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Inside An Adult Game As A Former Hero – Chapter 34.2: Don’t Work With Adventurers, Please. (3) Bahasa Indonesia

– cruck-!

A sound that makes people uneasy.

I turned my head back.

The ground that Kurba stepped on sunk by about 10 cm.

A trap.


I quickly rolled my eyes around.

Four small holes appeared on each side of the wall.

‘The distance between them and me is about 5 meters. Can I strike out all the arrows?’

Even before I could do the calculations, my body was already moving. The body is faster than the head. After two steps, I reached by their side.

– Pavak.

Eight arrows were fired at the same time I arrived.


The silver sword deflected five arrows.

‘I couldn’t get all of them out.’

No matter how good one’s technique is, it is impossible to ignore the limitations of the body. There is a limit to the speed of the sword that this body can produce.

Can’t help it.

The rest of the three shots are not much compared to the original eight, I hope that the party members will figure it out and avoid it.

I turned my head.

“My leg, agh, agh, aggh!!!!”

Chris screamed as I gazed at his skewered leg.

Oh, shit.

* * *

Chris was shot in the leg by an arrow, unable to move, so the party had to stop moving. The scattered blue wolves gathered and surrounded them in meantime.

The blue wolves and Cloud along with his new party members fell into a stalemate.

“Pick out the arrow and heal with potions.”

Having said that, Cloud stood still with his sword on the floor as he stared at the wolves.

Chris felt pressure from the wolves’ fierce gazes. Nevertheless, he kept his hands busy for treatment.

He picked out the arrow and applied a potion.

“Come on, workkk..!”

The potion Chris used was of low quality.

Abrasions and cuts can be easily treated, but for large wounds like penetration wounds, it’s less effective. Chris will be in great pain until it heals completely.

“Chris, hold on a little… just a little bit. You’ll be fine. Ugh, why, I should have been hit instead…!”

“Mom, please… be still…”

—that too while calming his restless mother.

Meanwhile, Kurba was going crazy.

‘Shit! Shit! Shit!’

When he turns his eyes to this side, there’s a wolf.

When he turns his eyes to that side, there’s also a wolf.

There are only blue wolves all over.

What if these bastards attack at once?

What will happen?!

He will be ripped to pieces without a trace of humanity!

There is only one reason why these wolf cubs aren’t attacking despite their numerical superiority.

‘That bastard called Cloud.’

He tore apart dozens of blue wolves by himself. These cautious suckers have seen it in person, that’s why they aren’t rushing in. If they rush in without reason, too much damage will occur.

‘At first I thought he was just a lucky bastard…’

Now it was different.

He was a f**king monster bastard. Why the hell is his grade still A?

If he comes back alive, he will definitely question the guild.

…if he comes back alive, that is.

‘Damn it, I want to live!’

Like any adventurer, Kurba also had a strong desire to survive.

He looked as Chris grabbed his legs and groaned in pain.

‘If it wasn’t for this shitty brat…!’

If Cloud broke through the pack of wolves, he could have run after him.

Kurba resented Chris. Even though he was caught in a trap that Kurba stepped into. This is the essence of human selfishness always stuck in the heart’s corner.

‘When will he f**king recover?!’

He was getting impatient and couldn’t keep his eyes in one place.

It was just as the time passed.

Kurba found an unusually wolf-free area among the wolves’ siege circle.

Kurba saw it and his eyes widened.

‘Maybe that’s..?’

Are they giving us the room to run away?

Maybe it’s really so. Wolves aren’t stupid, otherwise why would they leave such a visibly large gap?

From their point of view, Cloud is a natural enemy that threatens the survival of the clan.

Except for him, everyone else will look like a dwarf.

They want to let go of the dwarfs who can get in the way of the fight engaged for the clan’s survival. Otherwise, there’s no other explanation!

‘I have to go, I have to. This is my last chance.’

It was the moment Kurba was about to take a step.

“If you go, you will die.”

Cloud spoke.

His voice was so cold that he couldn’t relate with the previous gentle Cloud.

Kurba, as well as Xenia and Chris, felt the chill. The wolves lowered their heads and howled…but to some ears it sounded like weeping.

“Must go, we will die if we go, but if we don’t, we will definitely die! Can’t you see that empty spot with your eyes? Just how you’re letting it go?! How?! If we just run up to that place, we can survive!”

“I understand your fear. But dude, keep your mind straight. What’s the reason they will let you go? And even if you are lucky enough to get out of this siege, there will be a follow-up chase. Can you deal with these hungry wolf bastards alone? If yes, how many?”

“It could be up to one or two at most at a time! At least we’ll have a much higher chance of surviving than just confronting them here. Don’t you get it? Can you deal with all these wolf motherf**kers here? Alone?”


An immediate answer without the slightest hesitation.

For a moment, Kurba was at a loss for words. Soon, his expression darkened.

“Yeah, damn you, you can do it! But we can’t. If those bastards attack, you’ll live, but we’ll all die! Shit… It’s all because of you, who brought us here in the first place. Son of a biatch!”

“Aren’t you too old to be whining like a child? I clearly announced that we were going to a dungeon a few hours before we arrived. Yet you followed, smiling brightly. Then, wasn’t it your own decision, don’t you had any idea about risks a dungeon holds?”


Kurba bit his parched lips.

Because if he walks away with it, it will damage his pride as an adventurer.

Cloud continued.

“Still, you are not very wrong. I’m a little responsible for you guys coming here. So stay by my side. I will take responsibility and guarantee your safety.”

Even for a moment, Kurba’s heart moved at those confident words.

‘According to the him… maybe I can really survive in this kind of situation.’

Kurba’s reasoning and sense collided.

And Kurba…

“Damn it!”

He choose the opposite.

Believing that reason would spare him, as always his mind worked, he ran towards the empty plot where there were no wolves.

Following reason is a wise choice.

If it was the perfect reason that was not eaten by other emotions.

– Aaaaaah!

It wasn’t long before a terrible scream was heard.

Cloud sighed.

“You brainless nuthead.”

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