody finger. Samuel nodded his head and clenched his shield and sword strongly.

“Dare you buggers…”

Samuel trudged towards the goblins.

The five goblins did not run away. They smiled more creepily than before.

Gemina felt something strange about it.

“Oppa! Stop there’s…!”

It got late.


Samuel was hit from the side by something heavy and rolled on the floor.


“Samuel hyung!”

“I’m okay!”

Samuel grabbed his aching side and barely got up. And he looked in the direction from where he was hit.

A goblin appeared from the dark shadow.

Although he was still short, his body was much larger than that of ordinary goblins, and the club he was holding was thicker than the others.

Samuel knew the identity of that goblin.


Hobgoblins, a type of mutated goblins.

Hobgoblins are known for their strength and stamina that surpasses way more than those of ordinary goblins.

Samuel held out his shield forward and took a stance.

It’s unreasonable for his younger siblings who started working as adventurers for the first time today to handle this situation. Today, he was determined to fight this Hobgoblin with his real skills…

“Behind you!”


Samuel quickly turned back.

A large club was coming down towards his head, he hastily managed to block it with his shield. But rolling down the floor unsightly was unavoidable.

“Ugh… two Hobgoblins… what is this…”

It’s usually hard to find even one.

Without some badsh!t luck, it wouldn’t be like this.

Since this is the case, Tom and Gemina would be in charge of one, and in the meantime, I…

“O, Oppa… these two are n-not the end…”

Gemina’s trembling voice sounded.


Samuel immediately swung his torch and looked around. Red eyes visible from behind the pitch black darkness. The goblins had crowded them.

‘Damn… it’s impossible to play against this number. We now have no choice but to carry Marilyn… and run away…’

Samuel turned his back.

He couldn’t help but get throat-stuck at the scenery in front of me.

Two new Hobgoblins had appeared and blocked their paths.

– Hee hee hee hee hee!!!

– Hee hee hee hee!

– Chihi chiiie hee hee hee hee hee hee hee!!!

Goblins laughed at the stupid humans.

How can they not laugh at the pigs who have entered the slaughterhouse on their will?

How could they not laugh at the foolish prey that mistook itself for being a hunter?

The crescent-shaped red eyes that were clearly visible even in the dark, and the laughter of goblins echoing through the cave.

The four pitiful adventurers trembled in fear.

They believed that one day they would grow into outstanding adventurers. So, from childhood, they listened only to the stories of successful adventurers, and so the stories of adventurers who were killed by monsters were left out.

Because they thought it had nothing to do with their life.

But death always comes suddenly.

Now it was their turn to become the protagonist of the pitiful story of four people who looked down on the goblins and were killed and eaten instead.

…if only there wasn’t one more person here.


The blade pierced the Hobgoblin’s chest that was blocking the entrance.

-Kihee… Heh…?

A hobgoblin who was laughing, stilled and died.

As Cloud drew back his sword, the Hobgoblin slumped down forward.

-Kiie..? Kii Kii?

The Hobgoblin next to him jumped and smashed the club hard. Cloud turned his body dodgingly to his side to avoid it, then extended his sword forward.

As before, his sword pierced the Hobgoblin’s heart.

He kicked the Hobgoblin away with his feet and violently drew out his sword. He said as he swung his sword violently, splashing the blood from the rupture.

“Look at this. I told you guys, they are not stupid.”

Cloud moved his gaze without hesitation into the darkness full of red eyes.

* * *

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