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Inside An Adult Game As A Former Hero – Chapter 61.1: Behemoth (3) Bahasa Indonesia

Proofreader: DreaMing

“I don’t need it.”

Cloud rejected Duke Oler’s offer of support without an inch of hesitation.

The members of the Oler family, who could not have imagined the flat rejection, were all left totally perplexed.

“Hero Cloud. Are you sure you heard us properly?”

“The Duke and the Oler family officially wants to support me, right?”

“Yes, you heard it right. Indeed, none other than us, the ducal Oler family, will be the backbone of the hero. Are you still going to refuse it?”

“I will decline.”

“Please reconsider!”

Callion got up slamming the table and interrupted the conversation between the Duke and the Hero.

“I understand that our hero feels a little burdened. But we are the Ducal Oler family, and not any of those miscellaneous families out there. This is definitely beneficial to hero, it will be a solid advantage, and there’s no harm. So, please reconsider.”

“There is no need to reconsider. My decision won’t change.”

“…are you already receiving support from other families?”

Are you backed by a family or families other than us? If not, then why dismiss the Ducal Oler family’s sponsorship offer?

To Callion’s words filled with deep meaning, Cloud shook his head.

“I’m not supported by any noble family or families.”


“The royal family is no exception.”


Except for the duke himself, all the members of the ducal family hardened as if struck by lightning.

Even though the duke seemed to have maintained his composure, but if you looked closer, you would still find that his lips were twitching ever so slightly.

“Don’t get me wrong. Because I have no intention of abandoning my duties as the hero of this kingdom. I just don’t want to have a big debt on my head.”

“…haven’t you already received quite a lot of money from the royal family?”

That being said, he has not accepted any support since crossing over to this world, but talking about the situation before he crossed over is another matter.

Cloud sighed.

“That’s still quite an issue of my concern. I also want to know how to pay it back… Anyway, I have no intention of adding more debt with another sponsorship. So, let’s quit talking about sponsorship and talk about the Behemoth. When do you think the other heroes will arrive?”

“Hero Cloud, but…”

“Stop it.”

The Duke stopped Callion.

He seemed steadfast to Cloud’s notion of not accepting sponsorship, and they’ll only attain animosity from slurping more.

The Duke quit mentioning his sponsorship and answered Cloud’s question.

“I asked of them to arrive as soon as possible, so they should be here within three weeks at the latest.”

“Three weeks…”

Cloud fell into his own thoughts as he tapped the table with his index finger.

He looked over to the Duke of Oler and asked.

“Didn’t you mention stationing soldiers in front of the forest?”


“Then lend me a soldier to be my guide, to take me there. Uh, you guys get ready to move too. We will be leaving soon after we get ready.”

“Hero Cloud, please wait. Do you mean that you will be waiting for the other heroes at the military camp instead of advancing after joining them here?”

To Callion’s question, Cloud answered while inserting his chair into the table.

“According to what I have heard, the number of monsters have been increasing rapidly. It wouldn’t be strange if they brought a beast tide out at any moment. I have to reach there quickly and reduce the damage we are facing. When the other heroes arrive, let them rest for one day and send them straight to the camp. If Gis or Lorrian deny, say my name.”

“…I will do as the hero wills. Though we can say that to the two heroes, we honestly don’t dare compel Frillite-sama in any way.”

A duke of a kingdom wasn’t capable in the least—of imposing anything on Frillite, the hero of the Empire.

To Callion’s words, Cloud smirked.

“She will most probably try to force her way right to the frontline, alright? Convince her somehow and make her take rest for a day. If you ask nicely, she will probably listen.”

With those words, Cloud left the dinner table.

The atmosphere quickly became awkward.

Eri, Neria, and Ophelia cautiously got up and left.

* * *

The forest where the quantity of beasts and monsters had soared in great numbers.

The forest was not far from the ruling city of Duke Oler. It was only at two hours distance on horseback from there.

“You are Hero Cloud, right? My name is Randolph Arc, the one in charge of this garrison”

Inside the commander’s barracks, Randolph reached out. The dignified old knight exuded the atmosphere of a veteran.

I held his hand.

“A hero, and Cloud—you got it right. So your last name is Arc? Isn’t it the vassal family of the Ducal Oler family?”

“That’s right.”

“For a task like this, the duke didn’t take direct command, but handed it over to a member from a vassal family. You seem to be very trustworthy.”

“I’m being trusted way more than I deserve.”

Randolph smiled bitterly.

I’m sure he understands.

The reason he received the control is not because of the duke’s trust in him, but rather that the duke’s intention to take care of their own well-being was overwhelmingly high.

If not for that reason, there is no reason why the direct descendants of the duke wouldn’t appear on the battlefield where they can make a big name for them in the whole kingdom.

‘From the perspective of the soldiers, an experienced old man would be a better choice than a young aristocrat.’

Though from the perspective of the vassal family that serves the ducal household, this may be an undesired choice.

“We just arrived, so we aren’t exactly aware of the situation. I wish you could explain the situation in detail.”

I decided not to give him time to indulge in negative thoughts.

“All right. You may have already heard about it to some extent, but the exact situation in the field is different. Let’s go out together. I will explain as we walk to where hero and your companions will be staying.”

When we got out of the barracks, Randolph led us and started explaining.

“The total soldiers mobilized is about six thousand in numbers.”

“That’s quite a lot.”

“More than half of the duke’s army is mobilized. That’s how unusual the situation is. But, the problem is that the forest is so large that even this number cannot cover it completely. If we really want to force it, we can barely make do, but…”

“The line of defense will get weak. Then there’s a chance that lines of defense will get penetrated one by one in a row, and if that continues…”

“There will be chaos.”

I’m glad it has not already happened.

The moment the lines of defense are broken, the massacre will happen.

A human army that is not united as one is nothing more than a group of mob.

“How are you dealing with the monsters who escaped in a direction without a defense line?”

“We’re sending squads to take care of them.”

“Did you evacuate the residents of nearby villages?”

“All the villagers of the five villages near the forest have been evacuated safely to the city.”

“That’s a relief.”

I can fully focus on the Behemoth without worrying about other issues.


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