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Inside An Adult Game As A Former Hero – Chapter 63.2: Behemoth (5) Bahasa Indonesia


I crooked the harpy’s neck and flung it away. Tossing away the lump of organic mass that used to be a harpy, I turned my sight to examine the situation within the city.

The situation was not looking good.

Although the reinforcements had arrived, the ferocity shown by the monsters was still very strong. In fact, the impact was so small that most of the monsters weren’t even aware that the reinforcements had arrived in the first place. The guards were getting pushed back by the rapacious beasts and monsters, and their morale plummeted bit by bit.

‘Disregarding other things, I can’t let the morale break.’

If we lose morale in this situation where we are already hanging by a thread, the damage will be irreversible.

I had to raise the morale somehow.

“Cough, cough.”

I cleared my throat.

It’s been a while so I don’t know if it’s gonna work out.

“Proud citizens of Roberto!”

I shout out loudly with mana infused in my voice.

* * *

It was a peaceful day as usual.

Those days when he did the patrol duty with relaxation and ate apples given by the proprietress of a fruit shop, or hurried out after receiving a report from a citizen to drive out roistering drunkards.

Beyond the city, the number of beasts and monsters had increased in numbers, and he had heard that soldiers and knights were dispatched as a result, but Hans didn’t pay much attention to it.

He had no doubts that those thick walls and gates would protect the city.

He just wished that the outlying villagers who were disturbing the overall security would leave the city soon.

So idle were his thoughts.

Until the gates were pushed open by the harpies.

The gates opened, and the beasts and monsters waiting outside rushed into the city.

No one expected the gates to be opened so easily. Therefore, the horde of the beasts and monsters was nothing less than a heavy surprise. People ran away screaming in horror. The guards fought against the damned beasts to protect the citizens.

Because that’s what a guard does.

However, the hairy bastards strengthened by the appearance of the Behemoth were much more stronger than the guards expected.


– Chwiik! Chwiik!

Hans was rolling on the floor with a boar. It was the result of attacking the wild boar from the rear that was rushing towards a girl. The boar somehow tried to get back up again, and Hans used muscle strength to hinder it.

However, the strength of the boar was much stronger than that of Hans’. As the wild boar hurled wildly, he bumped onto the ground.


He cannot let it go on like this.

Hans made that decision and drew his sub-armed dagger and pierced the wild boar’s eye.

The wild boar leaped with a painful scream. Hans twisted his dagger, while trying not to get jerked apart from the boar.

– Kiiii!!!

With a loud scream, the boar took a few more unsteady steps and collapsed.

“Ha… ha… what a f**ked up wild boar…”

Hans breathed heavily.

He had only killed three so far, but his body was spent. His thick cloth armor had long been torn to shreds, and there were scratches all over his body.

He wanted to rest a little, but the dire situation did not allow him to do so.

“Aaaagh! Someone help!!”

Hans snapped his head towards the familiar voice.


The guard captain in charge of the Second District was being bitten by a wolf. Hans picked up a spear that was rolling on the floor and threw it at the wolf.


The spear inserted itself right into the wolf’s rear.

Making the wolf stagger.

The guard captain did not miss the opportunity and swung his sword and severed off the wolf’s neck.

And then he slumped down.

Hans ran towards him.

“Are you alright?!”

“My mind wants to say it’s okay… But damn it, it doesn’t make sense.”

The guard captain’s condition was much worse than that of Hans. There were bruises here and there, as well as deep cuts in the places where the wolf had bitten.

“Captain, when will the support come?!”

The guards were being pushed to the brink by the sudden attack of the beast horde. But if soldiers and knights come from the inner city, things will be much better.

Hans asked him with such hope.

“Ain’t coming.”


“No one’s coming. That damned young master briefly checked the situation with the knights, then went back in and bolted the inside doors shut.”

“F**k, that doesn’t make sense! Are you saying that the Duke and the young master have abandoned Roberto?!”

“It’s more like waiting than abandoning. They have probably sent a messenger to the troops they have stationed outside. Those aristocrats intend to hole themselves within the inner walls until the troop returns.”

“…its us who are abandoned, not Roberto, huh.”

At Hans’ words, the guard captain gave him a toothy grin.

“When did they ever treat us like humans? They only see us as livestock that adds value to their fortune. Those who can’t pay taxes even lesser than that. They would probably be thinking about bringing in new livestock, hah.”

Because there are just so many people who would pursue the opportunity to live in a big city.


Hans bit his lips at the harsh reality.

He never talked about it, but he was secretly proud of his job as a guard. He felt a sense of deep satisfaction in having contribution towards defending Roberto, and further devoting himself to his noble masters.


The aristocrats who he looked up to—threw him as well as the citizens of Roberto like pieces of worthless crap.

When was it that he and others were made sworn to show allegiance and devotion to the noble blood…

Hans felt a deep sense of deprivation.

He stood up wobblingly. He turned his head and looked around.

– Aaak! My legs! My legs!!!

– Mary! Aaaaah! Let me go! Whaa?! Aaaw!!

– Mommy! Mommy!!!

– Somebody help me! There, Mr. Guard! Please get me out of here!

The man whose leg was bitten could not escape. As he was, surrounded by various beasts, becoming a living prey.

From the mother and daughter, one harpy snatched the mother, and the other harpy soon clutched the child chasing the mother. The two harpies looked at each other and giggled—dropping the mother and the daughter at the same time. Both the mother and the daughter fell from above, and the moment they hit the floor, they splattered like clay.

Someone shouted for help from the wreckage of the collapsed building.


In all this, Hans made eye contact with a wolf.

The large white wolf bared its sharp fangs as soon as their eyes met.

Hans loosened his grip on the sword.

His arms drooped and his eyes closed.

He no longer wanted to live. He had no desire to survive.

That was the moment he was about to give up on life.

– Proud citizens of Roberto!

A man’s deep voice echoed throughout the city.


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