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Inside An Adult Game As A Former Hero – Chapter 33.2: Don’t Work With Adventurers, Please. (2) Bahasa Indonesia

‘An unimportant npc is an unimportant npc…’

Growth potential is limited.

You might think that Chris is simply weak now because of his low level, but that’s being too optimistic about the situation.

One has to rather look at it objectively.

Now that it’s the top floor of the dungeon, only weak monsters like goblins will appear for a while, but the quality changes as one goes downwards.

Levels 15-20 monsters will appear on floors 5-10.

Level 20-25 monsters will appear on floors 10-15.

Levels 25-30 monsters will appear on floors 15-20.

In that structure, the level of monsters gradually rises, and when one reaches the bottom most floors, the monsters in their 40s will appear to ‘greet’ you.

On the other hand, the level of adventurers on my side is 23, 16, and 21.

In order to reach the 30th floor, I have to make them grow eventually.

Of course, I have no intention of putting them in any danger.

Because I plan to finish dangerous monsters and bosses alone.

They only need to grow to the extent that they do not just burp down easily on the lower floors.

‘…Is it possible?’

I honestly don’t know. Whatever, just gonna try. Even if it fails, I will still have two more chances.

Besides, even if it really fails this time, there are many ways to keep these three’s mouths shut until I clear the dungeon.

“Hh? There, that place. Isn’t that the place Mr. Cloud talked about?”

Xenia pointed towards a goblin camp with a large totem and surrounded by leather fence on all sides.

This is the boss zone of the 5th floor.

“It seems right. Miss Xenia has sharp eyes.”

“I have always had confidence in my eyesight. According to Mr. Cloud, the strongest goblin will come out of that place… What should we do? Are we going to go straight for an ambush, or opt for reconnaissance prior to that?”

“No. We don’t have to. You guys will wait here.”

Leaving the wide-eyed Xenia behind, I sprinted towards the goblin camp.


Arrows shot by goblin archers came tearing the wind. The visual acuity of the body follows the agility ability. And my agility wasn’t so low that I couldn’t dodge some goblin arrows.

The pouring arrows couldn’t even touch my skin, not for a single instance.

I ignored the bewildered goblin archers and passed by. There, seven goblins stood in my way. Hobgoblins, knights, shamans, etc, it was all mixed.

There was no problem.

I used the skills I had learned in cities I had visited before.


It is a skill that strikes out five attacks at random enemies.

As the sword drew a silver trajectory, the heads of five goblins fell. The two goblins were startled and tried to pull themselves away, but to no avail.

Because they had no option to go for that. Run away? No way!

This is not a turn-based battle.


The heads of two remaining goblins drifted in the air.

Everything that stood in the way was cut down. Stepping on the blood-stained floor, I entered the tent situated in the center of the camp.

There, a goblin of a different size from the rest I had seen until now was sitting on a chair that looked like a throne.

With the size of an orc and with muscles no less exaggerated than an ogre’s.

This monster-like creature that could no longer be counted in goblin species was the king of goblins—

—a Royal Goblin.

“Are you finally here?”

The bastard was still not ready to fight even though I had entered the tent, standing right in front of him. He just leaned back on his throne and looked down at me.

“Late. It’s too late.”

The goblin king murmured.

It sounded obscure.

“What do you mean by that, too late?”

“I’m talking about the time it took you to get here. It took too long.”

“It took a long time, really? We have arrived here for less than a day.”

“500 years.”

From Royal Goblin’s mouth, heavy years that couldn’t be rubbed in one day came out.

“I waited, for 500 years. That, may someone like you will arrive here.”

“…that’s indeed a long time.”

The goblin king nodded his head.

“It was too long. Enough for the mighty warrior to weaken. His steel-like body to become soft, and the spirit that contained his fervent passion to weaken.”


That’s right.

Royal Goblins are boss mobs that appear in the early or middle-part of ‘The Hero’s Party’.

That means it will be usually around level 30.

There is no way such a monster can emerge as the first boss of the dungeon.

In order to achieve balance, of course, there’s no choice but to add a weakened setting.

“So, after waiting for these long years, isn’t it time to enjoy the fight that you been waiting for?”

The goblin king shook his head this time.

“It’s not that, little human. I’m tired, so I’m asking you to end it here.”

“…how come I hear you asking me to kill you directly?”

“That’s right. Come on, kill me.”

“I don’t understand. I know you want to die. But looking at you like this makes my mind wander. But, you won’t even resist? Usually at times like this, don’t you guys fight with all your might because it’s, um, the last fight of your life?”

“What is the meaning of fighting with a weakened body as it weakens more?”

The Royal Goblin said with a grin.

“In the past, I was strong. I won a duel against an orc warchief, not a tribe leader, but a warchief, and used his neck as a totem. I led my clan to war, and even the proud elves fell to their knees. Even now, when I close my eyes, those memories come back vividly.”

With his eyes closed, the goblin king made an pleasant expression as if tracing back those old memories. As soon as he opened his eyes again, he realized the reality and smiled bitterly.

“If I fight with a body like this, those memories will only be tainted. So please don’t be merciful, little human. Kill me. Free me from this cursed place.”

I brought the silver sword to the goblin king’s heart.

“You don’t talk or think like a goblin.”

“Because I’m above my clan and have transcend my clan.”


“Name? What will you do with a goblin’s name that’s gonna die soon? Are you going to remember me?”

“Maybe? For a while?”

“Thank you so much for that. My name is Goobriel. Little human, what is your name?”


“That’s a cool name. Warrior, Cloud, I hope that my name will be remembered. And, I, the Goblin King, Goobriel, blesses you on your journey to become stronger.”

“Yes, many thanks, Goblin King, Goobriel. You’ve worked hard all this time, now have your deserved rest.”

The silver sword pierced through Goobriel’s heart. Although the pain must have been considerable, Goobriel didn’t let out a single groan.

He left with a relaxed smile.

“…there is a real sense of disparity.”

In the game, when he saw that pink woman, Isabelle, he got hearts in his eyes and hollered, ‘Pretty female! Mating!’ Yeah, it was this guy who shouted all that.

“Is it because there’s no women?”

Would the reaction have been different if Xenia had been brought in?

With such doubts, I turned my back on Goobriel’s body.

I did not absorb his soul into the glyph.

He said he spent 500 years in this place.

Let him rest.

* * *

[Goblin King Goobriel’s Blessing]

-All growth stats +1


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