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Inside An Adult Game As A Former Hero – Chapter 53: Elisha (2) [R-18] Bahasa Indonesia

Proofreader: DreaMing

Silence ensued.

For a few seconds, Elisha herself didn’t realize what she had just said moments ago. Soon after, her face turned red.

“Ah! Th-that… I’m sorry… Just forget whatever I said…”

“Are you sure?”


“I thought it wasn’t something you said lightly under intoxication. But, if that’s the case, I’ll pretend I didn’t hear anything.”

Cloud said as he gently stroked Elisha’s hair.

It was a hand filled with human warmth.

So much that Elisha felt tears well up in her eyes.

She grabbed his hand and brought it to own her cheek.

“Then, are you sure? Of course, I have no problem. Heh, more like I cannot even have any problem.”

Loyalty to her husband?

Her husband abandoned her first, so what’s the point of keeping her fidelity?

The one who first abandoned the basic morality is the one to be blamed.

So now, Elisha also didn’t have to keep her fidelity. She just wanted to be embraced by the attractive man in front of her.

She placed his hand, which had been moved to her cheek, this time on her voluptuous breasts.

“So please, hug me. You can use my body as you like, Mr. Cloud.”

“Mark your words.”

Cloud kissed Elisha on her lips.

At first, lightly enough to just lick each other’s lips. Then, their tongues intertwined and drowned both of them into a passionate kiss.

‘How long has it been since I had such a deep one…’

She didn’t remember.

Even if she tried to trace down her memory lane, she couldn’t find one.

Moreover, she didn’t need to remember.

While Elisha was enchanted by his intense kiss, Cloud’s hands didn’t stop.

One layer at a time.

He pulled off the barriers that stood in between him and her.

When Elisha woke up from her reverie, they were already naked. Just as she saw Cloud’s body, she nearly stopped breathing for a moment.

A sculpted body to match his handsome looks.

Neither too little nor too buffed muscles, everything just in the perfect proportion.

Has she ever seen a body like this in her entire life? Or, something that can even come close?


While working as an employee of the Adventurer’s Guild, she has seen quite a few adventurers walking around half-naked. But none of them had such an utopian physique.

‘On the other hand, I…’

She never thought her own body lacked anything. She often felt the lustful gaze of adventurers.

So, she was full of confidence in herself.

But after seeing Cloud’s body, her self-confidence plummeted in a straight line.

Elisha covered her own body with her arms in a jiffy. Her own body was shabby and inferior compared to his, she didn’t want to let him see her like this!

“Why are you covering yourself up?”

Cloud tilted his head and held Elisha’s arm that covered her chest, and pinned it above her head.

“Ah, no…”

“You can’t hide your beautiful cherries from me.”

Cloud bit onto Elisha’s nipples.

He raised the tip of his tongue and gently whirled it around her rosy nipple, biting it lightly with his front teeth.


Elisha let out a startled moan at that tingling sensation rising from her breast.

She was as sensitive as a rabbit.

‘I know I haven’t done it with my husband for quite a long time…’

But how could she be so sensitive?

Elisha didn’t understand.

—that she was extremely excited that her body was being pleasured by an extraordinarily handsome man.

His face won her heart before his techniques did.

Cloud’s tongue, which was playing with her nipples, went down her navel, and directed itself toward her thigh and inside.

Heut! Intense pleasure overtook her.

“Ah, no!”

Elisha hurriedly jerked her body upwards and pulled herself back.

“…what. What’s the matter?”

Cloud asked in puzzlement, but Elisha couldn’t answer the truth.

Definitely not…

‘How can I say that I almost climaxed…’

And that because he lightly inserted his tongue inside her.

Although Cloud is a handsome and capable man, he is younger than Elisha. She was an experienced married woman. A married woman’s pride didn’t allow her to be defeated in bed.

“I want to do it first.”

So she made the excuse that she found.

“Is that so?”

Cloud nodded his head, it wasn’t disadvantageous to him.

Elisha eagerly licked her lips.

‘Great, I’ll be doing it with my mouth. Don’t blame me, you have done it too.’

It’s time to show the dignity of a senior.

But there was one thing she didn’t expect…


It was the size of Cloud’s cock.

It was almost the same length as her face; her eyelids quivered as she saw it rise.

‘Is this for real..?’

Elisha had never seen one other than her husband’s in her entire life, because she got married right away after she came of age.

She averaged a d!ck to be around her husband’s size at best.

It was only natural for her to get flustered on encountering Cloud’s cock that pierced straight through her common sense.

Still, the embarrassment didn’t last long.

‘…it’s alright. It’s bigger than I thought, but that’s not a big deal.’

In the end, it’s just a penis that will deliver her pleasure.

Although the thickness is a little too much and the veins protrude to the point of being monstrous… it’s just a cock.

Elisha stuck out her little tongue.

She climbed up, licking his dick from the balls, and slurped his glans.

Chup! Chup!

Licking the large glans as she wrapped around it with her tongue, she bowed her head and half-swallowed the cock. She climbed back and licked his glans again.

She repeated it several times.

‘My husband usually tells me to stop at this point..?’

Cloud showed no such sign.

Elisha sensed the ‘strangeness’ and raised her eyes to look up at him. And, she found him—looking down at her and smiling softly.

Cloud was enjoying her caress.

Elisha, who felt happy, pleased him harder than before. Covering his glans with her tongue, licking his balls, or swallowing his cock up to the root at once.

Elisha tried harder than she had ever done for her husband, but she didn’t care.

She was just doing her best, hoping that he would feel more of her caress.

As Elisha used her secret techniques—the cock in her mouth expanded and became stiffer than before. She immediately knew what this meant.

‘He’s going to ejaculate.’

Elisha paused for a moment and fell into trouble.

Her husband had once asked her to ejaculate into her mouth. The semen she received at that time was filthy and disgusting.

‘Since then, I had decided to never take it in my mouth again…’

Elisha rolled her eyes and looked at Cloud once more. He was still watching her lick his cock with a smile on his handsome face.

She moved her head again and started fondling his balls.

His cock twitched and then immediately spewed out white semen.

She squinted her eyes and waited for the fishy taste of the semen to ferment.


But strangely, there was no fishy taste.

She could feel the semen flowing from her mouth, but there was no fishy taste or disgusting smell.

Obviously, it’s both thick and substantial, even overwhelmingly thicker than her husband’s.

‘…huh? Do handsome men taste different?’

Elisha was puzzled, but she decided to finish what she had to do. After she swallowed the cum inside her mouth, she rolled her tongue and licked Cloud’s cock.

Just as she thought his cock had been cleaned, she pulled it out of her mouth and plopped down on the bed.

‘…my jaw hurts.’

Maybe it was because she had sucked on a big one for first time, her jaw ached a little.

‘He has just ejaculated, he needs to rest a lil’, right?’

In the meantime, she would cool down her aroused body.

She thought so, but she was soon forced to realize that she had been complacent.

Cloud pinned Elisha down on the bed and placed his cock on her p*ssy.

“Hey, wait a minute! Don’t you need a breather?”

“Nah, it’s alright. I can do this all day[1].”


B-But, doesn’t it takes time to reaccumulate one’s stamina?!

Hasn’t her husband always been like that!?

While she panicked, Cloud held her by the waist and pushed his cock in all the way in one shot.


Elisha’s head tilted back, and her body quivered. Exhilarating pleasure rose through her spine, tickling her brain.

‘Uh… uh…? I already..?’

Cloud penetrated her in one shot, like a hot knife passing through butter.

With that alone… Elisha reached the climax. She couldn’t believe it. She has never been through anything like this before.

But it’s natural.

Cloud’s handsome looks and sculpted body.

From a passionate kiss that resonates with women to a large p*nis that stimulates the female instinct.

She was going through three things at the same time when even one was enough to melt her in a pool of pleasure, and over that, her body was totally aroused.

—to the extent of reaching a climax just by a single piston of his manliness.

She sinked into the afterglow of the climax.

She was startled by the feeling filling her insides.

‘I thought it was big, but it was this much..?’

It pierced through the places where her husband’s thing couldn’t reach, as if it were natural, and even gave a sense of pressure with instinctive thickness.

And that pressure was giving her subtle bouts of pleasure instead of pain. Even though she had just climaxed, her body desperately longed for more.

‘Hey, this is dangerous. This cock is very dangerous.’

It felt so good even when it’s still, so what if it moved…?

What if it grazed the walls of her vagina with those thick glans?

Will it be possible to preserve the dignity of a married woman or an experienced, mature woman…?

No, no! Rather, she had to worry about her dignity as a person more than that of a mature woman.

“Cloud, there…”

Just when Elisha, seized by her fears, was about to say something.

Cloud moved his waist.

[1] Don’t know if it’s a coincidence or not, but it’s a famous line by Captain America. This line is only said four times throughout the MÇU movies, but it became so synonymous with Stēve Røgers that it was used for comical effect in Aveñgers: Endgamê when Steve faces off against his 2012 self. Even when Steve is not verbalizing this sentiment, he is embodying it.


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