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Inside An Adult Game As A Former Hero – Chapter 32.1: Don’t Work With Adventurers, Please. (1) Bahasa Indonesia

The sequel to ‘The Hero’s Party’, ‘The Tale Of A Knight’s Affair’.

The normal ending of this game is that the hero gets squashed under the rubble of a building instead of the heroine, but is abandoned by the heroine and his companions.

A death not worthy of the name of a knight.

This is the normal ending.

So, what is the true ending?

In the true ending, one of the Four Heavenly Kings serving the Demon King appears in the capital city of the Kingdom of Prona. The Heavenly King and his army were strong, and the army of the Kingdom of Prona was weak.

Most of the soldiers and knights ran away or were killed, Mars appears when the demon army tries to ravage the civilians.

An army of demons numbering in thousands.

And, only one knight against them.

It was an overwhelmingly unfavorable fight, but Mars endured, and endured.

A few days, and a few days more.

Whether it was morning or night, he kept going.

It was an overwhelmingly unfavorable situation, so although he did not win, he successfully prevented the civilians from being ravaged until the Heroes arrived.

Mars, exhausted to the bone, after seeing the Heroes and their troops arriving from afar, comfortably closed his eyes.

The death of a great knight who saved the people by burning himself.

Of course, the rubbish ntr motherf**kers took away the honor and reward, but that’s not what’s important right now.

What is important is why the power difference between the protagonist in the normal ending and the protagonist in the true ending is so great.

The reason is very simple.

A dungeon located in the Esnate region of the Kingdom of Prona.

Whether you enter the dungeon or not is the difference between the normal ending and the true ending.

Hearing this situation, someone may ask, does it make sense to become so overwhelmingly strong by just visiting one dungeon?

If I answer that question from the perspective of a person living in a real fantasy world, the answer is ‘of course, it makes sense.’

Modern people who are accustomed to games, see the dungeons as an old warehouse in the countryside, available everywhere, but the reality is completely different.

Think about it.

This is a world where many people are required even when a small castle is built.

It’s not a metaphor, it’s a real world where sacrifices are made to make big castles and palaces.

In such a world, will someone make a hole in the mountain, dig underground, set up all kinds of traps, and kidnap various kinds of monsters to establish a proper ecosystem?

Where can this be achieved with normal effort?

A mediocre guy can’t even try.

It is possible only when a transcendent being has such intentions.

Clearing the dungeon means inheriting the legacy left by such a transcendent being.

Whether it’s a part or all of it, it’s a life-changing opportunity for any average person.

That is the reason why the word ‘dungeon’ makes everyone’s eyes twinkle regardless of whether it is an adventurer or a knight.

Anyway, I came to Esnate region by travelling nonstop to get the wonderful legacy left by a great man.

“Man, this mountain is filthy big.”

As I always felt until now, there is a significant gap between game and reality.

People carry real brains in their heads instead of genitals, a big dungeon needs a big space, this mountain that reaches to the top looks very majestic, is a perfect fit…

Now, I have to search this magnificent mountain range inch by inch to find the hidden dungeon, right?

This really makes my heart so majestically spooked.

“Let’s get started.”

I climbed the mountain.

* * *

“Boss! F**k, f**k, f**k! Gotta run!”

“Ah, you damn bastard…”

Awakened by his subordinate’s shouts, the bandit boss spit out swear words. He was dreaming such a sweet dream after a long time, but it was all blown away by this bastard.

The bandit boss, who was about to show his fist power, saw his subordinate’s desperate expression and hastily calmed his anger.

“What? What happened?”

“Adventurer! We are under attack, boss!”

At the word ‘adventurer’, the bandit leader’s expression also became serious. It is usually thought that the enemy of bandits is militia, but that’s wrong.

Unless the bandits cross the line to a certain extent, it is rare for a lord to send their troops.

Rather, it is adventurers that bandits fear the most.

Strange fookers who know the physiology of bandits better than bandits. Those guys are some money-crazed maniacs, so once they come in, they plunder anything that looks even a little valuable.

It means that even if you are lucky enough to survive, you will not have the heart to recover and become a bandit again.

It was the biggest crisis of his ten years of bandit life!

“F**k, how many? How many people came in?”

Depending on how many adventurers attacked his base, the direction of the response will change.

To calmly accept death, or—

To retaliate, or—

“There’s only one!”

“One person? Sh!t, run, run! Hurry up and pack our bags!”

Opposite of the norm, the bandit boss didn’t say, ‘What, only one guy? Looks like someone is begging for death in my hands!’ Instead, he chose to decisively stand up and move quickly.

Although adventurers are crazy creatures with maniacal obsession for money, they terribly hold dear to their lives.

They won’t bother to take an extra look at a treasure if it harms their life.

So, why did an adventurer attacked the bandit group alone?

It was either one of these two.

Either he’s a nerd who is obsessed with heroism, or he’s simply a very strong guy.

And in most cases, the latter is more likely to be the case.

“Did you get everything?”

“Yes, boss!”

“Okay then, let’s jump!”

“Yes, by the way… grrgh.”

The groan of his subordinate came from behind.

The bandit boss instinctively realized.

If he turns back now, he will stay here for eternity.

‘There’s no time. Get over this with one jump.

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