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Inside An Adult Game As A Former Hero – Chapter 58.1: Mars (4) Bahasa Indonesia

Proofreader: DreaMing

“Cloud, you pooch, come out!”

“Woh! Woh!”


For an instant, Isabella paused. An absurd look appeared on her face. I turned around and saw that Eri and Ophelia were also staring at me, with their breakfast before them.

Alright. The joke is ruined.

Dragging the time will make the atmosphere just more awkward, so let’s move on to the main topic.

“Miss pink woman? What happened to you in the early morning?”

As I spoke, Isabella returned to her incensed expression. She strode over and slammed her palm heavily on our table.

Thanks to which, not only the tableware, but also the food we ordered was scattered all over the floor.

Eri leapt up to her feet.

“Hey, what are you doing…”

“Eri, calm down.”

“Huh? But, Cloud, whatever is the case, this is just–”

“Eri, calm down.”


Eri sighed deeply and sat down back on her chair. She then glared at Isabella with a terrifying look, but Isabella didn’t care.

Her attention was focused solely on me.

“Alright, what made our miss pink so angry?”

“Don’t play innocent. This is all because of you!”


I looked down at the table. Indeed, between the table and her palm was a paper smeared in blood.

“He wrote a letter instead of saying goodbye? It’s not a one-sided opinion, but a kind of consensus we found through mutual debate–”

“So the letter was also your work?”

Isabella’s brows furrowed to the point that I wondered if it could get worse than this.

Hmmm. There seems to be a deep misunderstanding between us.

I feel like this conversation is going to be very long.

I made Eri and Ophelia give us some private space.

Then I looked straight at Isabella and replied.

“The letter is also what Mars agreed to. It’s written there, right? Hah, I can see it on your face.”

“…it’s not the letter that matters. What matters is that you encouraged Mars to leave me and go on a journey, alone!”

“I encouraged him, uh… I’m sure it’s true that I proposed going on a journey to Mars. I told him to take in those experiences to become more mature of a man.”

“Sure enough… it’s your fault! Mars left me alone and went on a journey because of your instigation!”

Isabella picked up a fork lying on the table and thrust it down straight at my nape.

—without any hesitation.

‘She has got a good eye.’

I got a hold on Isabella’s wrist, lowering the fork. Thanks to that, the fork stopped just before it touched my neck. Isabella’s arm trembled as she tried to shove the fork right into my neck somehow.

She even brought over her other arm, adding to the force, but to no effect.

Just the level difference between her and me is over 30.

The level difference is enough to prevent me any real injury.

Nevertheless, I rather blocked it to prevent her from getting more fussy and to continue a smooth conversation.

“Miss pink, you seem to be misunderstanding something?”

“Misunderstand? That’s your illusion!”

“The way you say it sounds as if I forced Mars to a journey.”

“Then what else?”

Isabella burst out laughing, she sounded hysterical.

I nodded my head positively.

I told her the truth, only to her bewilderment.

“Like I said, I proposed him to go on a journey. However, that was only a suggestion, not compulsion. The choice was made by Mars himself.”

“Mars…? Don’t be ridiculous! Mars can’t go on a trip without me! Even if it was him who made the decision, he would have invited me too! If it weren’t for you!”

“Again, you’re blaming me again. Think with your head. Why did I propose a trip to Mars in the first place?”

“That’s because you want to seperate me and Mars! Because you hate me!!”

“Yeah, my motives have been explained. Let’s move on to the next part. So why did Mars follow my proposal? Why did he leave for a journey without even saying a goodbye to you?”


“You must be feeling guilty, that’s why your mouth is shut.”

The strength drained from her hand holding the fork. Her face was filled with deep guilt instead of anger.

But only for a while.

Not long after, Isabella fiercely glared back at me again.

“Yes, I’m. But it’s a matter between me and Mars. It wasn’t for you to intervene!”

“The matter is between you and Mars…? Ah! There is one more thing you are misunderstanding. Mars didn’t go on a trip because of your cold shoulders.”


“Literally. No matter how bad your behaviour was, Mars cannot just give up on you for that, can he? You know how much he likes you, right?”

“Then how? Why did Mars leave me?!”

“That… do you remember yesterday’s night?”

“Yesterday’s night? What are y–”

Isabella who jerked up to question with a twisted expression flat on her face, paused.

Soon her pupils began to waver violently.

“Maybe… that… no…?”

Isabella desperately shook her head again as if to deny the reality.

Looking at her, I smiled.

“I saw it with Mars. We saw you and the baron’s son having a good conversation.”


Isabella staggered back as if she had received a huge shock. She didn’t fall because I was holding her wrist. She was trembling as she looked down at the floor like she was a sinner.

“No, it’s a lie…”

“Apologies, but it isn’t. Otherwise, as you said, why would Mars leave on a journey, while leaving you alone? Hey, did we discover some secret we weren’t meant to? You two really looked like a happy, young couple…”

“Don’t tie me up with that bastard!!!”

Isabella suddenly bolted up her head and screamed furiously.

“Hey miss, why are you screaming so loudly? Was there really some secret for which you two were meeting at late night?”

“Not at all! It’s just that guy who keeps sticking around me, and he’s the baron’s son, I was forced to hang out a few times with him. I have no interest in him!”

“Is that so? But Mars must have felt differently.”

“That was the part where the two of us could have resolved the misunderstanding through communication! If it wasn’t for you…”

“Then why didn’t you talk about it with him earlier?”

Unlike before, I didn’t pull out a smile, I could see pink woman bewildered at the sudden change of attitude. I didn’t stop.

“Why didn’t you tell him about it earlier? If you had told him about the baron’s son in advance, Mars wouldn’t have felt so miserable.”

“But it wouldn’t have been of any help. The one we are talking about is the baron’s son. Even if Mars knew about it, there was nothing he could do about it, and it would only increase his worries. That’s why I didn’t tell him!”

“So… it was to protect Mars?”


Isabella answered the question loudly as if to confirm that she had gained more confidence towards her actions.

I clicked my tongue.


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